Hello and we hope hope you are staying warm this week and using January to thaw out. For this weeks blog, we would like to take the time to address one of the most important things to consider when traveling, safety. Safety and Security should be the most important thing you consider when preparing to travel and should always be taken into consideration before you book your next flight. We would like to go over Security essentials for 2014, things like the difference between Safety Domestic Vs. Safety Abroad, RFID What is it and why should I be protected, Travel Locks, Nets, Tags, and much more. So lets get started and lets get you prepared for safe travels in 2014!


Safety Domestic VS. Safety Abroad

IMG_4123Sadly, the statement on the bricks above is very true. No matter what Country, City, or Hemisphere, you are planning to see in 2014, you can be sure that they have their own version of street crime. Seen more often each and every year, The new trend in traveling is having your Credit Card and Passport information stolen while still still in your pocket! (See RFID Section for more Info) Always prepare for possible theft when traveling, preparation and planning can be the difference between a worry free vacation and dealing with Identity Theft for the next year and a half. Simple solutions can be used in most major cities to avoid the rookie mistake. Turn that Backpack into a “FrontPack” (Seen on the Right), when going into highly congested areas such as New York City, Rome, Paris, Madrid, or Barcelona (Voted #1 Worst City for pickpockets in 2014) and be sure no one can get into your bag without your knowledge. Ladies, I suggest purses stay zipped shut and under the arm. Purse snatching is still a threat yes, but I suggest this precaution due to the increased skill that pickpockets show today. The simple “Bump n Lift” Technique you see on movies and TV is completely neutralized by a regular, everyday zipper closing. Always keep wallets, cell phones, and and room keys in a hidden pocket or in your front pocket if you have no other alternative. People brush against your backside everyday in a busy tourist location, so guys I know it feels comfy, but get that wallet out of your back pocket and into your front one, You will thank me later.

RFID What is it and how to protect yourself


Do yourself a favor, Watch this video above. RFID is the latest way people are getting their credit information and identity stolen, all while never rfid-walleteven having to take their cards out of their pockets. Standing for Radio Frequency IDentification, this new technology puts your Credit cards, Debit cards, as well as any US Passports made after 2006 all at risk for potential theft. Avoid this potential catastrophic headache with RFID Blockers from Eagle Creek and Travelon to ensure you are always protected. These comfortable security accessories have RFID blocking internal components that break up the signal when it is being duplicated to ensure complete peace of mind even in the busiest cities. Finally be able to Travel to technological meccas such as Japan, Estonia, Sweden, and Germany with complete confidence that your credit information is safe and sound in your Travel Wallet. Plenty of options such as neck wallets, fanny packs, and traditional wallets, be sure to pick one up so when you move your items from your regular to your travel wallet, you know you are always free to bring all your credit cards free of worry.

Travel Security Broken Down

tsaThe Term Travel Security has taken a much more broad definition in recent years. Before, the term Travel Security conjured up images of locked luggage, personalized Luggage Tags, and RipStop Luggage Nets. Today, Travel Security brings up images of TSA, long lines, and outrageous security measures that require even the most harmless travelers to be treated with suspicion. We would like to take you back to the former, before travel security was viewed as it is today, back when staying safe was quick and easy. Always be prepared for whatever life may throw your way with simple and easy ways to secure your luggage like Travel Security essentials from Luggage Base. Simple accessories like 3 Dial Travel locks and Bright Colored Luggage Tags are cheap and efficient ways to help you keep your items safe, and easily recognizable in a busy luggage claim crowd. Most premium luggage today comes with built in TSA approved Travel Locks that are easy to operate and discourage potential theft, simply look for the red TSA approved logo seen on the left and be sure your lock is of the highest quality and will not be cut by TSA professionals. Be sure you can always spot your luggage on the baggage belt with Bright colored Luggage Tags like these. With majority of luggage going under the black or blue color scheme, make sure that you spot yours as soon as it comes down the chute with Big bright Tags of your favorite color.

*Insider Travelers Tip: Got a Crafty member of your party, wrap ribbons of your two favorite colors on the handles and be 100% sure that the suitcase with the Pink and White ribbons is yours


Thank you for Joining us this week. If you have any questions, comments, or anything else you wish to share please feel free to post below, we love to hear back from our readers. Have a Great Weekend & Travel Safe!