Hello, Good morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, or even possibly goodnight. No matter what time zone you are in or where you are reading this, it is about that time for our Weekly Travel Blog. With the release of the 4th annual 2014 LonelyPlanet.com Top Travel Destinations, it got us thinking, what if your ready to travel, but not quite ready to go out of the country? Maybe you’re new to traveling and excited about the prospect of a first time experience, maybe your New Years Resolution was to see more of the USA, or maybe you just simply want to get a break from your regular routine. Whatever the reason we applaud your adventurous spirit, we would like to reward your travel tenacity by sharing  our list of the Top 7 Domestic Destinations to check out in 2014, So sit back, relax, enjoy and remember “A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” -Lao Tzu 

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1. Boston, MA


Starting off in the North East, Boston Mass, has been one of the most influential and exciting cities in the USA since the 1700’s. A big tourist destination for a large number travelers, Boston is particularly special to fans of American history, American baseball, the story of our Independence, and of course, for people who want to see the biggest St. Patricks day Party in the States. 2014 however, marks the year of Boston Strong. This mantra was adopted by the city after the tragic events that occurred during the 2013 Boston Marathon. In honor of the tragedy and the deaths of 3 innocent victims, Boston is planning on holding the 2014 Race to showcase the city’s fighting spirit, toughness, and most of all to show the world that they will never let anyone take away their freedom in the city they love and call home.

2. Central Coast, CA


Coming in second, is the beautifully diverse and unspoiled Central Coast of California. Long been seen as a fly over location due to being almost directly between LA (200 Miles away) and San Francisco (220 Miles away), the Central Coast has been growing each year due to its beauty, culture, weather, and of course, the friendly people.  Beautifully laid out, the central coast has something for everyone no matter what kind of scenery you enjoy. Described by the locals as half beach bums, half cowboys, with a nice mix of winery fans, the central coast is a great melting pot of many differing cultures. For the beach lovers, Pismo and Avila Beach are great options for some fun in the sun for the entire family. Looking for a more rural setting,  Paso Robles, Lopez Lake, and Huasna Valley are all great places to see scenery and enjoy the great ranches California has to offer. See Edna Valley for the best Wineries in California next to Nappa.  Many travelers have even gone so far as to say that they prefer Edna Valley due to the friendly culture, lack of pressure on tourism, and especially the lack of traditional wine snobs. Avoid the big city bustle, and instead come check out the Laid Back atmosphere California is known for.

3. New Jersey


Looking to bounce back in a big way, New Jersey seems to be pulling out all the stops in 2014 to get travelers to the Garden State. Kickoff 2014 Literally, and metaphorically, with Super Bowl XLVIII in Metlife Stadium home of the New York Giants in East Rutherford. Not a big sports fan, no problem, for fun for all ages look no further than the legendary Jersey Shore. Trying to rebuild after two years of heartbreak courtesy of Hurricane Sandy and a blaze that almost destroyed the boardwalk, The Jersey Shore is using 2014 to show off their cities resilience and dedication to the boardwalk they love. Affordable, easily reachable by plane or car, and fun for the entire family, be sure to put New Jersey on your list of places to see in 2014.

4. Yosemite National Park, CA


2014 marks not only the year of the Horse, but it also marks the 150 year Anniversary of the Yosemite Grant Act first enacted in 1864. The Grant, which established the boundaries and protected the wild land for life, is one of the most historically significant grants ever established and is a testament to our love of the outdoors. Come see the events, programs, and fun filled activities that are planned for the celebration and be happy you broke away from your traditional routine this year. Put down the tech and let mother nature show you why the greatest images in life, never come off a computer screen.

5. Washington DC


Still feeling the sting from the recent government shutdown, Washington DC is looking ahead to 2014 as a chance to start fresh and bring some new and positive energy into the Nations Capital. No longer the cellar dwellers of the past, DC Sports today have been on the upswing in recent years, The Capitals, The Wizards, and the new upstart Washington Nationals are all sure to be competitive this season. An affordable sporting event to see live, You can catch a Capitals NHL Game and see one of the worlds best players, Alexander Ovechkin, while not breaking the bank to get good seats. Not a sports fan, check out The Smithsonian Museums and National Monuments to touch up on your American History. See the Iconic Lincoln Memorial, Climb to the Top of the Washington Monument, and even get a White House Tour by the Secret Service, you can do it all and much more in 2014 in our Nations Capital.

6. Denver, CO


One of the most forward thinking and progressive states in the country, Colorado is bracing itself for a huge year in 2014. Making headlines for their recent passing of the law for the legal sale of Marijuana, Colorado is much more than simply a place to go for new laws. Cited as one of the most important cities in the Beer Renaissance of today, Colorado is a Craft Beer lovers Mecca. Due in large part to the many craft breweries that line downtown, Denver is also the site of the annual Great American Beer Festival held each Fall. Looking for activity, Denver not only hosts some of the best sports teams in Colorado, they are hosting the 2014 International Lacrosse Championship. Come see one of America’s fastest growing sports host it’s Annual Championship and see best in the world talent, at bottom of the barrel prices.

7. Florida


Make 2014 the year to enjoy the beautiful beaches, great people, and phenomenal cuisine that makes the sunshine state of Florida one of a kind. More affordable than ever for a family vacation, the average hotel rates in 2014 are down 7% compared to 2013. Be the first to check out brand new rides at the two most popular parks in the United States. Disney World & Universal Studios, both plan to roll out brand new additions to their parks in 2014 that are sure to excite even the most experienced thrill seeker. Too old for parks, Ultra Fest in Miami Florida is known as one of the, if the THE biggest electronic music festival in the world. Too old for those, Don’t worry, Florida still has some of the best beaches in the world to see. Take a stroll down the shore and take in all the amazing sights an sounds that world famous South Beach has to offer. Just be sure to keep your eyes in front of you, with some of the most expensive Super-cars lining the streets, the beautiful people in beach wear, and the bright colors of Miami’s fashion all on full display, be careful you don’t walk into a palm tree by mistake.

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Have a safe and happy 2014 from all of us here at Luggage Base!

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