In honor of the Halloween, Luggage Base would like to share the Scariest places in America. This list of Must-See (or Must-Avoid) places has plenty of terrifying and intriguing options worth adding to the bucket list. So sit back and enjoy and remember, there is no such thing as ghosts…… right?


#1 Denver International Airport 

13656DD07Starting off with an airport seems appropriate. Denver International Airport has been a hot bed of spooky stories and conspiracy theories since it first opened in 1995. Easily recognized due to the pointed white tents on top, this airport is rumored to have been built on an Indian Burial Ground. Airport travelers claim they hear spooky music in certain sections of the airport and some even claim to have seen ghosts. Seen as such a threat to it’s commercial appeal,  in 1995 the city claimed to have held a ceremony to settle the agitated spirits. Keep it moving with Spinner Luggage unless you wish to check out the ominous wall murals and make your own interpretation to their meaning. Weather you believe in Indian spirits, ghosts, goblins, or conspiracy theories, this is one airport worth checking out.


#2 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

pa-gettysburg-1456The largest battle in North America, Gettysburg located in Pennsylvania is said to be one of the, if not THE most haunted place in the United States. The 3 day long battle was said to be one of the most brutal of the Civil War and resulted in over 50,000 casualties. Witness testimony, eerie photographs and unexplained videos are seen regularly by tourists and the staff alike. Feeling brave, stay the night at Cashtown Inn to test your nerves of steel. Just remember to pack a Duffel Bag, just in case you might need to make a spur of the moment check out.



#3 Salem, Massachusetts

salemStaying in North Eastern United States, we have one of the most famous and well known locations in our history, Salem Massachusetts. In 1692 to 1693 Salem held the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Over 150 people were imprisoned for “Witchcraft” and convicted. Of those people accused, 19 faced the gallows, one man died via pressed stones, and about 13 others died awaiting trial. Being one of the most heavily visited tourist destinations does not deter the various witness statements of ghostly sights, terrifying sounds and feelings of dead as tourists walk the city. Worth checking out for the history buff or the Halloween aficionado, don’t forget to pack your electronics cases. You never know when a sudden bump in the night may have you dropping that tablet by mistake!


#4 St. Louis Cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana 



Home to the illustrious “Voodoo Queen” Miss Marie Laveau, this haunted cemetery is seeped in New Orleans tradition. Being the birthplace of Voodoo Black Magic in the United State, New Orleans houses many above ground tombs due to it’s low elevation and frequent flooding. A popular spot due to its history and the inhabitants, this cemetery is said to be one of the most eerie locations on the Southeast coast. Don’t forget to bring chalk, 3 X’s on Marie Laveau tomb plus a small token and a prayer is said to bring good luck and aid to a problem you may be having. Keep a watchful eye, it is rumored the Black Cat with the deep red eyes walking around the location is the spirit of Miss Laveau. With all the winding footpaths and old cobblestone streets having a backpack for your possessions ensures you can keep hands free to catch that elusive ghostly video on your smartphone.



#5 Moundsville Penitentiary

up-P6HM42VG5I0Q8KLSFor over 100 years Moundsville Penitentiary in West Virginia was one of the most violent and crowded prisons in existence. Finally closing it’s doors in 1995, this old Gothic style building is said to have been the final stop for a few less then 1,000 men. Paranormal experts, adrenaline junkies, and people looking for a good scare all flock to the location each Halloween for scheduled tours and to visit the site. Don’t forget to bring your Flashlight and Camera to snap some good photos, “The Shadow Man” is a notorious figure who roams the prison and has even been captured on film once. Another victim of the prison’s violent past, the “Maintenance Man” is seen roaming the basement where he where he met his grisly end at the hands of the inmates. Visit at your own risk.



 #6 The Bell Witch Cave

bell_witch_cave_8The inspiration for the film “The Blair Witch Project”, The Bell Witch Cave is one of the most notorious locations in the country due to its haunted past. The legend says that Kate Batts, a neighbor  of the Bell Farm had a disagreement with the family that soon escalated. Kate Batts was soon rumored to being a witch and having placed a curse on the family and was claimed to have haunted the Bell House for 4 years before John Bell finally died. Following his death the disturbances all stopped and the ghost was rumored to appear in a cave not far from the home. One of the truly eerie and unexplained locations, cameras, smartphones and other electronics do not take photos and malfunction upon entrance into the cave. Residents of the area claim that any item taken out of the cave carries with it a dark curse which can only be stopped by returning the item. So make sure to pack extra chargers and adapters but be sure to remember, the cave rocks look cool but it might be smarter to buy a souvenir from the gift shop instead.



 #7 The Winchester Mystery House 

winchester_mystery_house_san_jose_caAnother Famous American legend, The Winchester Mystery House is not only true, it has roots etched in American History. This house was owned by the Winchester family and constructed by Sarah Winchester, you may remember the name from the famous Winchester Repeating Rifle. The family was rumored to becoming cursed by the dead from their world famous rifle, and Sarah soon lost her husband and daughter to illness. Accounts state that after their deaths she was still frequented by the dead spirits and called in a psychic to help her. Upon speaking with the psychic, she explained to Sarah that the dead request she build a home for their lost souls and to never stop building. She began building the house and it soon became one of a kind due to it’s history and the strange construction request. Built with the idea that she needed to confuse the ghosts so they would stop following her, Sarah began building a home that was unlike any other ever seen before. Staircases to nowhere, hidden rooms, trap doors, secret passages and false walls are just a few of the extreme measures taken to construct this house. Sarah passed away while still building and adding onto the house, however visitors can now visit the home for themselves and tour the mansion and all of it’s hidden secrets.


Happy Halloween From Lugagge Base






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