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New Fall Colors A new season always brings change, change in temperature, changes in scenery, and changes in color. As summer 2013colorsfades into fall, the leaves change from bright green to auburn as new luggage lines and colors reflect the mood of the world. Say goodbye to the bright pinks, the deep blues, and the bright primary colors synonymous with summer, bring on the beautiful earthy tones of the Fall Foliage season. Already having the colors for Fall 2013 mapped out, has declared it to be the year of Emerald, Mykonos Blue, Acai, Samba, Koi, and Carafe. Luggage reflects fashion, keep an eye out for bags in all this season’s hottest colors. This fall, stay current, and stay classy.


If you plan on leaving today 

The secret is out, airlines are charging for bags any way they can. Gone are the good ol’ days when you were able to have one free checked bag and one free carry-on regardless of size. Today, most airlines adhere to strict restrictions for a bags weight, dimensions, and especially the contents. This increase in regulation has created new surprise bag fees and has caused modern travelers to see red while spending green. Adding to this headache, each airline has their own independent limits void of a overhead-bin-cartoonuniversal system, so when connecting with two or more airlines, your trip can quickly turn into a travel nightmare. Attempting to beat the system, travelers have found a loop hole in today’s system. By bringing a carry-on in addition to a “computer bag” cabin travelers are able to bring an additional bag and taking up any unused space. Causing a very visual issue in the cabins themselves, both International and Domestic planes are not equipped with the proper storage for the abundance of bags. Be sure to get a overhead space as soon as you find your seating arraignment and avoid fighting for space.

Destinations October 2013

Looking for a scary Halloween destination, Spookey Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend in Orlando Florida is a horror fan’s dream/nightmare come true. Taking place 1 week before Halloween, this 3 day long event feels more like a party. Rub shoulders with horror icons such as John Carpenter, Elvira, Robert Englund and many more.

Resting between peak and low seasons, October is a great time to travel on a budget. Cape Code Massachusetts, the Florida Keys, and the Outer Banks in North Carolina are all popular destinations among Autumn travelers. Great for the individual who wants to vacation while avoiding large crowds, beat the tourists while also saving money. Take advantage and save big, some of these packages offer savings of up to 50% off during the Autumn off season.

Trending Vacation Ideas

It is called “Agritourism” and it is the latest vacation phenomenon. Flooded with technology, people are looking to get away from the stresses of everyday life and the stresses of technology. Effectively “going off the grid” Agirtourism offers the chance to spend your vacation not on some tropical island, but instead enjoying the simple yet fulfilling life that living on a farm offers. Choose from a wide variety of hands on farming activities, you can go grape picking on a California vineyard, work an olive farm in Tuscany, or eat the same cheese you made yourself on a dairy farm in Vermont. Be sure to remember durable, stain resistant hardsided luggage, farm fields are quick destroyers of softer, stain-able luggage. With potential threats you can only find on a farm, be sure to protect your luggage and keep your items looking great no matter what questionable puddles you may roll into.


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