Hello and good afternoon. Let me start by saying, its Friday and I hope you are looking forward to the weekend for big plans, a little R & R, or getting some items crossed off your To-Do list. We have just received a new line, and we cannot wait to tell you about it, Marquis from Travelpro. A near perfect combination of work and play, this new collection is not only beautifully styled it, it is tougher than other competitors in it’s class. Great for Business trips, vacations, or combining the two by planning a little leisure time during your next business trip. Allow me to tell you all about Marquis from Travelpro in this weeks entry.


1. Appearance

group 2With a design that is refined enough for boardrooms and practical enough for a trip with the family to DisneyLand, it is easy to see why Marquis scores so high on it’s exterior styling. Constructed from a highly durable rugged polyester fabric that is resistant to dirt, abrasion, wear, and moisture, the exterior of the bag is simply the first line of defense against tough travel. Designed to never leave you hanging when you need the bag most, the ergonomic High-Tensile Strength zipper pulls ensure dependability on the zippers you count on, while the bag’s weakest points have all been reinforced for abrasion protection. Low-profile top, side, and bottom carry handles help ensure you never have any awkward carrying angles when storing the bag, and the bottom feet on the RollaboardĀ® options also keep the bag off dirty surfaces when not using the set-in wheels. Practical, elegant, and efficient. Final Grade: B

2. Features

Designed to be lightweight and strong, this bag’s features allow you maximum packing options while efficiently framekeeping the bags overall weight low. Innovative handling versus other wheeled luggage, magnets inside the wheels keep them in line and ensure they stay straight when pushed so you do not fumble over clumsy wheels. The interior framing system is a Honeycomb design, and has EVA foam construction for superior durability versus others in it’s class. Multiple handle stops on the wheeled options help travelers of various heights, and did we forget to mention that it has Contour Grip for maximum comfort. Plenty of interior and exterior pockets offer great options for all kinds of smaller accessories, and great features such as the interior Wetpak for toiletries really show off how this bag is able to be packed for work AND play. Final Grade B+

3. Durability

wheelsNot sacrificing durability for weight, Marquis has real world dependability you can feel in the bags exterior, in the Contour Grip handle, and even by how easily the wheels roll. A Padded laptop sleeve in the rolling tote helps to protect your vital electronics when in transit. Ball Bearing In-Line skate wheels on the RollaboardsĀ® ensure flawless performance and have been tested up to 30 miles to prove it, while the handle system has been tested 10,000 times itself so you can rest assured knowing that the wheels and handle will function as it is intended. Skid bars for protecting against curbs, reinforced corners, water resistant fabric, Travelpro has created Luggage that is built to last, and will perform as advertised. Final Grade: B+

4. Final Grade

When you take all the factors into consideration, Marquis not only stacks up to it’s competitors, it has established itself at the forefront. Competitive pricing, lightweight and dependable, with a honeycomb frame system that sets it apart due to its weight and strength. Marquis is not just a name, it is a standard. Final Grade: B+

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