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February 20th, 2015

The new Atlantic Ultra Lite 3 is a perfect set for the occasional business traveler, or the family-oriented group who is looking to find accommodations for all those things they need to pack for that vacation getaway. This collection is a great deal for all the amenities you are looking for in luggage. There are points on the luggage where they have crash guard protection. They are placed on those locations where they would receive the most wear such as the corners, bottom, and wheels. It is a great collection to travel with. You can read about many more of the features below and get them at a great price right here.

wheels360 Degree Single Wheel Spinners

The wheels on this bag have the ability to roll effortlessly in any direction you want. They have the ability to easily maneuver through crowded airports and down those airplane aisles.









purple handleAluminum Extension Handle

.The collection has a pull handle that can be adjusted to different heights so it can be accommodated for users of all different heights. They have stop heights at 38″ and 42″. It also includes a ergonomic grip so you can be comfortable when pushing and pulling this bag along.








ext pocketsMultiple Exterior Pockets

The front of the luggage comes with a full length pocket so you can fit those larger items that you may need for your trip. It also includes a top zip pocket so you can easily pack away those last minute documents that you would need for your trip.








interior 2Functional Interior

You will see that the lid has a full length mesh accessory pocket so you can easily organize the things you would need for your trip. It also includes two side mesh accessory pockets so you can pack and easily find those smaller accessories you would need for the day. It includes adjustable hold down straps to keep your clothing secure and wrinkle free.







This is one great collection that you will find useful during your trips and it comes at a very affordable price. Check out more of the Atlantic Ultra Lite 3 collection at

February 13th, 2015

Some of the things we overlook while flying is what’s going on behind the scenes. Some of us passengers don’t think much of what is going on between those in-flight movies and naps. However, you will be surprised that many flight attendants and pilots know more than you think about their flights. Here are some things to think about when taking your next flight:

201002-w-seat-airplaneMain Reason Flight Attendants Rush You to Take Your Seat

Many of us have experienced the flight attendants giving orders to quickly find your seat, stow your bag away, and buckle up. There is a good reason for their sense of urgency. Usually flight attendants don’t get paid until they close the plane door and the plane gets moving toward the runway. They get paid by the flight hour, so the clock starts ticking when the flight gets underway.






Empty Flight Playtimeempty-flights

Every once in a great while, you will come across a flight where it is completely empty. According to some flight attendants, it happens quite often. When this occurs, they call it “ferrying a flight.”. This is when the plane and its crew deliver the plane to its next destination. Because of this occurrence, the flight attendants get an opportunity to let loose and play around a little. One game that some play is “aisle surfing.” This is when you grab a meal tray, stand on it, and let go when the plane lifts off from the runway. The result effect makes you slide down the carpeting to the back of the plane.




Is Chewing Ice Bad for Your Teeth? Jerks Get Their Drinks Messed With

Difficult passengers are dealt with in ways that only flight attendants would know. One harmless method that they sometimes use is filling the passengers cup up full of ice. This leaves enough space for about 2 tablespoons of their beverage!








 Airplane Bathrooms Can Be Dirtier Than You Think371

Most passengers have a general misconception of the cleanliness for an airline bathroom. Most flight attendants would describe it as a glorified port-a-potty.” The bathrooms usualy get alot of use during long flights witha full plane. Some flight attendants give caution to passengers to keep their shoes on because the wetness on the floor is not water. Not to mention, but the tray tables can be just as dirty. Some passenger will change their kids on it, get it soiled, and put it back without cleaning it afterwards.





flightattendantYes, They Are Talking About You

Some flight attendants can confirm that they do talk about their passengers. I guess they do so to help the job go easier when they have a full plane with many passengers to deal with. Most conversations are not harmful, and mostly referred to the attractiveness of some passengers on their flight. A code phrase that some flight attendants came up with is “hot coffee”!

February 5th, 2015

The Gabbiano collections from CY luggage are some of the most unique, stylish, colorful, and durable hard sides on the market. They come in various patterns, textures, and colors. By using Gabbiano luggage, it will be much easier to spot your luggage when you retrieve it after a flight. All the models come in a three piece set so you will have the right size and enough room to carry all the belongings you would need for your trip. Check out more of the features below and get yours here at

1020-carry-handle cy1050-carryhandleDurable 100% Polycarbonate

All of Gabbiano’s collections are made with a strong and durable polycarbonate material that is lightweight and can handle many of the scuffs and scrapes of traveling. Some even have corner guards to add extra protection on those vulnerable points.


