May 27th, 2015

The Delsey Helium Cruise collection is made with a very strong Bullet Proof Ballistic Nylon fabric that is designed to resist dirt, water, scuffs and scrapes. The corners are reinforced, and a kick-plate made from polypropylene is there for extra protection at those key stress points. The wheeled collection can easily be maneuvered with the recessed, telescoping pull handle that can be used in a one handed operation. The pull handle has a push button to lock and release to make it easy when adjusting your handle when you are ready to go. You will also find an Easy to Grab bottom handle that makes it easier to lift a fully-packed bag into the trunk, on the bed, or in the overhead bin. The interior has great features, a stylish lining, and the collection gives you organized storage for all your travel needs.


OWI Overweight Indicator

Delsey has designed the larger bags with an overweight indicator so that way you will know if your bag is overweight before getting to the airport. If your bag goes over 50 lbs., it will show a red dot to notify you when you have gone over the weight limit. This is a great feature to have in order to avoid the extra fees that airlines charge for overweight luggage.







 Easy Access CompartmentEasyAccess

Delsey offers a separate compartment for your shoes or other items that you may need close at hand. It helps to keep your clothing clean when packing with extra pairs of shoes for your trip. You can also use it as a toiletry pocket so other items in your luggage don’t get wet. Whenever you want to keep your dirty items separate, this will be a perfect pocket to use for that.








ExpandsExpandable Zipper Feature

If you ever find yourself needing more space, then this is the feature that you want. It gives you the option of adding 2″ of extra packing space to your bag. So when your are on that return trip home, it allows you the extra room you may need for those extra gifts and souvenirs that you may have acquired during your travels. You can also use it as a compression zipper to compact your clothing to fit the airlines’ dimensions.







Carry-On has Padded Computer SleeveComputerC

For those who need to travel with their tech gear, this is a great feature to have to protect those valuables. The carry-on luggage has a padded sleeve to keep your items protected from the bumps and shocks that they may go through during your travels. The padded compartment has enough room to fit a laptop up to 15.6″ in size.








The Delsey Helium Cruise would be a great collection to have when traveling to the different parts of the globe. It comes with wonderful interior features, as well as the sturdy and strong exterior fabric that will keep your items protected from the elements. You can take advantage of the unique features that Delsey Helium Cruise has to offer, such as the shoe pocket, wet pocket, and an overweight indicator. You can check out the complete line at by clicking here.