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When traveling, sometimes you don’t necessarily need a lot of bags. Sometimes you only need maybe one carry on and maybe one suitcase. Even though, only needing one or two bags, is common, it can be challenging to find a small and lightweight bag that is specific to traveling light and efficiently. Below is a comprehensive list of lightweight luggage that is simple and efficient for light traveling.

Hartmann Herringbone Luxe Weekend Duffel

Weighing only two pounds, this Hartmann Herringbone Duffel is designed for luxury and efficiency for the light traveler. Despite the weight of this duffel bag, this carry on luggage scores a nine on our durability scale, making it one of the most durable pieces of carrying on luggage we provide. With a ten year warranty, you have nothing to worry about with this lightweight carry on bag.

Osprey Farpoint 40 M/L

Weighing 2.15 pounds, not only is this Osprey Pack perfect for traveling, but the Osprey Farpoint 40 is also ideal for outdoor use. Designed for comfortability, this lightweight backpack has external compression straps that are cushioned. Despite the compactness of this bag, the Osprey Farpoint has a zipper component, perfect for tickets, wallets, keys and other things that you will need readily available while traveling. With a lifetime damage warranty, we are confident that this bag will last despite the fact that it only weighs 2.15 pounds.

Travelpro T-Pro Bold 2.0

With only weighing 2.3 pounds it is amazing that the Travelpro T-Pro Bold is so big! With a capacity of 2,860 cubic inches, there is more than enough room in this duffel bag if you are packing for an overnight trip. With a lockable zipper and padded shoulder strap, this water-resistant back is perfect for traveling light.

Granite Gear 36” Packable Wheeled Duffel

With a capacity of 8,850 cubic inches, it is amazing that this duffel bag only weighs 3.93 pounds. Even though this wheeled duffel can roll up into the size of a magazine, this Granite Gear 36″ Packable Wheeled Duffel bag is perfect for if you want to pack a lot but only want to use one bag.

Lipault Lady Plume Wheeled Weekend Bag

Being only 4.3 pounds, it is amazing that the Lipault Lady Plume Wheeled weekend bag can hold up to 3,645 cubic inches. Perfect for overnight business trips, this lightweight wheeled duffel has one large compartment perfect for an extra outfit and a toiletries bag. The inner zipper is ideal for carrying items that are readily needed. If you are determined to only have one bag for your travels, you should consider this duffel bag.

Patagonia Black Hole Wheeled Duffel Bag

With a capacity of over 7,000 cubic inches, it is amazing that this Patagonia bag weighs only 3 pounds. This polyester bag has compact and smooth wheels, perfect for walking around in airports. With many mesh pockets, you will be able to access tickets and your wallet with ease. With a lifetime warranty, we are confident that this lightweight wheeled duffel is perfect for you!

More Light Travel Luggage

Even though we only listed a handful of lightweight luggage, we have a full selection for you to choose from. From our Kipling Jonah Foldable Tote and Lite Gear City Tote to our Eagle Creek Tailfeather RFID and our Travelpro Maxlite 28” Expandable Rollaboard we are confident that you will find the lightweight luggage that you are looking for, for your next trip. If you are looking for quality lightweight luggage at an affordable price, shop with Luggage Base.

July 26, 2017

As back to school approaches quickly, it is important to be aware of the hottest trends to purchase your favorite backpack yet! Here at Luggage Base, we offer many different brands and styles of backpacks that are sure to be the perfect companion for your 2017-2018 school year. Lets take a look at some of the most popular backpacks for students heading back to school.

Patagonia Refugio 28L

The Patagonia Refugio 28L daypack is a bestseller for Patagonia and for Luggage Base. Customers not only love this bag for how stylish and sleek it is, but how functional it is as well. This backpack has two main compartments for plenty of storage, and features both a padded laptop sleeve perfect for your 15″ laptop as well as a lined pocket that is designed for a tablet. There is also a front stash that is perfect for small items that you need easy access to. Lastly, because of the fabric that this backpack is made from, it is water-resistant and extremely durable. Do not miss out on the Patagonia Refugio that is sure to get you through any type of adventure.