1010 handle cy1050-handle

Padded, Extendable Pull Handle

All of the luggage collections come with a padded pull handle so you can easily and comfortably transport your luggage from one destination to the next. The pull handle also locks at different heights so it can accommodate users that are short to very tall. It is also ergonomically friendly.


1020-wheel 1010 wheelDual Wheeled Spinners

All of the luggage collections come with dual wheeled spinners. That’s a total of 8 wheels! The reason for dual wheels is to add extra stability when the luggage is full, and it helps make it easier to maneuver when going over rough and uneven surfaces.


cy1050-lock 1010 lockBuilt-in TSA Lock

A great feature to the collections are the built-in TSA locks. These combination style locks are designed to secure the zipper pulls individually and keep your contents safe from potential thieves. The separate TSA key-style lock bypasses the combination lock thus allowing TSA agents to search your contents.


1060-open 1020-openFully Lined Interior

The collections come with a beautiful signature lining that adds some sophistication to them. They also include mesh pockets and smaller side pockets to help organize all those things for your trip. The compression straps are elastic and adjustable so you can get the right fit when securing your things.



January 28, 2015

Kipling has always been coming out with some new and wonderful colors that can complete your accessory collection or make it even stand out. These collections of bags can take care of those many essentials that you may need for the day. They have the ability to hold any items; from things as small as a pen to as big as a laptop, and more. The style of these bags are designed for any occasion, whether it be big or small. They are a perfect accessory for an elegant outing, or for those adventurous day trips you have been planning all week. Here are some of the wonderful bags that can accommodate life’s next adventure:

bagsational crembeigcm bagsationalKipling Bagsational Shoulder Bag

This is the perfect bag for what you need for the day. The interior has a zippered pocket and media pockets to hold various items such as a cell phone, pens, and many other small devices that you may need for the day. The exterior of the bag has a front and back pocket with a magnetic closure so you can easily store and retrieve those items that you need most for the day. The two top carry handles can easily be thrown over your shoulder to give you relief from carrying it in your hand. Check out all of the features here.


seoul open seoul glass bottom blue trimKipling Seoul Daypack

This daypack is the perfect bag for a student or the individual who is always 0n the go. This bag has a padded compartment that is designed to hold a tablet or a laptop up to 15.6″ in size. It also has pockets that can hold your books or clothing for that weekend trip you were planning on or not. The front pocket can hold those smaller items that you may need more often. Check out more of the features right here.


cadie crembeigcmKipling Cadie Satchel

This bag is a great companion to hold your everyday items. The satchel is made with a durable nylon that has a beautifully lined interior. The bag also comes with rounded carry handles and removable shoulder straps which make this a versatile carry-all for day-to-day uses. This bag can hold all kinds of things that you want to carry. You can even use it as a gift for for others who view this bag as a valuable gift. Check out some more features on the website right here.


kipling-noelle-cerulean-blue kipling-noelle-insideKipling Noelle Tote Bag

This tote bag is designed to keep you organized all day long. There’s many pockets for all those items you need to carry. The bag has a zipped pouch and a pocket on the front that are perfect for essentials you need fast and have easy access to. The mesh slip pockets and zip pockets inside are a perfect place to organize and keep your items secure. You can check out and purchase all the features right here.



January 22, 2015

Samsonite has decided to redesign their already popular Silhouette Sphere line to give you the new Silhouette Sphere 2 line. One of the first things that are different on the new line are the split spherical wheels. They have also redesigned the pull handle so that you now have a textured and gel infused grip to give you great comfort when pulling this bag from place to place. The exterior of the soft-side collection has a SamGuard tri-core nylon fabric with a water resistant barrier, while the hard-side collection is made from a very durable and lightweight Makrolon polycarbonate material. There are many great features to this collection, as you can see below:

3352_black_wheels3 wheels2_blueSplit Spherical Wheels

The spilt design allows the wheels to roll together or independently when needed. This design allows you to roll the luggage over rough and uneven surfaces with very little effort. This design also allows you to have the ultimate in control and turning ability.




handlegrip_blueComfortable Pull Handle

The pull handles on these bags are very comfortable. They have a textured grip to make sure you have a good grip when you hold it. The gel-infused handle makes sure that your grip is comfortable when this bag is being pushed or pulled from one destination to the next. The handle does also offer three locking heights to accommodate the user to make sure it rolls perfect for them.





