Happy Thanksgiving Eve! We hope everyone is either settled in, almost done, or on their last leg of travel. We know that for some unfortunate  people, the timing of the storm in the North East could not have come at a worse time. CNN has already reported mid afternoon delays for LaGuardia, John F. Kennedy and Newark-Liberty airports (1), with more delays as the day continues. If you are stuck in a terminal waiting out a delay, already done, or checking updates for loved ones who are expected today we are here to help. Read below for how to stay informed on up to the minute travel conditions, how to get gift ideas without raising suspicion, Thanksgiving activities, and much more.




Updates for Today’s Delays 11/27/13

Some things are inevitable, the rising and setting of the sun, death, taxes, and airport issues on major holidays. Not wanting to be outdone by her past, mother nature has decided that this week would be the perfect time for a North Eastern Storm. Today, with technology being readily available in our pockets and purses, we can now track a storms progress to see how it will affect our plans at the push of a button. I would suggest flightstats.com for up to the minute flight information, this way you can be sure to see when the scheduled dealys are so you can prepare appropriately. Looking for more up to the date information, I would suggest Twitter, and more specifically #ThanksgivingTravel for up to the second updates from people just like you. Also be sure to follow the airports official twitter account for up to the minute updates from the airport officials themselves. A Computer Briefcase or Laptop Sleeve will be your new best friend on a long delay, be sure to bring magazines, books, an Mp3 Player, a tablet, or a personal computer, because you never know how long you may be waiting for.


What to do while waiting for dinner

Finally, you arrived at your destination and unfortunately you are dead on your feet from a day full of traveling. Now is the time to unwind and get a little extra R & R done, because tomorrow, well lets be honest, tomorrow is going to be a real busy one. Beginning as soon as you wake up in the morning, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to many families marks the unofficial start to Thanksgiving each year. An American Tradition to many, this parade is a special event that attracts tons of people from all around the world who look forward to the colorful balloons and great music every year. Be sure to get your morning coffee and a nice spot by the TV, to check out all the cool and unique float designs for 2013. For the more active individual, unofficial Turkeys Bowls can be found at most parks, school yards, and makeshift football fields. An annual 2 hand touch football game is the perfect way to bring family and friends together, while simultaneously promoting team building. Build up that Thanksgiving appetite and be sure you don’t feel bad when reaching for that 3rd helping of mashed potatoes.

*Insiders Tip- Scheduling Annual sporting events around major holidays is a great way to stay in touch with old friends. Everyone traditionally comes home for the holidays to see family, so planning an annual reunion game is something that everyone will look forward to.


Digging For Clues

Show off your foresight by using this time to get some great clues and hints for the upcoming December Holidays. Giving the gift of cash is reserved for uncles on birthdays, giving a gift card can be the best way to say that you had no idea what to get them, Christmas-shopper-frustrated-200x300and testing your luck and shopping blind will be sure to get you the awkward, “You shouldn’t have” because you probably REALLY shouldn’t have. Try and dig up some info on that hard to shop for person on your list with a few basic questions to get you headed into the right direction. I would recommend shifting the small talk to future plans. For instance if they are getting ready to become a new college student, a reliable Laptop backpack is a must, an individual who loves to travel always needs Reliable Eagle Creek Adventure Luggage, and an elder family member might be in need of an update to their travel security. Always be sure to keep your ears open, nothing is worse than calling a loved one on Christmas Eve and asking them for help.



Bringing Back Food and Drinks

If this year you are having Pumpkin Pie so good you need to take it with you, we can help. TSA has set forth these guidelines for bringing back food and drinks on the plane, however we are here to help with a few other ways to get your favorite foods back home safe and sound. Got a favorite Sauce or seasoning, TSA 3-1-1 Tubes are your best bet, these little tube sets are TSA accepted and will pass screening with no issues, if you needs more I recommend setting yourself up with 1 set on your checked bag (always in a plastic container in case of spillage) and an additional set on your carry-on. Beer and Wine drinkers need extra precautions due to the highly stainable colors used. I personally transported 1 Bottle of Saku Porter and 1 Bottle of Spanish Rioja Red Wine successfully with zero damage to the bottles with the following precautions:

1 Wrapped the bottles in bubble wrap and then placed in a thick sock.bublewrapbottle-300x231

2 Placed the wrapped sock in heavy duty Zip lock bag and then placed that in another for 2 layers of protection

3 Finally placed each bottle in one heavy boot and stuffed the boot full of socks to hold in place and placed in the middle of the checked bag surrounded by soft clothing for shock protection


We hope that this was helpful and everyone is getting their last bit of traveling taken care of. We would love to hear back from our readers, If anyone has any comments, questions or concerns please post them below. Have a happy holiday season and Travel Safe from everyone here at Luggage Base!








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