Hello, good afternoon, and better yet, Happy Friday! We hope everyone has had a nice and relaxing week, and is looking forward to Superbowl Sunday for the commercials, finger foods, friends, halftime show, oh, and I guess they are also going to be playing the game too. For this weeks blog we have another Brand New Line for 2014, The PC4 Collection from Hartmann Luggage. Born 1877, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Hartmann Luggage has always tried to establish themselves as a premier provider for American style bags, trunks, and luggage. Beautifully designed while never compromising the practical packing space that travelers have come to expect, Hartmann Luggage has always been the go-to luggage for even the most critical travelers looking for durable options that will not bust their Travel Budget. Check out this full review on the PC4 Hardsided collection and see why the 4 layers of tough polycarbonate are not the only thing that make this luggage line stand out from the rest.

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1. Appearance

 PC4 GroupThe biggest knock on hardsided luggage is that, it may look great in the store, but after one rough trip in the real world, that glossy polycarbonate finish is going to be roughed up and scratched. Think that PC4 is just a fancy name, think that this is just like like all the others, Think Again! Standing for 4 Layers of Polycarbonate, PC4 Luggage has an exterior that is made from a revolutionary new process that layers the polycarbonate on top of each other and has resulted in an exterior that is virtually scratch proof! More than just a tough shell, Hartmann believes that your luggage should do more than just carry your clothes. Viewing luggage instead as a virtual style accessory, Hatmann has outfitted their PC4 Line with Faux Leather Trim to give the bags a more elegant appearance, while also reinforcing the corners to ensure maximum durability at the bags most vulnerable spots. Peace of mind when traveling is a must, and this bag doesn’t disappoint, enjoy the complete confidence that comes with luggage you trust to always looks amazing and performs even better. Click the link here and see for yourself how this stunning and dependable hardsided option stands up to tough rigors of  an Urban Jungle like New York City. Elegant style that is virtually scratch proof, Final Grade: A-

2. Features

Expandable Garment Bag Spinner Midnight Alternative Photo 3Wanting to provide more than simply a tough PolyCarbonate Exterior, Hartmann has fully equipped their PC4 Line with all benefits Spinner HS International Carry On black raspberry openthat you have come to expect from Hartmann, while still ensuring they stay Lighter than their competitors. Enjoy superior mobility in almost any travel situation, the 4 spinner wheels are multidirectional for full 360 degrees of mobility and work with the telescoping handle to take the strain off your back, arms, and shoulders when moving with the luggage. Plenty of interior packing pockets for keeping your items organized, utilize the zippered pockets, adjustable tie down straps, or the mesh interior pockets to ensure you pack the bag exactly how you need and always stay efficiently organized. Do you value bags that give you options as opposed to sizes, today’s travelers are looking for personal bags that fit their unique needs, and Hartmann has answered the call. By offering Traditional suitcases in addition to options such as the Garment Bag Spinner (Seen On the Left) or the International Carry On Spinner (Seen on the Right), Hartmann has allowed Travelers of all disconcerting styles to take advantage of the PC4 Polycarbonates. Plenty of packing options, an full 360 degrees of effortless mobility with the wheel and handle system, and plenty of interior pockets for any trip or wardrobe you may be planning to take. Final Grade: B+

3. Durability

One of the most dependable, longest lasting, and efficiently designed bags I have ever seen, this bag was designed with allusions to the past, to a time when luggage was built like PC4 625 Close Black Raspberrytanks, and Ads tried to show us that Gorillas were the real reason behind our damaged luggage. New for 2014, Hartmann is proud to introduce the new PC4 line that made from 100% virgin polycarbonate that is more dense than other poly-carbonates but just as light. Efficient and Ruggedly Dependable, this is one of the toughest hardsided exteriors ever crafted and has quality you can feel despite its lightweight feel. Made from a brand new process that layers tough Poly-carbonates atop each other, the PC4 Line has 4 layers of polycarbonate that make the exterior Virtually Scratch proof and also helps to keep the glossy finish looking great trip after trip. Not convinced, Hartmann sure is. They back their PC4 Line with an Industry Leading 10 Year Warranty, that goes to show that they indeed stand by their products. Revolutionary new exterior, with a warranty that you can feel confident in. Final Grade: A-

4. Final Grade

More durable, and somehow still lighter than the competition. The PC4 line is one of the most unique and strongest hardsided options I have ever come across. With an exterior this tough, it is hard to imagine how they ever got the bags so light. Not the only shining feature about this line, the bags come with plenty of packing space and options for any traveler no matter where you plan on visiting. Gorgeously designed, ruggedly dependable, with a revolutionary new exterior made from 4 layers of Tough Poly Carbonate, The PC4 Collection from Hartmann Luggage is some of the most well designed hardsided luggage we have ever carried. Final Grade: A-

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