If you are looking for luggage with clean curves and soft leather trims, then look no further. The new collection from Delsey gives you just that and more. The Chatelet collection is constructed from a BAYER 100%¬† Virgin Makrolon Polycarbonate material that is designed to provide you a high standard of impact resistance and extreme temperatures. This collection is also equipped with quiet, smooth rolling Japanese Hinomoto wheels that offer smooth maneuverability and adds comfort. The luggage is equipped with Delsey’s Zip SecuriTech which is 41 times more stronger than conventional zippers. This provides maximum security from thieves who try and break open the zippers to access your contents. Here are some more great features below:

Unique Brake System






The brake system works with a single knob. It is designed to lock the two front wheels while keeping the back wheels free so you can still pull it along behind you. This keeps your bag from drifting away from you on slopes and uneven surfaces.





Integrated TSA Lock






This recessed TSA lock makes sure your contents stay secure during your travels. It only allows access from TSA agents with a special key that they carry. This design prevents damage to the lock when trying to open it.






Convenient and Secured Packing





This full featured interior has all the amenities you would want when traveling to make things much easier and convenient. It is fully lined, and has two compartments to help with organization. One side has a fully zippered compartment to keep your clothing secure, and the other compartment has tie-down straps to keep your items secure and wrinkle free when traveling to and from your destination.






 Comfortable Leather Carry Handles






This luggage collection has two comfortable leather wrapped carrying handles that are located on the top and side. They are reinforced with a durable stitching and rivets to make sure your handles are strong and last you many adventures.







The Chatelet collection by Delsey is backed by a worldwide 10-year warranty. This ensures that you get the most satisfaction out of your luggage for years to come. Come check out more features and pictures of the luggage collection at Lugggaebase.com. You can also shop for our Blowout specials which can provide you savings of up to 85% off! Stay tuned for more Luggagebase blogs on beautiful, new products that come out on the market.