With winters as frigid as this year’s, it can be hard trying to imagine a time when the sun was shinning and the wind was not howling in our ears. Hello and Good afternoon, we hope everyone is having a great week and all our friends on the East Coast are bundling up and enjoying the chance to build another snowman, go for another round of sledding, and taking final advantage of some fun winter activities. With Valentine’s Day being tomorrow, we know that people’s views on that day are very different depending on your personal feeling towards it. Mostly being viewed as either a great day, a miserable one, a hallmark holiday, or possibly even a day to be avoided at all costs, The best thing about this holiday is that it gives you the chance to do with it what you want. Let us help chase away those February Blues from the exceptionally cold weather with this months edition of Today’s Traveling Trends from Luggage Base.


 The Couples that Travel Together Stay Together

It is called the “Travel Effect” and it is a study that has been conducted by various schools and independent research labs since it was first conceptualized. The Travel Effect is simple, Couples that Travel together and share the same experiences tend to have healthier, longer longer lasting couple-travelingrelationships, and a more intimate personal connection. This year, with the the holiday falling on a Friday, you can turn traditional Valentines Day into Valentines Weekend and give your relationship a nice shot in the arm of spontaneity. For the full time family couple, why not get a family member you trust to watch the kids for the weekend and get away to a nice Bed & Breakfast for some peace, relaxation, and time with that special someone. Are you more of a On-The-Go couple, try out a couples massage at your local Spa for a fun and relaxing alternative to Flowers, cards and candy. Take a break from the stresses and strains you and your loved one put on your body with a weekend of complete rest and relaxation. Never been to a spa before, do yourself a favor and give it a try this year, your back and shoulders will thank us. Is the person you are shopping for a frequent flyer, we got you covered. Hartmann Luggage was recently marked down 60% off, so you can give the gift of beautiful, scratch resistant, hardsided luggage while not busting your budget. Not really into materialistic gifts, It may sound Corney but nothing says “I care about you” like spending your time with the person you care about. Cook a favorite meal, finally go see that Action or Chick Flick you have been protesting, or simply take them to do something truly thoughtful, because showing the one you love how you really feel is what the day is all about.

*Insiders Travel Tip- For the Chocolate Lover, Check out Hershey’s Chocolate Spa, http://www.chocolatespa.com/

 Single and Loving it


For all the single people like myself on Valentines Day do not worry, I know it may make you a little jealous to see people getting gifts at the office but fear not, I have some great ideas for things to do this weekend to save yourself from the green eyed monster. If you are staying in town this weekend, it can be the perfect chance to either be traditional, devote the day to yourself, or indulge into your passion. Valentine’s Day for singles is tricky, most of the time we see people go the usual route and get together with their single friends and plan on Guys or Girls Night out. Not your style, Not mine either, maybe your like me and just want to kick back and relax. If your plan involves an all day Marathon of The Office, a large Pizza, and some ice cream, by all means you should do whatever makes you happy. Maybe you DO want to get out and explore, maybe you want to make sure next year you have someone to spend the day with. No problem, with technology being so easily accessible, it is easier than ever to see what other people who share your interests are doing. For instance, maybe you are into backpacking, you just go to any search engine and type in the following, “Your City Backpacking Meetups” and you can see what your city has to offer. Have you been neglecting your passions, use today to let your creative side take over. With most of the couples occupied with dinner reservations and the remaining singles all lining up to get into mixers and bars, use this rare peace and quiet as a chance to read a book, play an instrument, get that DIY project done, or anything else you have been putting off. Plus with all the money you are saving on chocolates, flowers, and dinner, you can finally afford to buy yourself that great Laptop/Tablet Bag you have had your eyes on.

February Trend, Expect the Unexpected

Still very early in the year, but I think it is safe to say that February has already cemented itself as the worst travel month of 2014. Having already seen two huge snow 1720555449_1370192008storm in February I cannot remember a time when so many people had flights, delayed, canceled, postponed, or grounded. With each storm offering their own unique blend of issues and delays, The current storm we are seeing hit the east this week has already caused incredible damage to travel arrangements, schedules and rental car dates. Statistically, this is one of the worst travel weeks we have ever seen due to the amount of flights with issues, USA Today is reporting that up to 10,000 Flights were Canceled across the country this week, with 6,030 occurring specifically on Wednesday. What that means, is that unfortunately the biggest trend we are seeing, is to expect bumps in the road. Bring an extra book, movie, magazine, or whatever you can to occupy your time with you next time you plan to travel just in case. With the sudden storm surges we see today and the rapidly changing conditions across the country, It might be better to be safe versus sorry. Travel Comfort items are great for these delays and helping maximize your comfort in an uncomfortable situation. Just be sure to always stay vigilant,  taking a cat nap can quickly turn into a hour long slumber and might leave you with a missed flight, extra ticket fees, and a very angry start from your nap. Prepare for delays this month, but don’t be like the family to the left.

Thank you for joining us for this month’s edition of Today’s Traveling Trends. If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, or simply wants to add anything, feel free to do so below. We hope everyone is having a happy February, Travel Safe!



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