“Sudan is not really a country at all, but many. A composite layers, like a genetic fingerprint of memories that were once fluid, but have since crystallized out from the crucible of possibility” Jamal Mahjoub a Sudanese novelist




South Sudan, it seems like a world apart to most of the western civilization. Most modern media push only the hot-button issues, completely underselling and overlooking the plight the Sudanese people face. Groups like SELF Sudan strive to bring education and a better life the the Sudanese. Luggage Base is proud to partner with SELF Sudan and their continued drive to be one of the most influential and effective groups in the region.


South Sudan is a country located in North West Africa bordering the Red Sea. Years of war, unstable governments, and corrupt allocation of resources all have resulted in South Sudan being one the most underdeveloped countries in the entire world. The Sudanese people and citizens however have persevered, by their spirit, their heart, and their dedication to building a better future for themselves and their loved ones. Like most of Sudanese people they only wish for a day when they can receive better education for their families, the Sudanese people and groups like SELF Sudan are doing everything in their power to try and achieve this goal.



Doing everything they can to help, groups like SELF Sudan are at the forefront of advocating aid to help the Sudanese help themselves. These brave men and women help South Sudan by becoming real life change agents for the greater good. Self Sudan’s belief “that meaningful transformation is inspired from within, rather than imposed from without” is what makes them unique and special. Reaching for Community stability within 6 years, SELF Sudan is realistic in their expectations and ambitious with their approach. Their objectives are straightforward and simple; providing families in South Sudan with education, building literacy among those effected by the conflict, cultivate gender equality in South Sudan, and establish sustainable, community-based, high-impact education models that can be scaled in other communities throughout South Sudan.


SELF Sudan has seen great success in the past and we are happy to announce they have opened up their first school in 2012, Malualdit Ayeit Academy. Located in the heart of Ayeit community on the Malualdit Cattle Camp, enrollment opened in August, the school currently has 70 students and 5 teachers. With only 2 classrooms currently, 8 additional classrooms, an administrative office, public bathrooms, and a storage room are all factored into the long term plan for Ayeit Academy.


Students 3Students with new Backpacks










LuggageBase understands the need for global thinking in today’s modern world. We are proud to partner with SELF Sudan and provide assistance to the Sudanese in their attempt to build a better future from inside their own country. Luggage Base donates 104 backpacks and some heavy duty Eagle Creek Duffel Bags for transport to South Sudan.  This small gesture to SELF Sudan is our way of helping students transport heavy books and supplies, but mostly to provide a dependable bag for these kids who are in need of a bag that will not break down easy. We value the work  SELF Sudan does for not only the Sudanese people but the entire world, we would like to thank them for their continued commitment to doing the right thing and helping South Sudan catch up with the rest of the developed African nations.



IMG_2872Joe Williams has personally worked with the Director and founder of SELF Sudan Nyuol Tong in packing Backpacks to send to South Sudan. Nyuol Tong, a former South Sudanese refugee uses his past experience to fuel his continued drive to bring education and prosperity to South Sudan. His desire to help his fellow man is a shining example of how anyone can make a difference and help those in need.