If your looking for a bag to keep up with your daily lifestyle, then Hedgren’s Inner City collection has what you are looking for. They have beautifully managed to combine functional storage space and practical styles with the latest trends. By using down to earth colors and geometric shape patterns, these bags can definitely express your personality at the next block party or just to change things up. These bags were designed to hold and carry those essential items needed for the day, from cell phones and tablets, to books and wallets. Here are some of the bags that Hedgren has to offer in their Inner CIty line.




Harper’s S Shoulder Bag

 This beautifully designed shoulder bag is made of a durable Polyester material and compartments to carry those essential items. Inside you will find a patterned Opal Grey Nylon lining with multiple zippered compartments. The bag has a water repellant and there are even 2 hidden zipper pockets for added security and privacy.






hedgren-vogue-blackVogue Backpackhedgren-vogue-inside

 This Vogue backpack is a great alternative for a shoulder or hand bag that you would use daily. It can carry all those needed daily items on your back while keeping your hands free for other tasks. Ii is also made from a durable Polyester material with an Opal Grey colored interior lining. One unique feature is that the main opening is accessible through the back of the bag. This gives you added security from potential thieves who can access your bag while wearing it. There is also a hidden side zipper pocket to store your more valuable items. You can also find this in a larger size; the Vogue L backpack, which has an extra hidden pocket.







Mich Shoulder Bag

 This is a great shoulder bag because of its extra spacious compartments. This makes it very easy to organize your belongings that are needed for the day. The spacious design also allows you to use this bag for traveling as well. The bag is made from a Polyester material with a water repellant added to it. Inside you will find two zippered pockets, and on the outside, you will find 4 zippered pockets. The interior also has room for pens, a key holder, and a place for your cell phone.




hedgren-susie-s-blackhedgren-susie-s-insideSusie S Clutch

The Susie S clutch is a perfect accessory bag for a night out on the town. It comes with a removable shoulder strap so you can carry it either over your shoulder or in your hand.  This clutch also has a water repellant so it will keep your contents dry should the clutch ever get wet. The interior has an opal grey lining and will go with most of the attire you have for evening wear.





Check out all of our selection of Hedgren bags at Luggagebase.com!. You will find many more shoulder bags, backpacks, and clutches to choose from. These bags will be a great addition to the other wonderful accessories that you have in your collection!