Known for making some of the most durable luggage available, Travelpro is introducing its 10th version of their Crew product line. The Travelpro Crew 10 product line has been given many improvements on their already popular Crew 9 product line. The Crew product line has been in the Travelpro family for about 20 years now. The new Crew 10 line is perfect for those travelers who are looking for durability, dependability, and ease of travel when visiting airports both foreign and domestic. You can select from various types and sizes of luggage such as Non-Rolling or Rolling Totes, Rollaboard Suiters, Rolling Garment Bags, and Spinner Suiters. I believe that the new Crew 10 series is the best Crew series that has been brought to market. Here are some of the new innovations that are introduced in the Crew 10 series:


Contour Grip Design with TPR Touch Points &

PowerScope Aluminum Extension Handle


The Crew 10 line has introduced a new patented contour grip on the spinners’ handle to reduce the tension on the shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands when pushing the luggage. It also provides superior comfort and control.The extraordinarily strong handle is designed to minimize wobbling when pushed for pulled and it has stops at 38″ and 42.5″ to make sure it rolls comfortably for people of different heights. Made of airline-grade aluminum tubes, the handle is strong enough to support a tote or case.



Magna-Trac System with Dual Wheel Spinners

Also found on the Crew 10 spinners is a Magna-Trac system with a set of two wheels on each bottom corner. Because of this, the spinner has a total of eight wheels which improve the maneuverability of the luggage. The Magna-Trac system is a great feature because when the luggage is pushed, magnets align the wheels in the direction you want it to go. Luggage without this feature tend to drift and pull to one side or the other which cause strain on the shoulder, arm, wrist, and hand.





Unique Bottom Tray

A new addition The the Crew 10 Spinners is a bottom tray that helps to align and stabilize the wheels.


SUPRA™ Zippers Heads

These special zippers have been reinforced to ensure they are reliable for all those trips when traveling far and wide.

     travelpro crew 10 zippers

“Intelligent” Compression Straps

The new design for the compression straps system is that they are designed to slide along the entire length of the bag. This makes it very effective because it can now secure different amounts of packed items during travel.


comp strap 1comp strap 2












So keep checking back on our website at to check out more information about the new Crew 10 product line and when it will be available to you!