Do you have a lucky lady on your shopping list who enjoys seeing the world, someone who has always talked about traveling, someone who holiday-gift-guideloves to travel, or someone who is simply looking for that initial nudge to take the plunge and travel abroad. When you are shopping for that special girl in your life this holiday season, avoid getting her the same things you do for every other holiday. Chocolates, delicious but gone in a few days, Flowers, pretty for a few days and dead in a week, and Jewelry, have fun opening that Pandora’s Box. Trying to guess her correct ring size or picking a necklace that she will actually wear when she goes out can be a shopping nightmare. Whether you are shopping for your Grandma, Mom, Sister, Aunt, Girlfriend, Wife, or any other special woman in your life, be sure  to not drop the ball this holiday season with these great tips below. Still not sure, check out our extensive inventory of  Traveling Gifts For Her at great prices this holiday season.



For The Business Traveler

business-woman-travelingBusiness Travel is back! Despite having the convenience of new technology that allows us to hold multi location video conferences, Skype sessions from across the country, and international meetings at the click of a mouse, there will always be a need for conducting face to face business. Trying to learn from past budget mistakes, companies have altered their approach to business travel with special focus on minimizing expenses while maximizing output. Give that girl you care about a leg up versus the competition with this great 2 Piece Carry-On Set that includes a garment bag AND Rolling Notebook. This way, you can be sure that she can get her work done on the plane and will always look her best when she gets off. A great value, Remember, being prepared and professional can sometimes be the difference between getting that corner office versus the corner cubicle.



For The World Traveler

Passport-page-stamps-001Are you shopping for the female with a thirst for life, the traveler who understands that life is for the living, that there is a big wide world out there that is just waiting to be seen? Today International Travel has been streamlined so that any “Yank” can fly across the pond and see how the other side of the world lives at a relatively reasonable price. Not relying as much on air travel once you arrive, International Travel instead is done primarily by train, ship, or automobile. Showcase your Adventurous spirit when visiting another location with a great colorful option from Kipling. Named after the famed author of the Jungle Book, each bag has a collectible monkey key-chain and is designed to be both durable and stylish. These large bags are great for international travel due to their bright recognizable colors, spacious main compartments, extensive packing features, and rugged durability. Be sure that next time she stamps her passport, she has a bag that she can trust.


For The Student Abroad

istock_maica-7-female-student-standing-in-front-of-eiffel-tower-cIf you are preparing for an upcoming semester abroad, or have a loved one who might be, the idea of having a person special to you so far away can be nerve racking for both parties. Send them away with a special gift from home and show them that you are not only thinking about your own feelings, but you are thinking about her feelings also. Some items that we take for granted here in the states, we are unable to get ANYWHERE overseas. (I personally spent the better part of 3 Months searching Tallinn Estonia for Buffalo Style Hot Sauce with little to zero luck) Avoid this dilemma and keep her prepared for unique cuisine abroad by packing the sauces and flavors you know she cannot live without. I suggest the TSA approved 3-1-1 Tubes, I know it may not seem like a lot but having 3 ounces of Sriracha beats Zero ounces of Sriracha.



For The Backpacker

11.09.12-mjs_ft_female-travel_17018325_582_388Backpackers in today’s world need features that will maximize their travel experience while never adding extra strain on their back, neck or shoulders. In the past you only needed a nylon or denim sack, some back straps, an adventurous spirit, and you were good to go. Today’s modern explorers can still accomplish this, however, most of the time we do not pack so lightly for upcoming expeditions. Instead, we pack heavy for a variety of reasons ranging from our dependence on technology, to the basic fear of not packing enough clothes, blankets, supplies, etc. When choosing a bag to purchase a loved one, you need to do some research and find out what are the electronics that she can’t live without. Whether she needs a computer for work during downtime, a camera for taking photos, a smartphone for safety, or an Mp3 Player for her personal soundtrack, we need to take all of this into consideration when picking a backpack this holiday season. Tons of great options for any type of female backpacker, be sure to get her a Travel Backpack that she can count on.

*Insiders Tip: Combine Fashion and Function by picking a bag in her favorite color, Any girl that loves Pink is sure to love the Sharon from Samsonite


 For The Cowgirl

3000-sadFor the girl with her radio pre-sets on country and a cowboy hat hung in her room, nothing says Cowgirl like all leather luggage. Utilized because of its durability and the large population of cattle in the South Central United States, Leather is synonymous with Texas and more specifically with the Country Music Lifestyle. Check out our extensive collection of Duffels, Backpacks, Totes and Cases all in 100% authentic naked leather, and be happy you choose a bag that is designed to age beautifully over time. Wanting to provide only the best products available, we partner with Piel Leather to provide bags that are Genuine Leather with small imperfections that you only see from high quality authentic cowhides. Show off her country style with some great Leather Luggage this holiday season.



Now is the time to start planning and looking around, don’t be another holiday stereotype and purchase gifts the night before. Break away from the routine and really wow her this holiday season. Sill not sure, check out these great specials on amazing Traveling Gifts for Her and get her something that she can use time and time again. We hope we were able to give you guys some help this year, Travel Safe.






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