SamGuard Protection and Makrolon Polycarbonate

The soft-side collection is made from a very durable tri-core nylon that has been coated with a water resistant barrier to keep all of your contents dry from rain and snow. The hard-side collection is made from a Makrolon polycarbonate that has a Micro-diamond texture which provides you with the ultimate in scratch and scuff protection. The polypropylene corners work great to absorb impact when they are dropped or hit. The rails also flex to help absorb shock, as it is another way of protecting your luggage.


Fully Featured Interior25_open_black 63674-1041_26 SPR_open

Both the hardside and softside collection are going to offer you a fully featured interior. This interior offers a WetPak, mesh, and modesty pockets so you can organize those smaller or more personal items that you may need more often in the day. The checkable hardside collection has compression panels to keep your clothing neat while traveling, and the checkable softside collection offers a tri-fold removable suiter to keep your formal attire wrinkle-free.


Travel Sentry Combination Lock3352_black_zipperstravel sentry lock

The 25″ and 29″ softside luggage cases come with a durable Travel Sentry lock to keep your items secure. The hardside collection also comes with a flush mounted Travel Sentry lock to help prevent it from being broken off during the check-in process. These locks can give you peace of mind when you are checking your baggage at the airport.


The Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2 has many great features that can make your travels much more easier and comfortable. Check out more of the great features and color options here at

January 1, 2015

Keep your items protected from the elements with Eagle Creek’s No Matter What Flatbed Duffels . The duffels are made from very durable Bi-Tech material that is designed to be water-resistant and can stand up to scrapes and scuffs without tearing. They also have reinforced all the points where the bag may incur additional stress from lifting and carrying from place to place. The No Matter What Flatbed Duffel comes in a 20 inch size so you can use it as a carry-on for international flights. To help with nighttime visibility, the duffel is accented with a reflective material so it can be spotted much easier. There are many more features you can read about below, and at right here:


20524-COB_WheelsHeavy-Duty Oversized Wheels with Wheel Housing and Bumper Protection

Eagle Creek has reinforced the parts of the duffels where it has the most use when traveling. The wheels are large and tough so it can handle the rough terrain and steps that they will come across when using them. The duffle has bumpers in certain areas of the bag because this is where they will come in contact with the ground and other surfaces when traveling from one place to the next. Check out more here.


20519-COB_LockableZippersSelf-repairing Zippers with Storm Flap Protection20521-FBR_LockableZippers

Eagle Creek wants to make sure your contents stay safe and protected. This is why they have decided to use lockable zippers so that you can make sure that no one can get into your bag. The storm flap is a great feature because most water enters through the zipper during a storm. This flap covers the zipper and diverts the water away so that it won’t get your things wet. Read more about it here.


20524-COB_311Pocket 20520-FBR_311Pocket3-1-1 Pocket for Easy Access to Travel Items

Eagle Creek has included a 3-1-1 pocket on the top of the bag so you can easily access the items that you may need for your flight. The location also makes it easy for TSA agents to quickly screen your bag and get you on your way much faster. This pocket can also be used to hold other smaller items, such as a phone or media player, that you may also need for your flight. Get more info here.


20524-COB_OpenInterior Zippered Mesh Door Panel Pocketeagle-creek-no-matter-what-flatbed-duffel-28-inside

Since the duffel bag has such a large main compartment, Eagle Creek has decided to put zippered mesh pockets on the door panel to make the duffel more organized. This is a perfect place to put your smaller items as well as items that you may need more often. Having the panel pockets makes finding things much easier and more convenient. Get yours for purchase right here.



December 12, 2014

The new Delsey Helium Pilot 3.0 collection has some of the greatest and newest features on the market. This ultra lightweight soft-side 5 piece collection is made from a twisted 1680D Ballistic Nylon that can stand up to wear and abrasions. The Ballistic Nylon is also backed with a Vapor Barrier and Teflon protection to help repel moisture, oil, and dirt. The entire collection also comes with four smooth and silent rolling spinner wheels that makes moving these pieces of luggage a breeze. The collection also comes with a polypropylene kick-plate that gives you extra protection at those key stress points. Check out all of the collection right here. Read about some more features of the collection below:


trolley tote blackSpinner Trolley ToteTrolley Handle

This is a great carry-on bag. It has a protective sleeve that has room to fit a laptop up to 15.6″ in size. There is also a sleeve to put your tablet. If your looking for ultra lightweight, then this tote has that as well. It weighs only 6.2 lbs.! The interior of this tote is also appealing. It has multiple zippered pockets and adjustable mesh panels to keep your contents from shifting around. The lining is soft to the  touch and has a metallic finish. You can see all the features and get a great deal on it here at



garment trolley graphite Spinner Trolley Garment Bag

 This garment bag is a perfect choice for the frequent traveler. There many options and organizational features that make this a great bag. Comes with multiple pockets to store your shoes, accessories, and clothing. It also has an extender panel to hold those longer garments. This bag has enough room to easily hold a weeks worth of clothing and accessories for your trip all while keeping them wrinkle free. Shop for these beautiful garment bags here at



ComputerProtectioncarry on trolley graphiteCarry-On Expandable Spinner Suiter Trolley

This ultra lightweight carry-on is just what you need for that next plane trip whether its for business or pleasure. This bag is very light as it weighs in at just only 6.8 lbs.! This carry-on also has space for a laptop up to 15.6″ in size and has a second sleeve to fit and protect your tablet. If you need the extra space, it also has an expandable zipper to fit what you need for your trip. Even though its carry-on sized, it still can fit enough clothing for a 3-4 day trip. Check out more of the features and score a great deal on this bag here at


24 5 trolley graphite24.5″ and 29″ Expandable Spinner Suiter Trolley

For those who travel often, this is a bag for you. The uprights have a unique feature that isn’t found on most of the other luggage out there. It has a top side access pocket so you can store those important items that you may need quickly or frequently. The neoprene handles that are found on the top and side provide you with a comfortable carry when lifting and moving it around. The Easy to Grab bottom handle makes it much easier to lift when you are putting it in a car or on the bed to pack and unpack. If you need some extra packing space, then the expandable zipper can do that for you.

polypropylene kick plate

On the inside, you will find a stylish interior with many zippered pockets and a lining with a metallic finish. There are adjustable mesh panels that also have zippered pockets and are designed to keep your contents from shifting around during transit, thus avoiding wrinkles. A removable tri-fold suiter comes with the luggage to make sure your formal wear stays nice and neat. An integrated privacy ID tag is there to make sure you get the correct bag when retrieving it from the baggage claim. Check out more of the features and find the best price here at




If your looking for a bag to keep up with your daily lifestyle, then Hedgren’s Inner City collection has what you are looking for. They have beautifully managed to combine functional storage space and practical styles with the latest trends. By using down to earth colors and geometric shape patterns, these bags can definitely express your personality at the next block party or just to change things up. These bags were designed to hold and carry those essential items needed for the day, from cell phones and tablets, to books and wallets. Here are some of the bags that Hedgren has to offer in their Inner CIty line.




Harper’s S Shoulder Bag

 This beautifully designed shoulder bag is made of a durable Polyester material and compartments to carry those essential items. Inside you will find a patterned Opal Grey Nylon lining with multiple zippered compartments. The bag has a water repellant and there are even 2 hidden zipper pockets for added security and privacy.






hedgren-vogue-blackVogue Backpackhedgren-vogue-inside

 This Vogue backpack is a great alternative for a shoulder or hand bag that you would use daily. It can carry all those needed daily items on your back while keeping your hands free for other tasks. Ii is also made from a durable Polyester material with an Opal Grey colored interior lining. One unique feature is that the main opening is accessible through the back of the bag. This gives you added security from potential thieves who can access your bag while wearing it. There is also a hidden side zipper pocket to store your more valuable items. You can also find this in a larger size; the Vogue L backpack, which has an extra hidden pocket.







Mich Shoulder Bag

 This is a great shoulder bag because of its extra spacious compartments. This makes it very easy to organize your belongings that are needed for the day. The spacious design also allows you to use this bag for traveling as well. The bag is made from a Polyester material with a water repellant added to it. Inside you will find two zippered pockets, and on the outside, you will find 4 zippered pockets. The interior also has room for pens, a key holder, and a place for your cell phone.




hedgren-susie-s-blackhedgren-susie-s-insideSusie S Clutch

The Susie S clutch is a perfect accessory bag for a night out on the town. It comes with a removable shoulder strap so you can carry it either over your shoulder or in your hand.  This clutch also has a water repellant so it will keep your contents dry should the clutch ever get wet. The interior has an opal grey lining and will go with most of the attire you have for evening wear.