Patagonia Chacabuco Pack 30L

The Patagonia Chacabuco Pack 30L is a reliable and functional pack that is perfect for a trip, a school day, or conquering your next big hike. This backpack comes equipped with all the storage space you could ever desire. There is a main compartment that incorporates a padded tablet sleeve, a stash pocket for easy access to small items, and a completely separate exterior pocket that is designed to store a 15″ laptop. On the exterior of the the Chacabuco pack there are shock cords that can secure bulky items such as a sweatshirt or a helmet. As if this was not enough storage, there are two additional pockets on each side designed to hold your water bottles. Patagonia has designed the Chacabuco bag to be spacious and durable so that you can take all your gear with you on any adventure.





Oakley Enduro 22L Backpack

The Oakley Enduro 22L Backpack is one of the most desired backpacks at Luggage Base because it has a sleek style and compartments that are great for organizing all of your things. The main compartment on this bag provides a padded laptop (15″) pocket as well as a pocket for your tablet. In addition, there is a smaller compartment on the front of this bag that is perfect to store smaller items such as your phone, charger, or calculator. The backpack is ready to meet all of your California needs as it comes equipped with a padded eyewear pocket to protect your sunglasses and exterior straps to hold your skateboard. Whether you are going to school, or enjoying the day with your friends, you will want the Enduro pack on your back.





Oakley Enduro 20L 2.0

If the Oakley Enduro 22L is a little too large for your taste, make sure to check out the Oakley Enduro 20L 2.0 . This backpack is equipped with one main compartment which includes a padded laptop compartment. In addition, there are small exterior compartments that offer extra storage for your valuables, as well as a separate pocket to store your eyewear. This backpack is simple yet very stylish and durable as it is made from 100% polyester material. The Oakley Enduro 20L 2.0 is perfect to get you through your school day and keep you on the cusp of fashion.





The North Face Borealis Backpack

If organization is as important to you as it is for me, then you will love The North Face Borealis Backpack . We all know that The North Face is a popular brand amongst students, and here at Luggage Base we want to shed light on which bags from this brand we love the most. The Borealis bag by The North Face includes a spacious main compartment complete with a padded laptop compartment for your 15″ computer. Additionally, this bag has a front compartment that includes a fleece-lined pocket specifically for a tablet, as well as many additional organizational pockets for pens, a phone, glasses, or whatever you need them to hold. The back of this backpack is designed using new FlexVent material which provides extreme comfort and ventilation to the bag. The Borealis Backpack is perfect for any adventure you’re ready to take whether that be a camping trip or your next school day.





The North Face Jester Backpack

At 26-liters The North Face Jester Backpack is smaller than the Borealis, but just as dependent and durable. Customers at Luggage Base love the Jester backpack because it is a great deal for such a high quality bag that is sure to last you for years to come. Although it seems small, this backpack offers an extremely spacious main compartment with storage space for a 15″ laptop, as well as organizational pockets for additional small items. Like the Borealis bag, the Jester is made from FlexVent material on the back to aid in comfortability and ventilation. This backpack is a simplistic bag that is sure to uphold the quality standards that The North Face always brings to the table.





Kipling Seoul Daypack

Although the sporty brands like The North Face, Patagonia, and Oakley are becoming more and more popular among this generation, we cannot forget about the trend-setting brand with the vibrant colors and friendly monkey keychains. The Kipling Seoul Daypack continues to be a popular backpack for understandable reasons. Not only does this bag come in many great colors like Blue Jay, True Blue, Very Berry, and Blue Grey; it also has a spacious main compartment with laptop protection and additional smaller pockets for more storage. The Seoul Daypack displays the quality and style that Kipling has provided customers for decades.





Kipling Hal Expandable Backpack

Another favorite is the Kipling Hal Expandable Backpack. This bag incorporates the unique style that Kipling always has but also includes a ton of storage space for your daily activities. The Hal Backpack has an expandable feature for additional storage as well as two u-shaped compartments. Customers at Luggage Base love this bag because it is extremely light, is easy to wash, and is stylish. A number of customers have bought this bag specifically for their daughters because of the vibrant colors that it is available in. You will be sure to love this fashionable backpack for years to come.








