Casablanca, for many classic movie devotees the name immediately conjures up memories of the famous 1942 love story that starred Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.

“Casa” as it is called by modern residents and visitors still weaves the magic to many who choose to come to this Moroccan city in North Africa. Although Rabat serves as the Kingdom of Morocco’s capital city, Casa remains its leading metropolis due, in part, to its location on the Atlantic Ocean and as one of the world’s largest artificial ports.

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The country is famed for its hand embroidered table decorations, crockery, and woven rugs.

Start at the craft shop-lined Felix Houphouet Boigny Boulevard where negotiation of price is part of the experience and often a free cup of mint tea helps to “sweeten” the deal. Take part fully, and be aware a majority of the crafts are not made locally. Look carefully at the quality before plunking down a Moroccan dirham or twenty.

If you began buying early, fuel up with a traditional breakfast with a freshly made corn cake with honey and a type of doughnut available at street vendors.

Camel meat is a delicacy. Be sure to get the lean variety as opposed to the hump, which is mostly fat. Buy it from a local outdoor vendor, and then walk it down the street where you can have it grilled into a burger. Accompanied with salt and the ever-present cumin spice and bread. Some say it tastes like tender veal.

Remember when eating any traditional meal with your hands – only your right hand is used to scoop up food.

To end any meal sweetly, look for the nougat vendors. Rose water and lemon are just two of the flavors combined with boiled sugar.

Casablanca is an old city, yet lacked many historical attractions until 1980 when the late king, Hassan II, decided to build a mosque bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Its tall minaret calls the faithful; Morocco is 99 percent Muslim, to prayer several times during the day. You can also visit, and like the Aretha Franklin song – respect – is the keyword. Long trousers or skirt worn with a shirt covering shoulders are a necessity as is removing your shoes at the door. Be prepared to be awed at its massiveness.

Inside, 25,000 can worship while outside space holds an additional 75,000. The colors and materials reflect the country’s diversity through marble, granite and cedar woods. A retractable roof allows the sun to flow through while sections of the floors are heated. Some are made of clear glass with views of Atlantic Ocean underneath. Every evening a laser lights the way from the top of the minaret to Mecca.

Over two hundred years earlier, another ruler Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah, created a stronger medina, Arab section of the city. It and the newer medina, located near the port, offer several interesting sights in Casablanca. Among them are the El Hank Lighthouse, the mahkama or courthouse of the Pasha with is marble-laden rooms, and the 1920’s Art Deco neighborhoods, built when the French held Morocco as a colony.

Casablanca is a destination sure to spur one’s taste for the old and new simultaneously.

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