spin_prod_894508212Happy Holidays Everyone, we would like to take this time to wish everyone a safe and relaxing Holiday Season. At Luggage Base we are always proud of our commitment to only partner with Industry leaders in providing high quality Luggage, Travel Accessories, and Backpacks for jet-setters Coast to Coast. Whether you are in the market for Durability (Briggs & Riley, Zero Halliburton, Eagle Creek), Style (Oakley, Kipling, Cy Luggage), or Practical Use (TravelPro, Samsonite, Delsey), you can be sure you will always find exactly what you are looking for right here at Luggage Base. Today we are going to go over a Brand New line available this December, Savor from Samsonite. This bold and lightweight luggage option is perfect for any trip, domestic or international. Combine Style and confidence as you travel with peace of mind that only comes from Samsonite products that are sure to never break down and leave you scrambling to secure your belongings in a busy airport. Check out this in depth interview from Luggage Base and see why Savor from Samsonite is quickly flying off the shelves and into airports all over the country!



1. Appearance

Savor in useBold Style has never looked so good. By focusing on sleek exterior styling and practical packing options that run with the bags natural design, Samsonite has created a unique flow that is both practical and easy on the eyes. With bottom, top and side carry handles that are woven into into the ballistic nylon, they are hidden by design and will not snap and break like traditional rivet fashioned handles for a great combination of prolonged use and sleek style. The in-line skate wheels are smooth rolling and multidirectional for a full 360° mobility and put no strain on your arms. The ultra lightweight alloy pull handle locks in place and is made of a polished alloy that looks great and accents the bag wonderfully. Available in Licorice or Red Pepper, these bold color options are sure to excite any type of traveler and look great on trip number 1 or 100. Sleek enough for business trips, and bold enough for leisure travel, Savor from Samsonite is sure to be one the best looking lines in any terminal in 2014. Final Grade: A-

2. Features

More than just a pretty exterior, these bags have all the functional packing options you come to expect from Samsonite, while maintaining the bags dedication to being both Durable and 2118_Red Pepper_groupLightweight. Luggage Options for any type of traveler, choose from our 21″, 25″, or 29″ Suitcases, or take advantage of one of our smaller options. The Tote bag for instance, is a perfect traveling purse and is sure to have more than enough room for any items you may require. Looking for something a little different then the rest, the wheeled duffel could be exactly that! The handles are reinforced for traditional carrying comfort, or you can use the telescoping handle to roll the bag if you prefer. One of the most mobile luggage options available, the 4 free spinning Spinner Wheels and telescoping handle on the Suitcases offer effortless mobility even when the bags are packed tight. Tired of sitting on your suitcase and trying to zip it shut, The 21″, 25″ and 29″ Options all come with a Zippered Expansion to give you additional packing space when you need it and will zip away when you don’t. Perfect for any upcoming adventure you may have planned, the interior of these suitcases come equipped with a Large Mesh Pocket, two smaller shoe sack pockets, and compression straps for maximum packing efficiency. Final Grade: B

3. Durability

Licorice LogoComplete confidence in your luggage is priceless, having peace of mind when you travel can be the difference between a travel nightmare and a dream come true. Deceptively Durable, the Savor line from Samsonite is extremely rugged despite its stylish exterior. Wrapped in highly durable Nylon, the exterior looks great and will hold it’s brilliant color with simple routine cleaning with household cleaning solutions used on regular Nylons. The corners have been reinforced to ensure, what was once the most exposed part of the bag is now secured for maximum durability. Worried about the 2 wheeled Duffel tipping over, the rubber feet on the bottom of the bag keep it upright and in place so it does not roll away when you take your hand off it. Simple and effective fixes for common problems are what separates this bag from the impersonators. Final Score: B

4. Final Grade

With this combination of Style, Durability, and practicality, it is easy to see why Samsonite is proud and excited to bring you their Savor Collection. This sleek and understated exterior is not flashy but still looks very elegant in either color option. The features in each bag are practical, simple to use, and very accessible in any traveling situation. Made with Samsonite’s dedication to high quality craftsmanship, this bag is designed for extended use and is one of the most deceptively durable lines available. Final Grade: B

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