mount rushmore

Cruising down the interstate is fine for making time on a car or motorcycle trip.

However, seeing the sights is only possible if your itinerary allows for the occasional detour.

South Dakota offers a vast variety of interesting places along I-90.

Crossing the Mount Rushmore State from east to west provides a wide array of sights and souvenir opportunities.

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A’maizing is what many call Mitchell’s Corn Palace.

It began back in 1892 when enterprising business leaders decided to use their largest agricultural commodity as an art medium.  Regularly, the outside of the building is decorated with massive murals using different types of dried corns and grains.

You can view the city-owned building for free.

Every August a Corn Palace Festival is celebrated with a six-day event that includes bands, amusement rides and headline entertainment.

Free ice water is what first brought people to Wall Drug during the Depression of the 1930s.

The owners put homemade signs on the highway and eight decades later the signs continue to lure people to stop for miles along the rather bleak landscape.

No longer the original simple store front, the business has expanded to include an amusement park, a place to do some gold mining and sells everything from bobble heads, jackalope figurines and Native American artifacts to rocks to satisfy every rock hound.

The Lakota called the Badlands “mako sica”

Now the Badlands National Park is a geological wonder of buttes and pinnacles.  Deep gorges and
spires reveal Mother Nature’s show of beauty with colors of purple in shale and reds and oranges from iron oxide and volcanic ash’s whiteness.

Fossilized remains of ancient camels, three-toed horses and saber-toothed cats are also found here along with rocks and plants.

For live creatures, the Buffalo Gap National Grassland surrounds the park.  Herds of bison and pronghorns along with coyotes and other animals both on the land and in the sky live here.

Mount Rushmore is at once historical and awe-inspiring.

Carving the images of presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt into a granite mountainside was the dream of sculptor Gutzon Borglum.  Although he died before the monument was completed, his family worked together to finish the job.

Now join National Park rangers for guided tours along trails, Borglum’s former studio and as they give inspiring and patriotic nighttime shows.  There is even a three-day sculptor’s workshop.

Deadwood was born when gold was discovered in the Black Hills and grew by gambling.

Here, western legends like Wild Bill Hickok lived and died.  Hickok was killed while playing poker and is buried in nearby Mount Moriah. Next to him is Calamity Jane whose love for him went literally to the grave with her.

Gaming still exists in over 20 casinos to strike it rich.

To some, the experience of roaring into Sturgis during its famed Motorcycle Rally is priceless.

For one week in August, leather and denim is the fashion fabric of choice and all things related to motorcycles is celebrated in this west South Dakota town that swells in population to over 500,000.

South Dakota scenes are endless.

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