Hopefully this post has given you a look into some of the most popular backpack styles for the 2017-2018 school year. Shop the look here at Luggage Base to make this your best year yet!

July 18, 2017

The all new Eagle Creek Expanse series is a sporty line of durable and versatile pieces that can travel with you on any adventure. Notable features that attract customers to this line of luggage is the lightweight and durable material that is used, the self-repairing lockable zippers, and the various carrying options that give versatility to the bags. One of the more popular pieces among the customers here at Luggage Base is the Eagle Creek Expanse AWD Carry-On. This piece is compact enough to go with you wherever you need it to, but still contains enough space to pack for trips up to seven days. Luggage Base offers this desired line in various styles including duffel bags, carry-ons, uprights, and flatbeds.







Lockable Self-Repairing Zippers

Many bags in the EC Expanse collection come equipped with number ten lockable self-repairing zippers that have a central lock point as well as easy-grab zipper pulls. This advanced technology ensures that all of your most valuable items are secure while traveling down the street or across the globe.












Many Organizational Compartments 

Along with being super durable and lightweight, the Expanse line also contains many organizational compartments for your travel needs. In many of the carry-on bags, such as the Eagle Creek Expanse AWD International Carry-On, there is a front zipper pocket with a padded tablet compartment and key fob. We know how crucial it is to have organizational compartments to make your travels as easy as possible, and the Eagle Creek Expanse line gives their customers just that!








Dual Oversized Treaded Wheels

Eagle Creek understands that a travel bag should be able to withstand many rough scenarios. The EC Expanse line displays this understanding by utilizing dual oversized treaded wheels with bumper protection on the upright pieces. These wheels are able to cross over almost any terrain while maintaining a steady roll.









The Expanse luggage collection by Eagle Creek is designed to assist you through any adventure. The line contains versatile pieces that are perfect for an overnight business trip, a Paris getaway, or a camping adventure with your closest friends. The Expanse series meets realistic traveling needs such as organization, durability, and adaptability. Check out this all new line at Luggage Base!

June 12th, 2015

Delsey has been known to produce some of the lightest and strongest luggage on the market. The Delsey Belfort Plus collection is no exception. It is made from a very durable polypropylene material that can withstand some of the harshest handling. The collection uses a latch system to open and close the luggage. This makes it very easy to access the contents when you need it at a moments notice. The four wheels on the bottom make this luggage collection very easy to maneuver. You will definitely be satisfied with this luggage collection to get you to your next destination. Check out the complete collection right here.

TSA Lock Durable TSA Lock

The Belfort Plus collection by Delsey comes with a TSA lock to keep your items safe, yet still allows TSA agents to inspect your bag if needed. It uses a special key used by TSA agents to bypass the lock to access your contents. The lock uses a combination style so you don’t have to worry about having a key in order to open it up.







26 backExternal Pull Handle

 The Delsey Belfort Plus collection is designed with the pull handle on the exterior of the bag. This allows the user to take advantage of the maximum space needed for their travels. The pull handle also has multiple stops to accommodate users of different heights. When not used, the handle stores easily away in its housing which sits flush with the bag itself.







Deluxe Interior Space21 open

The interior of this luggage comes with many features to make your travels much easier. It has a zippered divider so you can easily organize your clothing. The elastic pocket is designed to hold your smaller items and keep them readily available when you need them. The compression straps work great to keep the clothing nice and secure. It helps to keep those wrinkles out of your clothing.






The Delsey Belfort Plus collection is made to last you many travels. The hard side construction is made to withstand all the bumps and tosses that whey will go through during your trip. The clasp design makes it that much easier to access and secure your contents when you need it. can get you this collection at a great price.

June 10th, 2015

The Eagle Creek Flyte collection was built to take on the many miles you want to put on them. Many of the bags have four wheels that are very light and the fabric is made from Bi-Tech and ballistic fabrics to give you durability and water repellency. The wheeled collection also comes with a newly designed polycarbonate chassis which extends between the wheels so you can have more packing space. The Eagle Creek Flyte AWD, All Wheel Drive, comes with Dynamic Spin Wheels to help you get over many obstacles as easy as possible. These will help you get through all your travels for many years to come. Check out all of the collection right here.

