As February winds down and the winter season continues to bring cold weather and plenty of precipitation, we know it is never too early to begin planning a fun filled trip in March to celebrate the end of the cold season. A trip full of fun in the sun, good friends or family, and away from the office, Of course we are talking Spring Break. For this month’s entry we want to take a lighter approach, allow us to show off some great photos and destinations to get your mind off the cold of today and thinking to the warm adventures of tomorrow. Great destinations for spring break families, What to pack on your trip, and of course how to balance Work vs. Play. So strap on the flip flops, put on your favorite Beach album, and sit back as we dive into this weeks entry.



1. Family Friendly Destinations

We know the stereotypical thoughts that occur when you think of Spring Break. We know a lot of people picture MTV, Drunk and disorderly college students, and that terrible Selena Gomez Movie. Well I am here to tell you that luckily, there is a lot more to Spring Break than the list above. Spring Break offers the perfect opportunity to get away from the crazy fast paced life that you have at work or school by taking the time to focus instead on rest and relaxation. For the family looking to avoid the large crowds and loud noises that are seen on tourist friendly beaches, this might be the best chance you have to try your first annual family cruise. With great rates for the entire family, Cruise lines are becoming more affordable and more family friendly than ever. Looking for a life experience your family will remember forever, get to the Grand Canyon in early Spring to beat the Summer time rush and get to see the Majestic Canyon before the summer months bring the high temperatures and flocks of tourists. Permits are required for overnight stay but the life experience make the cost worth every penny. Come see one of the nations most prized natural treasures first hand, or if you are feeling really adventurous, rent a donkey and go for a cliff side ride that you will stay in your mind forever. Just be sure you have high quality travel bags that are made for the rough and tumble travel that accompanies life outdoors, I recommend Eco-Friendly Kontiki Luggage due to its high degree of durability, Dependable Safari Styling, and National Geographic’s commitment to Adventure and Travel.


2. What to Pack

When packing for your trip there are a few rules that you must follow to ensure you stay organized and do not forget any necessities. First and foremost, MAKE A PACKING LIST. This is the simplest and most efficient way to be sure you remember everything, not only when you leave your home, but also when you pack to come back. Having a helpful visual aid to ensure you don’t leave your lucky T-Shirt under a pillow is easy, efficient, and will save you tons of money and clothes in the long run. After you make the list, the must haves are up to you, But let us help get you started with a few no-brainers:

-A Swimsuit

b9905de0e10616e299e035717806ff2a-A Travel Bag you Trust


-INEXPENSIVE Sunglasses (the first time you drop them in the sand you will thank us)

-Another Swimsuit

-Comfy T-Shirt (2)

-Toiletries (Tooth Brush, Soap, Contact Solution, Lotion, Dental Floss, etc.)

-A Separate Water Resistant Toiletry/Accessory Bag

-Flip Flops/Sandals

-Beach Towel

-Dress/Nightlife Clothes (3-5 Full outfits, no more unless you plan on going to fashion week)

-Sun Screen

-Phone Charger

-Another Beach Towel

-Workout Outfit (1)

-Pair of comfortable sneakers for walking or recreational sports (1)

-A Hoodie/Sweatshirt you are prepared to get dirty, sandy, or wet

-A Smile

3. Combining Work & Play


Combining work and play during your spring break may seem like a hassle but take it from us, with all the modern conveniences we have today it is much easier than you think to stay connected and run a virtual office from just about anywhere. Seeing the opportunity to market to an emerging group of younger professionals who have positions that require frequent travel and constant connectivity, many of today’s leading brands offer safe and dependable bags for any job you may have. Need a Guarantee that your bag will last, The Briggs & Riley @work Medium Slim Brief offers the industry leading Simple As That Lifetime Warranty that you love from Briggs & Riley with all the modern features you need in today’s electronic driven world. Looking for something a little more trendy, The Oakley Works Computer Bag may be just that. With plenty of interior benefits such as the padded laptop sleeve, interior organizer, and tablet pocket, it is easy to see why this option is much more than simply a cool looking laptop case. Sleek and stylish, show off your professional outlook while staying true to your self with this extremely Dependable bag from Oakley that is casual enough for any vacation destination but has all the features you need to stay connected whether your at the beach, on the slopes, or anywhere your Wanderlust may take you.



If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, or simply wants to add anything, feel free to do so below. We hope everyone is having a Great Month, Travel Safe!



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