By: Andrea Letria Published in the NY Times Article "Fleeced By Fee's When You Travel?" By: Stephanie Rosenbloom on September 21, 2012.

Photo By: Andrea Letria, Published NY Times Article “Fleeced By Fee’s When You Travel?” By: Stephanie Rosenbloom on September 21, 2012

Traveling used to be a simple process. It used to be that in a few easy steps and one payment you had your ticket in hand and were ready to go. Today it seems that at each step of the process you are hit with another surprise airline fee that you have no option but to pay. The most common surprise fees are due to Overweight Luggage, Checked Bag Fees, and Lack of preparation. But have no fear, Luggage Base has some great tips on how to travel like a pro and keep your money in your wallet.


1) Avoid Overstuffed Bags- Just because you have the room doesn’t mean you need to maximize it. By over stuffing a small carry on bag you can increase the original dimensions and be slapped with a huge fee when you are forced to check on a second bag. This can also pertain to a larger bags you planned on checking in as well. Most airlines have weight limits for checked bags, by loading up on heavy clothing and maxing out the space your bag that once weighed 9.8 lbs is now weighing in at 52.3 lbs and that 2.3 lbs over the limit can cost you up to an extra $50.00!


2) Efficient packing and travel attire- Instead of taking up space in your bag with a puffy hoodie, large jacket, or favorite pair of boots you can ensure their care and save space by wearing them while in transit. Most terminals across the country are outfitted with large air conditioning set ups that keep internal temperatures colder then average to discourage travelers falling asleep while waiting for their next flight. This coupled with the decreasing temperature in the cabin as your plane’s altitude rises can make you be happy you brought that extra layer.


3) Lightweight Luggage Options- Modern technology is not only in our smartphones. Today Industry leaders are developing new poly-carbonate, Ballistic Nylon, and other materials that are lighter and stronger then ever. Companies such as Briggs & Riley are so confident in their Torq collection that they backed it with a  lifetime plus damage warranty. Looking to save some money, Helium Colours by Delsey is a great way to stand out and pack light while also being backed by a 10 year warranty.


4) Go for a week, pack for a week- Now, not one of us completely is innocent to over packing on a trip. How often are we torn between two pairs of pants or lucky T-Shirts and you break down and pack both…… and the 3 extra pair of shoes. If you are only planning on traveling for 1-2 weeks then you do not need to bring the 31″ expandable luggage option. When planning your outfits, pack only for the days your going to be gone and leave the extra 3 sundresses or Polo shirts at home. Today we have many options for the individual packing for the short trip, wheeled duffels are a great option for the student going for that 2 week trip to see the family for the holidays.


5) Know your bags- Knowing your bags could be the best way to avoid unnecessary checked bag fees. Make sure that you now the exact dimensions of your bag to your airline’s standards. The difference in assuming your bag will fit in the overhead compartment and knowing that it will fit could be a $100.00 mistake at certain airlines!

*Insider Travel Tip- When measuring luggage before flights, stand it up and include the handles and wheels because TSA will!


6) Check Airline policy to and from- Speaking from experience on this topic, you need to always check the policies of each airline you will be taking for each leg of the trip. This means that just because your musical instrument or computer bag is allowed on your main flight with Delta, Soutwhest, or United does not mean that it is allowed on the last leg with Lufthansa, American Airlines, or Turkish Air. There is no worse way to end the trip then by being told you need to pay $65.00 bucks to get the same stuff you brought with you, back home.


7) Be prepared- The final, easiest and most important way to save money when traveling is to Be Prepared! If you are not the most experienced traveler that is fine, but nothing should stop you from finding out all the information you can about the airline your flying. Today most airlines give you the ability to check the in-flight movies, the meal option, and even change your seats via smartphone, you can guarantee that they have their carry on information somewhere you can easily check. Save money by checking the number of carry ons and checked bags available on your airline and never pay surprise fees again.