EC020541010-BK_ChassisSolid and Sturdy Bottom Chassis

The Flyte collection from Eagle Creek Luggage has a Solid Bottom Chassis to protect the bag from its most vulnerable parts. It is made from a very durable polycarbonate plastic, which is designed to handle the hardest handling that they may go through. It is also textured to help to deter the scuffs and scratches that they may go through during airline travel.




Coat Keeper FeatureEC020541162-TOL_CoatKeeper

The Eagle Creek Flyte collection offers a Coat keeper feature to make sure your coat stays securely with your bag so you can have it handy whenever you need it. Because of the elastic design, you can also fit other items into it to make sure you get that secure hold when going from one terminal to the next. In the pocket, you will also find a key fob and piggyback clip to attach extra baggage when traveling.





EC020542162-TOL_ExpansionExpansion Zipper Feature

When you need to get that extra space when your leaving or coming from home, this expandable feature allows you to pack up those last minute items needed for your trip. They give you plenty of room needed for your new trip to make sure you get all of your belongings there in one piece. It can give you that extra space needed for souvenirs on your way home.







 Organized Mesh InteriorEC020540162-TOL_Open

This Eagle Creek Flyte collection gives you the ultimate in packing flexibility. It comes with numerous mesh pockets to hold those garments big and small. The interior also comes with compression straps to keep your items safe, secure, and in place. This also keeps the wrinkles out of your clothing to make sure you look great for your night out. You can also make sure your soiled laundry stays away from the clean ones.








Check out all the features that the Eagle Creek Flyte collection has to offer. With the No Matter What Warranty, these bags can and will last you a lifetime. They are built to withstand all the abuse that they may get from traveling from one place to the next.

May 27th, 2015

The Delsey Helium Cruise collection is made with a very strong Bullet Proof Ballistic Nylon fabric that is designed to resist dirt, water, scuffs and scrapes. The corners are reinforced, and a kick-plate made from polypropylene is there for extra protection at those key stress points. The wheeled collection can easily be maneuvered with the recessed, telescoping pull handle that can be used in a one handed operation. The pull handle has a push button to lock and release to make it easy when adjusting your handle when you are ready to go. You will also find an Easy to Grab bottom handle that makes it easier to lift a fully-packed bag into the trunk, on the bed, or in the overhead bin. The interior has great features, a stylish lining, and the collection gives you organized storage for all your travel needs.


OWI Overweight Indicator

Delsey has designed the larger bags with an overweight indicator so that way you will know if your bag is overweight before getting to the airport. If your bag goes over 50 lbs., it will show a red dot to notify you when you have gone over the weight limit. This is a great feature to have in order to avoid the extra fees that airlines charge for overweight luggage.







 Easy Access CompartmentEasyAccess

Delsey offers a separate compartment for your shoes or other items that you may need close at hand. It helps to keep your clothing clean when packing with extra pairs of shoes for your trip. You can also use it as a toiletry pocket so other items in your luggage don’t get wet. Whenever you want to keep your dirty items separate, this will be a perfect pocket to use for that.








ExpandsExpandable Zipper Feature

If you ever find yourself needing more space, then this is the feature that you want. It gives you the option of adding 2″ of extra packing space to your bag. So when your are on that return trip home, it allows you the extra room you may need for those extra gifts and souvenirs that you may have acquired during your travels. You can also use it as a compression zipper to compact your clothing to fit the airlines’ dimensions.







Carry-On has Padded Computer SleeveComputerC

For those who need to travel with their tech gear, this is a great feature to have to protect those valuables. The carry-on luggage has a padded sleeve to keep your items protected from the bumps and shocks that they may go through during your travels. The padded compartment has enough room to fit a laptop up to 15.6″ in size.








