We are now carrying a new fashionable brand of leather goods made by BOCONI. Boconi has been established by husband and wife team known as Bob and Connie, hence the name. Having been established since 2010, they have constantly been creating leather bags and goods that are the most stylish and thought-out bags that you would ever carry. They have been making bags for many different types of excursions. Not only do they make handcrafted bags, they also make other products such as hand crafted duffels, briefs, accessories and wine carriers to fit your lifestyle. So if you are planning on taking a trip for the weekend, have a business meeting, or planning a cross country excursion, then Boconi can accommodate you to carry what you need for your adventures.

Since identity theft has become more and more of a growing problem around the world, Boconi has come out with some accessories that have RFID blocking technology.These accessories are designed to protect you from someone trying to steal your identity and other valuable information that you may carry with you. Here are some wallets and ID card cases that have RFID technology, look stylish, and have the functionality that you would need from a wallet or ID card case.


 RFID Blocking Wallets


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The Tyler Tumbled collection of wallets are made of a very mellow milano grained leather that is known to be soft, smooth, durable and rugged. The Bryant collection of wallets are made of an Italian waxed pull-up leather that develops a rich patina over time. These wallets were designed with some thought put into it. They designed the wallets with rounded corners because wallets designed with pointed corners tend to bend and curl in over time. Since times are changing, Boconi has designed the wallets for the needs of today. They designed them to carry your important items such as your ID card, membership cards, credit and debit cards, currency, and business cards. One great feature about these wallets is the clear ID pocket. This makes it easy to show your ID, and the open spot in the middle makes it easy to slide your ID in and out. Check out more of the features and options here at Luggagebase.com!

RFID Blocking ID Card Cases



























There are two styles to Boconi’s line of ID card cases, the Bryant and Tyler Tumbled. The Bryant style has a leather that is made out of an Italian waxed pull-up leather that would eventually develop a rich patina over time. The lining is made out of Boconi’s own houndstooth pattern. The Tyler Tumbled is made out of the mellow milano grained leather that is smooth yet rugged. They have a Terra cotta colored lining as well. What makes these ID cases convenient is the clear ID window for easy viewing and a thumb-slide for easy access. They have enough room for a few needed credit cards and some cash. These wallets work great when you don’t want to carry more than what you need. Check out more details and options at Luggagebase.com!