disney worldIt comes to most of us eventually: the need to go to Walt Disney World.

When packing up the family to see the multiple parks in Florida, one fact remains constant — seeing
the Mouse can cost quite a bit of cheese.

Holding down the costs without dampening the enthusiasm is not hard.

1. Fairy dust luggage.

Sprinkle fairy dust over your favorite little kid by presenting a Disney Fairy Backpack before
you go.

Pack it with books and other activities for the journey. The adjustable straps allow an adult to carry it loaded with snacks and drinks in the parks.  This will help your budget.

2. Souvenirs from home

One of the biggest themes at the renowned theme parks is to buy Disney items at any of the many of shops and kiosks scattered between attractions. Here is a winning idea that means more money for you. Buy Disney products, from t-shirts to toys and tooth brushes, cheaper at home.

Tuck them into a Victorinox Mobilizer NXT 5.0 Footlocker and dole them out before the begging
screams of “I want that” can begin.

3. AAA membership?

Many clubs offer discounted tickets.  Ask before you leave home or find a club while in the Orlando area.

4. Are you a Florida resident?

Living in the Sunshine State can get you a discount on everything from one to multiple-day passes at Walt Disney World.  Buy it online, but do not forget to bring your driver’s license to show as proof at the gate.

If you are not a Floridian, check out the Disney website for periodic specials.

5. Go off-season

August in Florida is hot and muggy; however, it is a perfect time to hit the Magic Kingdom
and beyond.  The equation is simple.  Fewer crowds equal less money.

6. Camping anyone?

With a tent or an RV, camping at Fort Wilderness is a terrific way to commune with nature while
saving moola.  The wildlife includes the appearance of Chip n’ Dale who nightly host a sing-along with a marshmallow roast.  Afterwards, a classic Disney movie is shown.

7. Cook your way to savings

Rent a Disney Vacation Club Resort and use the kitchen for cooking breakfast and dinner
instead of opting for the higher priced restaurants in the parks.

8. Create a digital memory

Although mouse ears look good with almost every outfit, purchasing them can wreak a budget
fast.  Instead, when in a gift shop try on the hats, take a photo and move on.  The photos will last longer than the hat, which could be in a garage sale in less than a year.

9. Recharge on a cruise

Eventually everyone needs to rest, and how better to do it on a cruise – especially a free one.  From the Magic Kingdom, you can take a boat over to Fort Wilderness or get to the entrance of the Disney’s Hollywood Studios aboard a boat that leaves from the International Gateway of Epcot.  It is located between France and England.

Book yourself a round trip and rest easy.

10. Free Fireworks

Fireworks occur nightly over the lagoon at Epcot.

Witnessing them up close is wonderful, but seeing them for free is even better.

Check the online schedule for times and then stand on the bridge on the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts and the Boardwalk.

Another plus is not having to fight the post illumination crowds.

11. Send us a postcard

Just kidding – it is not in the budget.

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