Hello, and we know by now it sounds cliché, but we still hope you are staying warm. After an unseasonally warm winter in 2013, this year, the cold seems to be dragging on as storm after storm continues to dump snow on us coast to coast.  If you’re lucky enough to have a few inches of nice fluffy powder, we hope you are out there enjoying it. BUT, if you are like myself and despise the cold, I hope you are nice and warm as your routine has now transitioned to Hot Chocolate, Warm Coffee, and catching up on some Netflix. For the blog this week we would like to show you a brand new product from Oakley, The Works Computer Bag. World renown as a lifestyle and action sports brand, Oakley has now branched out into the Tech Bag Market and has hit the ground running with their new products for 2014. Durable and full featured for the needs of the modern tech professional of today, check out our full review for the inside scoop on the Works Collection Computer Bag from Oakley right here with Luggage Base.


1. Appearance

Sleek and subtle, this bag is what we call a “Sleeper” due to the fact that it  masks all the great benefits and features this bag has with works-computer-bag-2basic, yet efficiently purposeful exterior styling. The front accessory pocket is close to the bag not to add extra depth, yet still large enough to support the internal organizer and has enough space to keep plenty of accessories you may need while on the go. Flip the bag around to see the over the handle sleeve that allows the bag to secure against the handle of any wheeled luggage and is perfect for keeping the bag in place when navigating a busy terminal. The carry handle is padded and reinforced to ensure it is both comfortable and will not break causing your precious contents to drop and incur damage. Not done by mistake, the designers at Oakley have created a bag that was purposefully crafted to cradle your laptop and tablet for maximum protection while not being overly flashy or cumbersome. Not a fan of traditional carrying, utilize the adjustable shoulder strap to take the strain off your wrists and hands for more convenient carrying. Wrapped in easy to clean and highly durable Polyester, this bag is not only easy to maintain, it will last for many years with standard care only and no extra rubs, oils, or ointments. Final Grade: B

2. Features

works-computer-bag-5Fully Featured and ready for whatever you may need it for. The Oakley Works Computer Bag was works-computer-bag-7designed to be your main workhorse bag in any and all situations. Built to safely and securely transport even your most precious electronics, this bag comes with two separate padded tech sleeves that fit most but not all 15″ Laptops and 10″ Tablets. Get through TSA Checkpoints swiftly and easily, the large storage compartment splits open for easy access to your electronics when you need to get by a security checkpoint. Not wanting to be outshined, the larger front main compartment is also very spacious, and contains 2 Velcro Accessory pockets as well as a removable accessory pocket (Seen on The Right) for cables, cords, and chargers. The back main compartment is very easy to access due to the fully openable back compartment, (viewed on the left) this bag is ideal for bloggers, business professionals, or anyone else who requires quick and easy access to their electronics when in Transit. Final Grade: A-

3. Durability

With Oakley, you know quality comes with the O, and the Works computer bag is no different. By sticking to Oakley’s High works-computer-bag-4Standards for performance and dependability, this all-in-one mobile office has separated itself from cheap impersonators by offering a product that is tested and users can count on. Oakley’s Statement of Integrity states that their products are made with uncompromising standards of quality and they pride themselves in offering superior levels of customer service in each and every product they produce. By combining Oakley’s already stellar standards in addition to the added steps they took such as the padded exterior, padded laptop sleeve, padded shoulder strap and reinforced handle, this bag is one of the most dependable you will find anywhere. Perfect for a day on campus, a day in the city, or as a everyday computer bag, you will be glad you went with the added protection the Works Computer Bag offers the first time your bag accidentally makes contact and still shines like new. With Oakley’s tried and true quality you count on in addition to the standard 90 day warranty Oakley offers, this bag is ready for whatever you may need it for. Final Grade: B

4. Final Grade

One of the most capable bags we have ever had the chance to review, the Oakley Works Computer Bag is ready for virtually anything. Designed for the tech professional of today, this bag is prepared for whatever computer you prefer using be it a Tablet, Kindle, Laptop, or even a smartphone. Great for getting to your items when you are on the go, the easily reachable pockets ideally work in the field for when you need your laptop or Tablet at a moments notice. With all the features that outfit the bag, the superior padded protection, as well as the real world functionality we are sure this bag is going to be utilized by many business professionals who require a trendy computer bag that will never hold them back. We give the Oakley Works Computer Bag a Final Grade: B

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