Hello and good afternoon, I hope everyone is having a great start to February preparing to cheer on Team USA during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. For this weeks blog entry we have a new line from National Geographic, and one I am particularly excited about, Kontiki. Safari styled and lightweight, I am not just a fan because of how it looks, I am a fan due to how it is made. Environmentally friendly due to a revolutionary new process that creates the tough polycarbonate exterior from recycled plastic bottles, Kontiki Luggage is sure to be one of the most forward thinking luggage lines in 2014. Check out the Full Review on Eco-Friendly Kontiki Luggage right here with Luggage Base.



1. Appearance

kontiki-messengerTurn heads at the airport with this eye catching Safari Styled Luggage from National Geographic. Basic and elegant, this Safari Style Luggage maintains its useful appearance while not adding any extra bells or whistles to weigh you down. Designed to never hinder any travel experience while also being Eco-Friendly, the exterior of the bag is made from Recycled plastic that is is tougher than the competition, while still being lighter than canvas for maximum dependability and minimum weight on your arms, shoulders, or back. The distressed polyester looks great and keeps the bags exterior looking good-as-new no matter if you plan on taming the urban jungles of big cities, or bounding for the Bush of Africa. Brass finished hardware paired with the faux-leather accents show off the bags safari roots, this truly is one of the most inspired designs I have ever seen on ANY luggage line. Practically useful as well as stylishly designed, take advantage of the exterior pockets for smaller accessories, tickets, maps, boarding passes, or any other last minute items you know you will need. Eco-Friendly, great looking, and unique, what more can you ask for. Final Grade: A

2. Features

kontiki-backpackFully Featured, with luggage options for any traveler or trip, the Kontiki Luggage Line offers you tons of alternative bags for the unique individual in all of kontiki 32 drop bottom duffelus. Looking for a traditional suitcase, the 22″ and 26″ Rollaboard options all come with plenty of features that you have come to expect from high quality luggage. Tons of packing benefits such as a 2.5″ zippered expansion, built in wet-pocket, and removable drawstring laundry bag for maximum organization, it is easy to see why the Rollaboards are great suitcase options for any traveling excursion you wish to take. Looking for more options, the drop bottom 26″ and 32″ drop bottom duffels might be just what you are looking for. Opening like a regular upright bag, these drop bottom duffels offer some of the most convenient and easy packing you will ever see anywhere. Traveling with someone else, no problem. Take advantage of the separated drop bottom compartment to keep your items separate and organized. Traveling by yourself, the drop bottom is great for shoes, bulky items, or other cumbersome necessities you need to stay separate from your regular luggage. Not enough options, unzip the separator and use the entire compartment as one giant trunk for maximum space. Exceptionally mobile, try out the Set-In wheel and handle system to see just how effortless the mobility truly is. Looking for more of a day to day bag, last but not least Kontiki offers two different options for daily use bags, the Messenger Bag and Daypack. Each designed for the tech traveler of today, the Messenger bag has a padded laptop pocket that fits most but not all 17″ Laptops, while the Daypack has pockets for BOTH most but not all 15″ Laptops and most but not all 10″ Tablets. With the vast range of different bag options such as the standard Rollaboards, Drop Bottom Duffels (Seen on the Right), Regular Soft Duffel Bags, and daily use bags like the daypack (Seen on the left) it is easy to see why Kontiki is on the most fully featured lines we have come across. Final Grade B+


3. Durability

 Luggage that is designed to pass any test the world may throw at it. Kontiki Luggage from National Geographic is not only designed with yesteryear in mind, it is built like it too. Veryimages durable in real world conditions, this lightweight polyester is light enough to never hold you back and strong enough to make sure you always keep going. Made from recycled polyester, the exterior is tougher than the competition yet is still able to be lighter than canvas. Designed with active travel in mind, this dependable luggage is tested to stand up to all the bumps, dings, and possible speed bumps that loom ahead on even the most daunting trip. Beautifully molded with all practical, rugged dependability you expect from National Geographic the Kontiki line inspires travel, while never hindering your potential for expanding the horizon. Need a little more incentive, standing by their products National Geographic backs their Kontiki line with a 5-year limited warranty so you can have peace of mind on even the most intimidating terrain. Final Grade: B



4. Final Grade

Taking in all aspects, it is easy to see why this revolutionary new line from National Geographic is quickly becoming some of the most popular luggage for not only Ec0-Friendly Travelers but also for it’s real world commitment to excellence. Plenty of different options are what separates this line from other traditional options, Kontiki is sure to have exactly what you need because they designed each bag for the differing traveler in all of us. When you start to tally up the totals it is easy to see why this is one of the higher rated luggage lines we offer despite its middle of the road price. Lightweight, Eco-Friendly, Dependable, Unique, we can go on and on. Final Grade: B+

22 rollaboard 1Click on ANY of the photos for a closer look or Click Here to See Kontiki Luggage from National Geographickontiki-22-duffel-1