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Since the first day of school is getting closer and closer by the minute, that need for new school gear is getting higher and higher as well. One of the greatest parts of back-to-school shopping is getting a new backpack. For many students, a backpack acts as a fashion statement or a way to show your personal interests. It has many uses such as an organizer for books and homework, a carrier for all essential school supplies, and even a secret stash for your goodies and treats. So to help you all out with your school shopping trip, I have come up with a list of some good quality backpacks that will stand up to the strain put on them through daily school use. Some people don’t realize this, but your school backpack is the accessory you would use the most. So this means that it is important to find the one that will last you through the school year or years.


High Sierra



True NavyOcean Party, Deep Purple












If you are looking for a school backpack at a very affordable price, then the Curve backpack is for you. At a price of only $17.99 you can’t go wrong with this deal. The Curve is made of a 300 x 250 denier hexagon ripstop for durability and a water resistant coating to make sure your books and homework doesn’t get wet. It has many pockets for organizing your school gear. There are pockets for your pencils and pens, a fob for your keys, and a lidded pocket for your media. There’s even a pocket for your MP3 player so you can listen to music using the built-in headphone port. This bag is also very comfortable to carry. It has a padded back and padded shoulder straps which are designed to disburse weight more evenly. Come check out all the details here at





Impact Daypack impact phones












The Impact backpack made by High Sierra is also a great deal at $19.90. This backpack is made of a 600 x 600 denier Duralite with a water resistant coating for protecting your books from water damage. It has a large main compartment and front pocket to make it easy to pack all your school essentials for the day. It has great organizing features. There are pockets for pencils and pens, a calculator, highlighters, and other studying materials. There is a separate pocket for your media with a headphone port so you can listen to your music on-the-go hands free. The back and shoulder straps are padded for a comfortable carry and there is a mesh pocket to hold your beverage. Check out all the details here at




Fat Boy

fat boy ska fat boy












The name is obvious why they call this backpack the Fat Boy. It can hold a lot of stuff. It has a multi-compartment design for helping you organize your different school subjects and materials. The large front pocket has a place for your pens and pencils, erasers, and other school supplies. The smaller front pocket can hold your personal essentials. There is also a pocket for your media and a port for your headphones so you can listen to music while your on-the-go. There are angled compression straps and a monster hook so you can carry more stuff on the exterior of the backpack. The back and shoulder straps are padded for comfort, and the shoulder straps have a compression system to help with the extra weight. This one weighs in at a price of only $25.90. You can get all the details here at




Swiss Gear


Music Port














Don’t let the low price of $29 bucks let you think that this bag is cheaply made. The durable Music Port backpack  has many features within its simple looking style. For one, its one of the lightest backpacks on the market by coming in at only 1.2 pounds. The inside of the bag comes with a padded laptop sleeve, mobile phone pocket, pockets for organization of school supplies, and a place for your music player. With this bag being made by SwissGear, you can expect high quality and good craftsmanship on this backpack that should last you many years to come. Check out all the details and options here at




Ultralite Laptop Backpack

SA3039-1 SA3039-5












This Ultralite laptop backpack really stands up to its name. This one only weighs 1.3 pounds! Even though this backpack is lightweight and costs only $32.95, it still has all the features and more needed for a full day of school. It has a padded laptop sleeve that fits up to most 15″ laptops and a pocket to carry your music player with you. Also inside you will find a mobile phone pocket and an organizer for all your school essentials. On the outside, you will find padded shoulder straps to maximize your carrying comfort and a couple of mesh pockets to carry your beverages with you wherever you go. On the back, there is padding that is designed to allow air to circulate so the wearer keeps a cool back. You can get all the details here at




Audioport 1.0 Backpack

1061 Open1061 Front













The Audioport 1.0 backpack is great for a school backpack. It is made of a nylon material that is durable and lightweight. This bag is very comfortable to carry because of the padded back and shoulder straps that are designed to give you a comfort fit. There is a pocket for your media device and a slot for your headphones so you can listen to your music hands free while roaming the halls. Inside the backpack, you will find a bunch of pockets designed to hold your pens, pencils, erasers, phone, or other needed school materials. On the side of the bag, you’ll find a mesh pocket that is designed to hold your water bottle or other beverage you like. A backpack with all these features is available for only $37.99. Come check out more details and pictures here at

Hello Luggage Base customers, and yes you did read that right, at the end of the month we will be giving away a free Samsonite Lift 2 Carry-On Spinner to one lucky customer. This is our way of giving back to our customers and it is super easy to apply. Just Like us on Facebook and tell us how we are doing. Write on our wall, send us a message, however you want to contact us is fine, just send us a photo of you enjoying some great Luggage Base products and tell us about it and your done. Simple, easy, and a great way to get a brand new carry-on. For this week’s entry let me show you what we are giving away at the end of the month with a full review of the Lift 2 Carry-On Spinner from Samsonite.


