In today’s modern traveling landscape, efficiency is the name of the game. In 2012 Surprise Bag fees on domestic flights accounted for over $3.5 Billion spent by weary travelers, with 2013 expected to rocket even higher! Trying to give travelers a little assistance and save them some money in the process, Samsonite is proud to introduce their lightest Softsided Luggage on the market, The LIFTwo Collection. Lighter than ever, the LIFTwo Collection is on average 8 ounces lighter versus the original LIFT, (The Previous record holder as Samsonite’s lightest Softsided Luggage) and is very dependable no matter what trip you may be planning for 2014. Definitely worth checking out, these bags are the perfect travel bags for any adventurer no matter if you travel once a week or once a season. Check out this in-depth Luggage Review of the LIFTwo Line from Samsonite and see why Smart Travelers save money by choosing Samsonite.


1. Appearance

model with liftwoPractically styled with sleek features that flow with the bags design, the LIFTwo Collection from Samsonite is one of the most simple and practical options available. By combining simple style, lightweight benefits, and Samsonite’s tried and true craftsmanship, substance 25 spinner openSamsonite has developed one of the more durable options on the market today. For example, the top and side carry handles are woven into the side instead of fastened via a metal rivet for a flowing appearance that looks great and will not break down until the bag does. This simple and efficient feature is a great way to increase the bags life and simultaneously keep the sleek style understated and simple. The Smooth rolling airflow wheels on the Spinner Uprights are multi-directional and offer near effortless mobility in almost any terminal. The Wheeled Garment bag and Boarding Bag come with two wheels and rubber feet located on the front of the bag to ensure they never tip over or roll away. Wrapped in durable Denier Nylon that will hide dirt and keep your items safe and sound, the Black, Blue, or Red Color Options are sure to look great no matter what great adventure your luggage is just coming from. Practical, Sleek, and Colorful. Final Grade: B 

2. Features

More than just a lightweight option for your next trip, Samsonite has instead taken everything that travelers loved about their LIFT line handleand used it as the foundation to build upon for their new LIFTwo Collection. Don’t get us wrong, this is one of the LIGHTEST lines we have ever seen, the Carry-on Upright comes in weighing under 7 lbs! With plenty of practical and smart benefits such as the hanger hook Bracket, external pocket, and Wetpak pockets in the wheeled garment bag, you can see each bag offers their own unique features and style. Not wanting to be outshined, the Wheeled Boarding Bag comes equipped with a padded laptop compartment that fits most 15.6″ laptops as well as internal compression straps to keep your contents organized and efficient. Each bag is designed to be carried by the reinforced carry handles and not the top Telescoping handle, the bags come with top, side, and bottom carry handles to ensure no awkward carrying angles and maximize the life of the telescoping handle. Final Grade: B

3. Durability

Wheeled Boarding Bag WheelsRemember that just because something is lightweight, does not mean it is flimsy! The LIFTwo line from Samsonite is not only light, it is intelligently constructed. Extremely resilient to damage despite the lightweight feel, these bags are designed to maintain their high durability while simultaneously cutting extra ounces to ensure you stay under the 50 lbs limit. Tough as nails, the body is constructed of Air Expanded Polyethylene that is lighter than previous versions and much stronger. Don’t worry about the outside getting dirty and damaged, the Denier nylon exterior is lightweight, easy to maintain, and hides scratches/scuffs so your bag looks great time and time again. The Carry handles are sewn-in, instead of riveted, helping to extended handle life on each bag. The in line wheels on the 2 wheeled bags are set-in and safe from potential external impact damage, these bags are designed to travel just as often as you do and never hold you back. Dedicated to dependability no matter what the bag may weigh, Samsonite has been standing by their products since their humble beginnings in 1910. Still honoring this tradition, the new LIFTwo line comes with a 10 year limited warranty from Samsonite, Final Grade: B+

4. Final Grade

One of the tougher lines we have ever had to grade, this line is going to be a dream come true to some travelers who are looking for theCarry-On Wheeled Garment Bag open Carry-On Wheeled Garment Bag redlightest possible luggage that will hold up to the rigors and stress of everyday travel. Taking everything into consideration, The LIFTwo line from Samsonite is one of the more durable lightweight options available in 2014 or in any year for that matter. With it’s 10 year warranty, Tough Denier Nylon Exterior and Stronger Air Expanded Polyethylene frame, this is sure to be one of the strongest, lightest bags you have ever seen. Not just lightweight, the practical features have no extra bells and whistles to weigh you down on your travels. Unique to the Individual Travel needs of many differing travelers,  each bag has their own unique individual style and benefits such as the padded laptop sleeve in the Boarding Bag, Hanger Bracket with the Wheeled Garment Bag (Pictured on the Right and Left), or the Airflow spinner wheel system used on the Spinner Upright suitcases, so your new bag is exactly the style you need. Easy on the eyes with three distinct color options for any type of traveler, we give the LIFTwo Line from Samsonite a Final Grade: B

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