Check out all of our selection of Hedgren bags at!. You will find many more shoulder bags, backpacks, and clutches to choose from. These bags will be a great addition to the other wonderful accessories that you have in your collection!




Eagle Creek is proud to announce their Great Holiday Sale Event where you can save an additional 20% on some of their wonderful products. They have been known to create some of the most durable and ingenious products on the market. They are even given a lengthy warranty to make sure you get the most out their products. You’ll find the additional savings in their Pack-it Systems, EC Adventure series, and No Matter What Duffel bags.



The Eagle Creek Pack-It Systems

The Pack-it system is designed to easily pack your clothes away and keep them organized when your taking a trip to your next destination. They are many types of Pack-it organizers to choose from. They have organizers such as folders, cubes, Sacs and toiletry kits. These organizers give you the ability to get maximum packing space in of your bag and provide protection for your belongings. Just simply roll or fold your clothes into the them and pack them cleanly into your suitcase. The Pack-it Specter line has the same concept, but with a few different features. First,the Specter system is made from a lightweight ripstop silicone nylon, and it is transparent so you can still see the contents while remaining protected. We carry both versions for purchase at Get yours on sale today!





EC Adventure Series

This rugged and lightweight luggage collection works great as a gift, or using it for the holiday travel season. The EC Adventure series are made out of a very durable fabric that can stand up to the punishment that may be caused by airport baggage handlers. The wheeled luggage has very durable wheels and can get you from one place to another with ease. We have a large selection of this collection and the different colors that they come in. Buy yours here at







No Matter What Duffels 

These duffel bags have some extreme durability. The No Matter What Duffels are made out of a Bi-Tech fabric which makes them waterproof and highly resistant to tears and scrapes. You can be sure this duffel will handle those international fights across the globe.. These duffels also have a sleeve on the back side so that you can slide it over the handle of your rolling suitcase. This will keep the duffel from sliding off, thus being more secure to carry it. One really great feature is that they come with a “stuff pouch.” This allows you compactly store your duffel bag away when you aren’t using it. Check out all the sizes and colors for sale at Take advantage of the holiday special soon!










The newly designed luggage line from Briggs and Riley will make your travels much easier all while doing it in style. The Transcend line has many innovative features that sets it apart from the rest of the luggage out there. The new design has been given a combination of lightweight materials and intelligent features that can and will make those many trips to come very easy and will make sure your items stay safe and secure.

cargo net



                                HideAway Cargo Net

The carry-on sized luggage comes with a cargo net that can easily be stored away in the bottom front pocket. When you need to carry bulky items, such as jackets and travel pillows, you just simply pull out the cargo net from its pocket and attach it to the loops. This expandable net is sturdy enough to hold those items and others very securely and makes it easily accessible when you need them at a moments notice.





Speedthru pocket



                                   SpeedThru Pocket

A unique feature about the Transcend is the SpeedThru pocket. This gives you the ability to store those essential items that are needed for your trip and keep them in a place where they can easily be accessed at a moments notice. So when you need your phone, keys, passport, boarding pass, or other such needed items, they are readily available. At security checkpoints, it can speed up the process by allowing TSA agents to search with ease.





front pocket



Large Front Pocket

Most of the models in the Transcend line have a large front pocket. This gives you the ability to store items such as jackets and sweaters so that they can easily be accessible during your trip. It opens wide as well so you can pack the pocket with very little problems. The gusseted design helps to keep the flap from opening all the way out and possibly spilling the contents out.





smartlink strap



                                      SmartLink Strap

This feature gives you option to attach one or more bags to your Transcend luggage and pull it along instead of having to carry the bags either over your shoulder or in your hand. You you can now easily transport those extra bags without putting strain on your arms and shoulders.






ez hook garment panel

                             EZ-Hook Garment Panel

This deluxe panel is designed to keep your clothing and other items secure during your travels. By using this feature, it will reduce wrinkling and keep your clothes in a neat order. Without this feature, your clothing has the possibility of being shifted around, which can cause a mess in your bag and put wrinkles in the clothing.





garment carrier




                      Built-in Garment Carrier

This feature works great when you are packing clothing that should not get wrinkled. Items such as suits and dresses can work great for this garment carrier. It is designed to gently fold over those items of clothing that would need special attention. By using this carrier, it will minimize the wrinkles that could occur when traveling from one place to another.




The Transcend is a great luggage collection to travel with. The collection gives you the ability to make your travels faster and easier. This collection has a smart design and is lightweight as well. Check out all the details and they are available for purchase at