Here at Luggage Base we understand that everyone is not a frequent flyer. Some people prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground and only let their heads float in the clouds. With rising gas prices, extended rush hour times, and busy work schedules travelers cannot afford to travel by car like they have done in the past. Avoiding the highways, travelers are instead turning to airlines for their travel needs this holiday season. Allow us to tackle the basics for those travelers who might be first time flyers, this way you can avoid the awkward questions like, “Do we really get airline peanuts?” and “Do you have a cell phone charger?” so sit back, enjoy, and Travel Safe.


1. Picking your seat

Now this is very important to the first time traveler or the seasoned veteran, picking your seat can make or break your flight. You need to think about what type of person you are when choosing a window, aisle or center seat. Are you afraid of heights or a frequent user of the RW-AA767-Best-Seats-5002bathroom, then steer clear of the window seats. Do you enjoy your personal space or are you a larger traveler, then the center would not be the best option for you. Nothing is more annoying then fighting over arm rests and trying to ignore the sleeping passengers you are wedged between. Finally if you decide on an aisle seat, be prepared and stay awake. Actively acting as the “hands” for the row, the aisle seat will find itself handing off drinks, food and anything else the stewardess hands to the travelers. Think hard, and avoid a potential seating problem.


2. Take off and settling in

Now that you have found your seat and have your bags put away, it’s time to strap on the seat belt and get flying. Get your smartphone and Ipad turned off prior to departure, no one likes the individual who thinks that their facebook updates are more important than the safety of the flight. Most new airlines are in the process of developing in the air Wi-Fi in their cabins, so don’t worry and be patient, you can turn on your various electronics when the flight is safely in the air. Be sure to pack everything you need in your carry on, most Laptop Backpacks and Laptop Briefcases now come equipped with padded laptop sleeves to ensure your electronics stay safe and also have various pockets for chargers and accessories.


3. Mind your P’s and Q’s

Manners go a long way, and this can be very evident in your flight experience. Remember to always say Please, Thank you, Excuse me and especially try to refrain from using the flight crew as your own personal assistants. These men and women are here to help, but they also have tons of other passengers to worry about. Be a flight crews favorite passenger and receive extra perks like peanuts, blankets, pillows and waters. Also be sure to check if you are scheduled to receive an in-flight meal or snack and if it is vegetarian, kosher, fish, etc. Never board a long flight on an empty stomach. Flight-attendant-Delta-modern

*Insider Tip: “Always saying Please, Thank You, Yes Sir, and Yes Ma’am is the best way to be remembered by the flight crews, and never grab a member of the flight crew, simply say Excuse Me” -United Flight Crew Member




4. Traveling with children

Got Kids? Traveling with children is simple, and it can only be a big problem if you allow it to be. Plan for any kind of possible spill, break, or damaged clothing item by packing extra, also be sure to bring travel napkins because it is better to be safe then sorry. Be mindful of what they are doing when the doors close, passengers and crew are sure to be upset if you allow your children to do wind airplanephoto2sprints up and down the aisles while you catch up on some sleep.


*Insider Tip: Be mindful to the content in the in flight entertainment system. Most new systems offer the ability to pick movies and television shows to watch, so be sure to double check that they are not watching Dexter or Paranormal Activity and avoid vacation nightmares. (Both are real life example of entertainment I have caught younger children watching during a cross country flight in April)




5. FAQs

1. Do we really get airline peanuts? Most domestic flights still carry peanuts upon request, due to an increase in peanut allergies most also offer a separate option such as pretzels or chips.

2. My Phone is dead, can they charge it for me? Sorry, but unfortunately most flight crews do not carry additional charges for each passenger. Always pack a charger in your carry on so you can charge your electronics before your flight or while waiting on a connection.

3. I don’t like this seat, can I switch it? This depends on the flight, a full flight means no spare seats anywhere. However if you see a lot of open seating after the doors shut, the flight crew may be able to accommodate you within your section. Let me repeat, Within Your Section, this doesn’t mean a free pass to first class just because they have a few open spots.



Travel Safe!

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