1. Appearance

expansionOne of the better looking lightweight options today, the lift 2 looks great while never being too flashy or full of unnecessary extras. Believing that true beauty in luggage comes from a combination of fashion AND function, the Lift 2 Carry-On was designed with these fundamentals in mind. Wrapped in high strength 400D x 360D Nylon, the exterior of the bags is very tough and performs excellently against wear, tear, abrasion and moisture. Combined with the Ripstop Polyester, the bags exterior is one of the tougher lines on the market while not increasing the bags overall weight past 7 pounds. Small and efficient, the bags exterior pockets are easily reachable and flow with the bags overall design to help keep the professional look that Samsonite is known for. Great looking, protective, efficient. Final Grade: B+

2. Features

25 spinner openLight Meets Might™ with the new Lift 2 Collection. Coming in at under 7 pounds, this carry on is not only the lightest in it’s class, it is one of the most practical. A large front panel pocket is perfect for larger last minute items, while the top, side, and bottom carry handles ensure you never have an awkward angle when storing the bag overhead. Interior compression straps help secure the bags interior contents when in transit, while the mesh modesty pockets allow you to keep smaller accessories separate and organized. Lightweight with exceptional dependability, the push button handle works with with the spinner wheel system to offer a superior design and effortless mobility in almost any travel situation. Great for keeping your precious items always within arms reach and built for all the rigors you may find in today’s travel landscape. Final Grade: B

3. Durability

wheelshandleMade with Samsonite’s dedication to quality, The Lift2 Carry On Spinner has gone through all the rigorous testing that Samsonite is known for. Passing the tumble, handle, drop, wheel, zipper, and locks test, this bag is one tough carry-on. Combine that with Samsonite’s 10 Year Warranty and what you have is a bag that is built like a tank, with a warranty to back it up. Final Grade B+

4. Final Grade

Taking all factors into the final grade it is easy to see why the Lift 2 Carry on is such a sought after bag due to its high degree of packing space, extremely low weight, great color options, 10 year warranty from Samsonite and the Ease of use to any traveler. One of a kind, and ready for any trip or adventure you may be planning, the lightweight Lift 2 Carry On from Samsonite. Final Grade: B

Remember, The only way to get this great Carry-On option for free is to Like us on Facebook and submit a review about shopping with us in the past to let us know how we are doing. Good Luck and we can’t wait to hear all about your experience with us!

SWISSGEAR-geneva-21cSwiss made quality you can count on, The SwissGear Geneva 21″ Pilot Carry-On leaps ahead of the competition with it’s small size, lightweight feel and practical packing options. More than simply a run of the mill carry-on option, this is one of the most fully featured carry-ons you will find anywhere. Equipped with a removable hanging garment bag, wet/dry toiletry bag, gusseted interior compartment, and interior tie down straps, this smaller luggage is perfect for romantic weekend getaways for two, or a week long excursion of your own. On Sale Now While Supplies Last! Take advantage of this great deal with luggage that will pass the test of time with the Geneva 21″ Pilot Carry-On from SwissGear.

samsonite-LIFT2014Some of the lightest most durable luggage ever created, Samsonite LIFT Luggage is now up to 70% off!


Lightweight Innovations For Travel, aka LIFT luggage is not only easy on the scales, it is built to last. The Tricore Polyester is resistant to abrasion and is easy to clean and maintain with simple polyester cleaner. The 4 Spinner Wheels located along the bottom of the bag are free spinning and offer full 360 degree mobility when utilized with the Telescoping handle. Built to last the LIFT collection comes with a 10 year warranty from Samsonite so you can rest assured your bag is going to be a travel buddy of yours for years to come. Check out these great sizes and colors before they are all gone, Light Meets Might with the LIFT Collection from Samsonite.

