Time has come to fill the Samsonite Maneuver 21″ Carry on Spinner with bathing suits, shorts, tops, and sun block and say “Aloha!”

Packed with wondrous pursuits for everyone the Hawaiian island of Oahu is today’s destination. Known as “the gathering place”  the island, 26 miles long and just 44 miles in diameter, it is a diversity of tropical oasis, big city living and a surfer’s paradise.

Honolulu serves as the state’s capital and ranks up with New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles with having the most hi-rises. Among the stunning views seen from those towering windows are the Ala Moana district with its business and shopping streets, the beaches of Waikiki and the striking Diamond Head.

The latter, a volcanic mount, received its jewel-like name by 18th century British sailors who saw calcite crystals sparkling in the stone. Hawaiians and others call it by its original name – Lēʻahi.

Honolulu offers a range of historical attractions.

During the latter 19th century, the Iolani Palace served as the home for Hawaii’s last two monarchs. King Kalakaua and his sister and successor, Queen Liliuokalani enjoyed a modernized palace from electric lights to flush toilets.

Across the street, the famed Kamehameha statue honors the king who united the islands in 1810. On June 11, remember to bring flower lei to drape around his bronzed neck.

Many first-timers receive their first surfing lessons on Waikiki. After hanging ten with other novices head to the North Shore where three legendary surf spots, Waimea Bay, the Banzai Pipeline and Sunset Beach, are showcases for expert surfers. The big waves, often over 30-feet in height, arrive between November and February. Crowds gather on the shoreline to watch the pros complete aerials, double spinners and laybacks after they have carved through the green room (the tunnel of a wave).

Oahu’s sugar-fine sand invites beachcombers to walk barefoot and deeply wiggle toes into it while gathering rays.

When hungry, consider the shrimp trucks in Kahuka. Their exterior might look a bit battered and rough, but there is no denying the scrumptious flavor of fresh caught shrimp seasoned with garlic. In Haleiwa, laid-back locals cool off with a shaved ice from Matsumoto’s.  Thinly shaved ice spooned over ice cream or beans topped with a rainbow’s selection of syrups.

Pineapple lovers head for the Dole Plantation. The golden fruit is celebrated with a narrated train ride, a massive pineapple-shaped maze and a garden rich with floras and fruits.

Other places to find popular seasonal fresh fruit treats, like papaya, dragon and passion fruits, are at the multiple farmers’ markets. Many also attract local artists with unique crafts.

Have a date with the deities in the Waimea Valley where sacred Hawaiian traditions and beliefs are treasured and preserved. Archeological digs have uncovered fishing shrines in addition to a Hale o Lono (temple) that dates back to 1470. Lono, the god of agriculture and fertility, peace and music is honored during the annual festival of the Makahiki. Guided walking tours for the whole family are also available.

Pearl Harbor, in central Oahu, is always a popular spot for tourists who honor the events of December 7, 1941 when Japanese began the United States’ World War II involvement by attacking the Pacific fleet. The USS Oklahoma and Arizona have memorials over the spot where they sank, and the USS Battleship Missouri is where the unconditional Japanese surrender was given to General Douglas MacArthur, four years later.

“E pili mau na pomaika`i ia `oe is an Hawaiian expression often heard on the island.

Translated it means – may blessings ever be with you, and after visiting Oahu there will be plenty.

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Samsonite Maneuver 21' Carry on Spinner  Blowout Special

What You Need to Know about the Samsonite Maneuver 21″ Carry On Spinner – Blowout Special:

  • Constructed of 1682 Ballistic Nylon for extraordinary durability
  • Single-hand lift, dual tube aircraft-grade tempered aluminum tubes.
  • 8 Wheels = Zero effort!! Eight spinner wheels provide maximum surface weight distribution offering a smoother roll when gliding a fully packed case over carpeted areas. 60mm Rear spinner wheels make it easy to roll when pulled.
  • Includes: Removable tri-fold suiter.

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