reno balloonsReno’s multicolored, much photographed sign says it all – “The Biggest Little City in the World”.

This town is not large in size and yet it offers so much for vacationers.

Taking the High Sierra A.T.GO 30″ Wheeled Duffel is a proper luggage choice for many reasons.

Crossing the Sierra Nevada is a necessity when coming to Reno from California.

The bag provides room for several outfits from casino nightlife, artists’ receptions or kayaking along the Truckee River.

Perhaps the duffel’s most important feature is its reflective piping, meaning you can’t lose it day or night.


Should Lady Lucky bless you with a vast amount of winnings, losing loot-loaded luggage is not a pleasant thought.

Many come to Reno just for her casinos.

You can find close to 20 downtown, like Harrah’s, Circus Circus and the Siena, or a few miles out in casino resorts such as Peppermill and Atlantis.

Games of chance vary from slots to craps and blackjack, roulette and keno, poker and more.  Some also offer full-service race and sport books.

Aside from running 24/7, entertainment is another key to enjoy the Reno casino experience.

The Eldorado brings in musical shows such as “Hairspray” for a run that last for several months.

Having shows with stars are not only found at the casinos.

At the north section of the city is the Fleischmann Planetarium and Science Center, located at the University of Nevada/Reno. There is a no charge to go in the observatory and even the entrance fee to the Sky Dome is budget friendly for everyone.

Reno’s art and cultural riches are plentiful as well.

Artown is an annual event every July. Over 400 exhibits and performances occur over the month.

A thriving Arts District combines a diversity of creative styles with unique restaurants’ culinary offerings.

One of the best meals is lunch at Café Musee at the Nevada Museum of Art. The museum celebrates the coexistence of human, nature and art over multiple levels and well-executed exhibits. Go outside on the roof and see how the architectural design allowed the building itself to become a work of art.

Many consider automobiles great works of art.

One place to worship centuries of them is at the National Automobile Museum, located an easy walk from downtown. The majority came from the private collection of Bill Harrah, casino magnate and car enthusiast.

The cars, including those of stars like Frank Sinatra and early models such as a Stanley Steamer, are cleverly displayed on historic streets or among other period pieces. This allows even non-enthusiasts to enjoy the visit.

Peg’s Glorified Green Eggs n’ Ham is an iconic restaurant few would find fault in. Be warned though – an omelet from here could easily feed two or three.

Fueling up at Peg’s will give one plenty of energy to try the Truckee River Whitewater Park. Flowing through downtown, it offers 11 pools to practice or play in. For those who prefer watching others doing athletic sports, in early May international world-class kayakers come to Reno for competitive play.

Competitive play is also found during the spring and summer when the minor-league Reno Aces play baseball. The Aces are part of the Arizona Diamondbacks franchise. Their modern stadium, red and hairy mascot Archie and complete Americana feeling all combine to give everyone a great time.

Residents and visitors also fly high with the annual Great Reno Balloon Race in September. Come early as one of the favorite events is the Dawn Patrol where lit balloon canopies are illuminated against the dark sky.

In the air or on the ground a visit to Reno is a good bet year-round.

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