Do you have a lucky lady on your shopping list who enjoys seeing the world, someone who has always talked about traveling, someone who holiday-gift-guideloves to travel, or someone who is simply looking for that initial nudge to take the plunge and travel abroad. When you are shopping for that special girl in your life this holiday season, avoid getting her the same things you do for every other holiday. Chocolates, delicious but gone in a few days, Flowers, pretty for a few days and dead in a week, and Jewelry, have fun opening that Pandora’s Box. Trying to guess her correct ring size or picking a necklace that she will actually wear when she goes out can be a shopping nightmare. Whether you are shopping for your Grandma, Mom, Sister, Aunt, Girlfriend, Wife, or any other special woman in your life, be sure  to not drop the ball this holiday season with these great tips below. Still not sure, check out our extensive inventory of  Traveling Gifts For Her at great prices this holiday season.



For The Business Traveler

business-woman-travelingBusiness Travel is back! Despite having the convenience of new technology that allows us to hold multi location video conferences, Skype sessions from across the country, and international meetings at the click of a mouse, there will always be a need for conducting face to face business. Trying to learn from past budget mistakes, companies have altered their approach to business travel with special focus on minimizing expenses while maximizing output. Give that girl you care about a leg up versus the competition with this great 2 Piece Carry-On Set that includes a garment bag AND Rolling Notebook. This way, you can be sure that she can get her work done on the plane and will always look her best when she gets off. A great value, Remember, being prepared and professional can sometimes be the difference between getting that corner office versus the corner cubicle.



For The World Traveler

Passport-page-stamps-001Are you shopping for the female with a thirst for life, the traveler who understands that life is for the living, that there is a big wide world out there that is just waiting to be seen? Today International Travel has been streamlined so that any “Yank” can fly across the pond and see how the other side of the world lives at a relatively reasonable price. Not relying as much on air travel once you arrive, International Travel instead is done primarily by train, ship, or automobile. Showcase your Adventurous spirit when visiting another location with a great colorful option from Kipling. Named after the famed author of the Jungle Book, each bag has a collectible monkey key-chain and is designed to be both durable and stylish. These large bags are great for international travel due to their bright recognizable colors, spacious main compartments, extensive packing features, and rugged durability. Be sure that next time she stamps her passport, she has a bag that she can trust.


For The Student Abroad

istock_maica-7-female-student-standing-in-front-of-eiffel-tower-cIf you are preparing for an upcoming semester abroad, or have a loved one who might be, the idea of having a person special to you so far away can be nerve racking for both parties. Send them away with a special gift from home and show them that you are not only thinking about your own feelings, but you are thinking about her feelings also. Some items that we take for granted here in the states, we are unable to get ANYWHERE overseas. (I personally spent the better part of 3 Months searching Tallinn Estonia for Buffalo Style Hot Sauce with little to zero luck) Avoid this dilemma and keep her prepared for unique cuisine abroad by packing the sauces and flavors you know she cannot live without. I suggest the TSA approved 3-1-1 Tubes, I know it may not seem like a lot but having 3 ounces of Sriracha beats Zero ounces of Sriracha.



For The Backpacker

11.09.12-mjs_ft_female-travel_17018325_582_388Backpackers in today’s world need features that will maximize their travel experience while never adding extra strain on their back, neck or shoulders. In the past you only needed a nylon or denim sack, some back straps, an adventurous spirit, and you were good to go. Today’s modern explorers can still accomplish this, however, most of the time we do not pack so lightly for upcoming expeditions. Instead, we pack heavy for a variety of reasons ranging from our dependence on technology, to the basic fear of not packing enough clothes, blankets, supplies, etc. When choosing a bag to purchase a loved one, you need to do some research and find out what are the electronics that she can’t live without. Whether she needs a computer for work during downtime, a camera for taking photos, a smartphone for safety, or an Mp3 Player for her personal soundtrack, we need to take all of this into consideration when picking a backpack this holiday season. Tons of great options for any type of female backpacker, be sure to get her a Travel Backpack that she can count on.

