Some of the lightest and strongest luggage available anywhere, Maxlite 3 from Travelpro is more than simply run of the mill travel luggage. The perfect Traveling companion for the individual who values dependability, high grade craftsmanship, and especially an innovative lightweight design, Maxlite 3 is ready for all the modern standards and restrictions seen in today’s airports both domestic and abroad. Choose from high quality Rolling or standard tote bags, 2 Wheeled Expandable Rollaboards, and great 4 wheeled spinner options to be sure you have exactly the bag you need for any upcoming adventure. Light and Practical, Read our Full Review of Maxlite 3 by Travelpro below.


1. Appearance

GroupLightweight luggage that has all the packing space you need without adding cumbersome and heavy features, Maxlite 3 from Travelpro not only looks spectacular, it functions even better. Designed with practical features to protect the bags contents while simultaneously appearing as stylish accents to keep the bag looking great, the Bottom stair guards, high strength zipper pulls, and built in ID holders are just a few of the great features to maximize your bags functionality. No extra bells or whistles to weigh you down, a gorgeous exterior design concept, and intelligently constructed from one of the leading names in Travel Luggage. Final Grade: B

2. Features

TrayWhen looking for the lightest Travel Baggage you can, it is hard to find travel luggage that will give you all the options you need for an extended trip while not tipping the scales into a world full of overweight bag fees. Designed to accommodate travelers today, and made from a brand that has long been the voice of Flight Professionals coast to coast, Maxlite 3 has that same dedication to their rich brand history that you expect from Travelpro. Made to be superior to the competition across all phases especially interior construction, this new Wheels 2honeycomb system is lighter, stronger, and rolls smoother than before. A contour grip handle on the wheeled options has a comfort grip, is made from aircraft grade aluminum, stops at 38″ and 42.5″ for users of various heights, and works flawlessly with their wheel systems to offer superior mobility versus others in it’s class. All the packing space you need for a weekend away, an extended stay, or a whole new relocation, while maintaining their commitment to providing you with the lightest luggage they can. Final Grade: B+

3. Dependability

InteriorWhen choosing a main, secondary, or even a carry-on Travel Bag, if you are not thinking about dependability than you might want to rethink your strategy. Wrapped in highly durable Polyester fabric that is resistant to stains, abrasion, moisture and regular wear, the Black or Blue color options look great and are very easy to clean and maintain so your bags always shine like new. Dependable and fashionable, the Reinforced corner guards not only look great, they protect the bags most vulnerable spots, while the skid and stair guards along the bottom of the bags not only keep the surface off curbs or stairs, it also gives the bag a refined and professional exterior appearance you can count on. Enjoy supreme peace of mind that only comes from an Limited Lifetime warranty from Travelpro. Lighter and mightier than most. Final Grade: B+

4. Final Grade

When you take all aspects into consideration, it is easy to see why Maxlite 3 from Travelpro is such a highly regarded and ranked option. Competitively priced for today’s travel landscape, the lightest in it’s class, with an innovative new honeycomb frame for increased durability and decreased weight. Travelpro has not only changed from their Maxlite 2 Luggage Line, they have upgraded. Final Grade: B+

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