The Delsey Helium Cruise would be a great collection to have when traveling to the different parts of the globe. It comes with wonderful interior features, as well as the sturdy and strong exterior fabric that will keep your items protected from the elements. You can take advantage of the unique features that Delsey Helium Cruise has to offer, such as the shoe pocket, wet pocket, and an overweight indicator. You can check out the complete line at by clicking here.


May 11th, 2015

Eagle Creek has introduced a new product line to the market, the Eagle Creek EC Lync System. This new system allows you to assemble and disassemble the frame so you can take up less space and easily transport this bag from one place to the next. The Eagle Creek EC Lync System comes with two durable wheels so you can easily roll your bag over some rough terrain when it is packed full of supplies. The EC Link system can convert from a rolling bag to a backpack, and the large 29″ model converts from a rolling bag to a duffel.

EC_Lync_FrameFrame has Connect-It Technology

The EC Lync system from Eagle Creek Luggage has a specially designed frame with durable wheels to give you an ultralight bag. The frame can collapse flat and disassemble to give you easy and convenient storage options. It also has a retractable handle so you can easily pull this bag along on its wheels. When not using the frame, it can easily be stored in the included stiff sac.




Easy Assemblycat-pic

The Eagle Creek EC Lync System can be assembled in just a matter of minutes. It comes with instructions on how to assemble the bag and each piece is numbered so you can easily assemble the frame by counting. The pieces easily snap into place, and they can easily be removable when you need to. The EC Lync System also gives you the option to use your bag without the frame, so assembly might not even be necessary.




20516-BRB_SuspensionVersatile and Convertible

One of the great features about the Eagle Creek EC Lync System is that it can be carried and stored away in various ways. You can use it without the frame, and it essentially is a backpack or a duffel bag (29″ model). With the frame attached, it still can be used as a backpack or duffel, but you have the option of rolling it should you feel the need to. The straps on the bags are removable, can easily be stored away in the back pocket, and makes it a 2 wheeled rolling bag which can be used as a carry-on for plane flights (20″ and 22″ models).



With Eagle Creek’s use of premium materials and the No Matter What Warranty, the EC Lync System will last you many trips for many years to come. The bags have been tested for a high strength to weight ratio to make sure they can hold up to all the rigors to travel. These sturdy bags are designed and insured to last you a lifetime.


This is a great collection for the frequent traveler and for those who are looking for a bag to hold up to the rigors of traveling around the world. It has been designed to tackle rough terrain and city streets as well. The many features in this collection make it very versatile and durable. The collection is made up of 9 pieces so they can accommodate you with any adventure you might have in store. The collection is also backed by a Lifetime Warranty so that you can get the most out of your luggage. Check out all of the collection right here.

Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Pull Handle

Travelpro made sure that this handle is sturdy enough to support the weight and then some when traveling from one place to the next. It has two different height positions, 38″ and 42″, so users of different heights can use these bags without any problems. It is durable enough to hold other carry-on baggage such as totes and cases so you can free up your hands and shoulders from the strain of carrying them separately.






 Hidden Back Pocketback pocket

The duffels and luggage come with a convenient hidden back pocket so you can store those items that are most needed for the trip. It has enough room to hold things such as a passport, wallet, keys, phone and even reading glasses. The location of the pocket keeps it close to you and out of the reach of potential thieves. It can also be used to hold your phone securely while you charge it.








Expansion Feature

26 duffle open













The collection also comes with a tapered expansion feature for the luggage, and a 2″ expandable zipper on the duffel bags. The reason for the tapered feature is so that the bag will still be sturdy when filled with all of your belongings. This gives you the extra space needed when your packing those last minute items and souvenirs.





Padded Laptop and Computer Pocket

Some of the carry-on models feature a padded tablet sleeve to protect your tablet when you are en route to your next destination. The laptop backpack model features a padded pocket to safely secure your laptop up to 15.6″ in size, and a padded pocket for your tablet as well. The design of the location for these pockets allows you access to your digital devices without opening up the main compartment. There are also accessory pockets that can hold your chargers when your media device battery happens to die.





Intelligent Interior Design

rollaboard open26 duffle open











Travelpro has designed some great interiors for the duffel and luggage. The luggage features a wet and mesh pocket attached to the lid so you can easily organize and access those items that you may need for the trip. The duffel has a zippered divider so you can use it as a one or two compartment bag.