*Insiders Tip: Combine Fashion and Function by picking a bag in her favorite color, Any girl that loves Pink is sure to love the Sharon from Samsonite


 For The Cowgirl

3000-sadFor the girl with her radio pre-sets on country and a cowboy hat hung in her room, nothing says Cowgirl like all leather luggage. Utilized because of its durability and the large population of cattle in the South Central United States, Leather is synonymous with Texas and more specifically with the Country Music Lifestyle. Check out our extensive collection of Duffels, Backpacks, Totes and Cases all in 100% authentic naked leather, and be happy you choose a bag that is designed to age beautifully over time. Wanting to provide only the best products available, we partner with Piel Leather to provide bags that are Genuine Leather with small imperfections that you only see from high quality authentic cowhides. Show off her country style with some great Leather Luggage this holiday season.



Now is the time to start planning and looking around, don’t be another holiday stereotype and purchase gifts the night before. Break away from the routine and really wow her this holiday season. Sill not sure, check out these great specials on amazing Traveling Gifts for Her and get her something that she can use time and time again. We hope we were able to give you guys some help this year, Travel Safe.






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Girl-Giving-Valentine-GiftWe are done with the first full week of November and the holiday season is fast approaching. We know that the smart shoppers are getting their holiday shopping out of the way early and avoiding that stereotypical holiday rush. Sadly, we also know how tough it is shopping for the guys in your life. When shopping for your Husband, Boyfriend, Father, Brother, Son, Co-Worker, or any other guy in your life we know that we are not always easy. Unless we have something special in mind we can usually be heard giving one of the following four fun phrases, “Get me whatever”, “I don’t Care”, “I’m sure I will like anything you buy” or my personal favorite, “I don’t need anything this Christmas so don’t worry about it”. Think outside the regular constraints of giving the gifts of sports, food, or video games and instead be a rockstar this holiday season with these great gift ideas below. Still not sure, check out our extensive inventory of great Traveling Gifts For Him and find exactly what you are looking for while not breaking your budget.


For the Business Traveler 

As the economy bounces back, business travel also begins to see extended use. Not exactly as we remember it, companies now are trying article_zoom_1624_4to pinch pennies any way they can by sending their reps out with economy class tickets and hotel rooms that are smaller than ever. If he is a frequent business traveler you may want to look at getting him a reliable bag that won’t break down or rip open and leave him picking up his socks off cobblestones in a foreign country. SwissGear offers great products with the Swiss’ Dedication to craftsmanship at an affordable price. Is he more of a cowboy, Piel Leather offer 100% Real Naked Leather that has durability you can feel and Leather that will absorb the oils from his hands and give the bag a classic aged look with time. Need a bag for you, take advantage of the great deal on our luggage sets and keep a bag for yourself, we promise we won’t tell if you don’t.


For The World Traveler

With airline prices becoming more affordable, the ability to see the world is within the financial grasp of many more people than ever before. Traditionally being more adventurous, these travelers tend to take the beaten path more often and are more prone to experiencing life at it’s fullest. Getting them something to document their experiences can add perspective to their travels and maybe one day will be an award winning travel journal! Is he more visual, protect his camera, tablet, or computer with a great electronics case so that his trip is not dampened by a cracked screen.

*Insider Guy Tip- If he doesn’t already use a camera he most likely won’t just because you buy him one. Get him something that you know he will use on his travels and avoid the awkward moment when you know he doesn’t like the gift you purchased.


For the Student Abroad

More specialized than most other types travelers, Students spending the semester abroad is seen more often due to their desire to 30998-All-In-One-World-Travel-Power-Adapter-For-Europe-Uk-Usa-Australia-T88-From-Chinawholesale365-1see the world before settling down to find a job after college. Most College students today realize that the job market is in high competition and they may never again get the chance to spend extended time in a foreign country. Having just graduated, I have seen many peers and friends take advantage of this experience by visiting countries such as Spain, Australia, and The UK. Unfortunately however, I have also seen one problem happen to each of them individually. Each person learned after they made this rookie mistake but almost everyone makes it once either by accident or by ignorance. Make sure he knows this simple rule: DON’T PLUG IN YOUR ELECTRONICS STRAIGHT INTO THE WALLS, I repeat, DO NOT PLUG YOUR ELECTRONICS STRAIGHT INTO THE WALLS. Send him on his trip with the proper power adapter for the country he is going to. Nothing will fry a brand new Ipad faster then a good old fashioned power surge, be sure that he is protected with this simple yet necessary travel accessory.


