Here at Luggage Base we are proud to be a preferred provider to all the leading names in high quality travel luggage. We like to keep our readers always prepared for what is around the corner in the fast paced world of travel. Today we would like to review a new luggage line from Samsonite, The HyperSpace XLT Collection. This durable and lightweight option from Samsonite is a fresh take on their dependable Hyperspace line. Extremely mobile, this line’s spinner wheel system has effortless rolling that is only surpassed by its practical dependability. Sure to be one of the hottest lines available in 2014, check out this in-depth review of the Hyperspace XLT line from Samsonite.



1. Appearance

When luggage looks this good, you may want to plan your wardrobe accordingly. The Hyperspace XLT line from Samsonite is not onlyhyperspace-xlt-3pc-green versatile, it is one of the best looking lines available. The understated styling is elegant and simple while still maintaining the great linework that sets it apart from the competition. Simple features such as rounded edges ensure the bag is easily recognizable on baggage claim belts, and the SamGuard Tri-Core Nylon will keep the exterior safe and looking great. The easily reachable exterior pockets are hidden and designed to flow with the bags natural design, this bag is one of the most beautifully equipped options on the market. Three great color options to choose from, show off your personal style with Ivy Green, Passion Purple, or Black and be sure to turn heads the next time you step into a busy airport. Luggage that looks so good, you are going to be glad you left the sweatpants at home. Final Grade: B

2. Features

hyperspace xlt 25 kitInnovative, smart, and practical, the Hyperspace XLT line has everything you could ask for from your travel luggage. Not one to rest on their laurels, Samsonite has taken everything that people loved about their Hyperspace line and upgraded it into their new XLT line. The 4 spinner wheels are multi-directional for full 360° mobility, and the new handle is made from anodized aluminum that is stronger and more resistant to corrosion. Built to last, this bag is equipped with padded top and side carry handles for a comfortable grip, self mending zippers and a water resistant exterior. More features then you know what to do with, this bag is designed to ensure you always have the space you need it for any and all upcoming adventures. Final Grade: B+

*Insiders Tip: The 25″ and 30″ Spinners come with a removable laundry bag and hanging toiletry kit seen on the left

3. Interior 

Fully lined and extremely spacious, the interior lining is elegantly designed from Samsonite and is easy to clean and hyperspace xlt 25 openmaintain. The WetPak™ Pocket option is perfect for items like swimwear, sandals, or other speciality items that need their own controlled pocket space. Enjoy maximum organization with the large mesh pocket, and hidden side pocket for your most precious items. Internal compression straps will keep your items separate and secure when in transit, this bag is great for the traveler with a wardrobe for business AND play. More room than meets the eye, the zippered expansion adds extra space for when you need it and is sure to supply you with plenty of room no matter how long your trip may be. Simple and Efficient with no frills, this line is perfect for the veteran traveler who knows a thing or two about how to pack a suitcase. Final Grade: C+

4. Collection Options

Designed to accompany you on a business trip, a family vacation, oHyperspace XLT Boarding Bag Openr a spur of the moment expedition, this line has options for any type of traveler or destination. Choose from the 21″, 25″, or 30″ Spinners for a traditional suitcase option, or take advantage of the specialty items offered such as the Boarding Bag, Shopper, and Garment Bag. Need a little bit more packing space, check out the great 2-Piece Luggage Sets and ensure you always have an extra bag just in case. Elegant and roomy, this luggage not only looks great it is designed to work with the other pieces in the set. Utilize the straps along the back of the Shopper or boarding bag to the handles of the larger luggage for easy transportation. Final Grade: B

5. Final Score

Dependable, Stylish, and functional, it is easy to see why The Hyperspace XLT line from Samsonite is already making waves and creating a buzz in the travel community. This rugged option is put to Samsonite’s strict standards which include a Tumble, Handle, Drop, Wheel, Zipper, and lock tests have resulted in the bag receiving a 10 year Warranty from Samsonite. Very lightweight despite the bags high degree of durability, we give the HyperSpace XLT line from Samsonite a B+ due to its high durability, multiple packing pockets, lightweight feel, and elegant color and style. Come see what all the fuss is about and get luggage you can count on, The HyperSpace XLT line from Samsonite. Final Score: B+

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hyperspace xlt spinner garment bag open

hyperspace xlt spin bb open purple