The Travelpro T-Pro Bold 2.0 is a great collection to own when you are traveling to remote parts of the world. They can last you many trips that you may have planned for the future. The design for this collection is made to hold up to all the punishment a bag may take when traveling near and far. You can find out about all the features for the entire collection right here.

March 25th, 2015

Travelpro is now introducing the Hardside Spinners from the Maxlite collection. This wonderful lightweight collection has a very durable polycarbonate hard shell that can give you maximum protection, and it also has a Contour Grip to give you effortless maneuverability. The collection has options such as 2 inches of expandable space in the luggage, a Business Plus model, and the dual wheel spinner system. The hardside Maxlite series is a great addition when it comes to lightweight durability, looks and cost. Each piece of the collection is backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Check out all of the collection right here.

tsa lock Integrated TSA Lock

This is a great feature for this luggage. You don’t have to worry about losing your lock or having to worry about it being broken off during your travels. This design allows you to secure your zipper pulls, and also allows TSA agents to inspect your bag if they need to. The combo style lock is also a great feature because you don’t have to worry about carrying a key with you when traveling from place to place.







wheels360 Degree Spinner Wheels

The collection comes with dual four wheel spinners. This allows you to roll along your bag effortlessly and not have to worry about putting strain on your arm. The dual wheel design also helps to stabilize the load when you have your luggage full of your travel items. The wheels can easily spin around so you can push or pull this bag with hardly any effort.







 Durable Handle Syshandletem with Contour Grip

The 4 wheel spinners feature a strong aluminum handle system so you can be sure that it is stable when you are moving your bag from one place to the next. It can extend to 38″ and 42.5″ so users of different heights can use it comfortably. The grip of the handle is contoured and has rubberized touch points so it can easily be pushed or pulled down the terminal to your next flight.








travelpro-maxlite-business-plus-hardside-open-viewIntelligently Designed Interior

The Maxlite hardside collection has many interior features to make your travels much easier. It has a split construction so you can pack your clothing into two different compartments. The mesh pocket is there to hold items such as cables, cords, and other electronic devices. The adjustable tie down straps are equipped with Duraflex anti-break buckles so they will last you many trips to come. The divider panel has accessory pockets so you can easily pack and access those smaller items that you may need for your trip.






The Travelpro Hardside Maxlite collection has many great features that make traveling so much easier. They can secure your contents and make sure they stay secure. There are many other features that this collection has to offer. You can read about all of the features right here.

This collection is perfect for the traveler who wants all the features without the weight. This hard side collection is very lightweight, and has a unique top lid opening so you can easily pack those smaller items into your piece of  luggage. The 4 wheeled spinners allow you to easily maneuver your luggage from one place to another. This collection will give you plenty of space because it has an expandable feature so you can pack those additional items you need for your trip. Check out the other features that this wonderful collection has to offer right here.

19 inch 3100% Polycarbonate Construction

The pure polycarbonate construction gives you maximum protection from all those bumps and rough handling that they may go through when handled by the airlines. It is highly impact resistant and also comes with a scratch resistant finish.








Expandable Main CompartmentExpands

With the expandable main compartment, you can easily maximize your space, and get all the flexibility you need when packing. It is a great feature to have when you are packing those souvenirs for your return trip home. You can also overpack those items and it allows you to fit them in you bag for your return trip.








Adjustable Telescopic Handle

This specially designed handle has the conformity to easily fit in the palm of your hand. So when you are using it, you can get the ultimate comfort and control when pushing or pulling this bag down the terminal to your next destination. The four wheel design also allows you to maneuver this bag without any stress on your arm.






Recessed TSA Combination LockTSA_Lock

This is a perfect lock for checked baggage. Because of its design, it is less likely to get caught on other bags, which can cause breakage to the lock. The TSA lock allows the TSA agents to easily open and inspect your bag without causing damage to your lock.






You can find some great deals on this collection at You get FREE shipping and it will arrive to you in a timely manner. To check out more features and options, go to