21-spin-blkThink there’s nothing new under the sun? You’re in for a pleasant surprise. Earlier this year, the Travel Goods Association (TGA) hosted its annual show in Las Vegas, showcasing all that’s new and novel in the world of travel accessories. As part of the festivities, the TGA presented their New Product Innovation Award to Travelpro for the second year in a row–this time for their new Travelpro Platinum Magna luggage collection. With Platinum Magna, designers at Travelpro aimed to eliminate travelers’ main complaints about spinner luggage. Let’s take a look at some of Platinum Magna’s more notable features: 

User-friendly, magnetically-aligned wheels
Like a shopping cart, spinner luggage can have a tendency to drift to one side when rolled on all four wheels. The degree of this problem, of course, depends on a few variables: how heavily it’s packed, for instance. Very full or unevenly packed luggage will drift more. Drift doesn’t necessarily mean the bag is poorly made or defective–it’s just physics. Travelpro’s solution to drift is forehead-smacking in its simplicity: magnets. By magnetically aligning each wheel, the bag’s path stays straight–no drifting or wobbling. Making each spinner wheel a double–eight wheels in total–increases stability even more. Best of all, the wheels on all Platinum Magna items can be easily removed with a screwdriver. This means that simple repairs and replacements can be done at home–no need to send it away.

Duraframe system
There’s more, less-visible innovation in Platinum Magna, too. Travelpro’s patented Duraframe system strengthens each bag, allowing more flexibility and shock absorbency in vulnerable areas, like corners. The streamlined design of the frame uses fewer materials andcarryon-wld-garm-blk reduces weight–a sought-after quality in new luggage.

PowerScope handle
The patent-pending PowerScope handle, made of aircraft-grade materials, expands and retracts smoothly, with stops at 38″ and 42.5″, to accommodate users of different heights. In luggage, a tough handle is a must–it’s a vulnerable part of the suitcase, and damages to the handle often require extensive repairs or even replacement. Travelpro has also added a comfort-grip handle to Platinum Magna. These specially-designed handles were made just for spinner luggage, ensuring maximum comfort when the bag is rolled upright.

New ideas like these are what keep Travelpro on the cutting edge of the travel industry. Created by a pilot over 25 years ago, Travelpro has long been the preferred brand among flight crews and frequent travelers–and for good reason. The time-tested designs, rugged materials, and fair prices have kept Travelpro rolling through airports around the world for decades.


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