 For The Backpacker


Nothing says independence, spontaneity, and confidence in yourself more than planning a trip with only the items on your back. Backpacking has been a way travelers have seen the world since backpacks first appeared on the market. Today many different options backpacker-7are available for any type of traveler with an extensive variety of styles and materials. If he is looking for a massive high quality Leather Duffel with a shoulder strap, no problem. Need to keep your hands free and your bag secure, High Sierra offers a pack that makes a bold statement and will always perform. Maybe he’s more fun in the sun, keep that Wet suit separate with the Oakley Waterman pack. Plenty of options no matter what his outdoor activity of choice is.


For The Cliché Family Vacation Announcement

Never missing the chance to incorporate my love of old time Clichés, this was always what i hoped would happen every holiday season. Buying a Family Set of luggage and wrapping it under the tree can be the perfect set-up to surprise either that special person in your life or your entire family. By setting them up to be the last gifts you give your loved ones, you can smoothly mention how they missed one last gift set, set it in front of them and watch as they open the boxes and wonder why you would ever buy them Luggage. For added suspense I suggest placing the boarding passes or ticket confirmation in the front pocket and having them read it aloud to you, hearing a persons voice break as they connect the dots can be a priceless holiday memory you hold onto forever.


I hope this was helpful to all the people trying to buy gifts for the guys in their lives. And behalf on all of us, we are sorry we are so hard to shop for, I hope this helped get the ideas flowing. Still having trouble, check out our inventory for great Traveling Gifts For Him this Holiday Season and get him something that he will always use and leave him wondering how he ever survived without you. Have a Great Holiday Season and as always, Travel Safe.




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It seems like everywhere I turn, travelers are using the same old nylon wheeled carry-on luggage that has no character or personality. I even found myself carrying the same bag to the Victorinox Hardside Officer's Trunairport and it just disturbed me that I looked like every other person dragging his luggage through the terminal. I even got confused once and almost carried off some other persons luggage by mistake. Well Victorinox Officer’s Trunk Small makes a huge break away from the average suitcase and offers a super cool looking international carry-on that will turn heads. No longer will someone mistake your bag for theirs, and no longer will you feel like everyone else carrying the same old bag.

Victorinox NXT Hardside Officers Trunk is extremely unique, ultra durable, and just plane fun! I love the looks of the luggage with its awesome looking reinforced corners, sleek latches, and superior handle system. I like the fact that it uses a latch system instead of the flimsy zipper closure you find on almost all hardsided luggage today.  The combination lock is TSA approved so you can rest at ease that your suitcase is secure. The spinner wheels make it s synch to roll even down the isle of an airplane or hanging out in line. Unlike other hard-sided luggage, this bag actually has an ad-a-bag strap to carry an additional piece of luggage or briefcase with ease. The interior is a plush tan twill that is extremely attractive and stain resistant.  It even has a built in, slide out I.D. tag and also has top and side carry handles for easy lifting. The push button activated upright handle system can be set at three different heights for maximum comfort. Made from the best quality polycarbonate available using engineering grade Lexan polycarbonate. This case has a lifetime warranty and even includes Swiss Tracker™ Bag Tracking Program which helps reunite owners with their lost bag anywhere in the world—for free

Victorinox Luggage is made from the highest quality materials and usually sells for about $600 at most retailers. Fortunately, has the Victorinox Officer’s Trunk at a Blowout Special price. Click here for details.

Summer’s wrapping up. The kids are heading back to school. We’re covering the shipping.

This weekend (which, as far as this deal is concerned, starts NOW), LuggageBase will pick up the shipping charge when you use the code “LaborShip11” during checkout. You can put the savings toward the massive Labor Day barbecue that you’re holding this weekend!
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Everybody loves a freebie, right? Well then, next time you need to freshen up your supply of luggage, keep in mind, because we might just have a “free with purchase”  gift to go along with the piece of luggage that you buy.

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Gear up for School or The Final Trip of the Summer

The start of the school year is fast approaching, much to the chagrin of kids everywhere, most of whom are firmly entrenched in the sleep-in-late-then-hang-out-all-day mindset and are in no condition to be stuck in a classroom for 6 hours per day. However, you can take some of the sting out of the back-to-school experience by equipping your student with a state-of-the-art backpack from Oakley, Eagle Creek, High Sierra, Jansport and many others!
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