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No one likes dealing with wrinkled clothes when they travel. An unkempt and sloppy appearance is the last thing you need when attending a business conference, meeting high-value clients, or going to a wedding that is out of town.

The problem is your luggage. Most suitcases and carry-on bags force you to awkwardly fold your fine clothes in a way that causes noticeable creases and wrinkles. Once you arrive at your destination, your only options are wearing disheveled clothes or spending time and money ironing out the wrinkles.

You don’t have to put up with this frustration. The solution is the garment bag. When extended, garment bags allow you to hang clothing within the luggage easily. The bag is then folded in the middle to make more compact and transportable. This design keeps your fine clothes protected and wrinkle-free.

Garment bags come in a variety of brands, styles, sizes, and materials. They were traditionally used to transport men’s suits without the worry of wrinkles. Modern fashion trends have brought back the garment bag, and women have begun utilizing them to protect their dresses, blouses, and skirts during travel.

Five Major Benefits of a Garment Bag:

  • Wrinkle-Free Clothes – We already mentioned this one, but it is one of the best reasons to invest in a garment bag. Not having to deal with wrinkled clothes will save you time, money, and frustration when traveling.
  • Surprising Storage – Garment bags offer a lot of storage space. These bags usually possess large zippered pockets on the outside and lots of internal compartments for extra storage. In addition to the fine clothes that you hang up, you can typically store a pair of shoes, toiletries, underwear, belts, socks, and a couple of casual shirts and pants.
  • Durability – Your clothes will not only be wrinkle-free, but well protected. Garment bags are made of high-quality materials and ensure that your expensive clothes remain in mint condition.
  • Portability – In spite of all the clothes and additional belongings that you can fit into this piece of luggage, garment bags are easy to transport and store. A large majority of garment bags come equipped with a single shoulder that allows for convenient portability through airports, train stations, hotels, and wherever else you go. In fact, you can carry on some of the smaller garment bags when traveling by plane.
  • Ideal for Short Trips – Finding luggage that meets your needs during a short trip can be a challenge. A rolling suitcase is overdoing it, and a duffel or backpack may be too limited. Garment bags perfectly balance the advantages of a roller bag and a weekend duffel. They provide a lot of storage and wrinkle-free clothes while remaining extremely portable. This makes garment bags ideal for two to three-day trips.

If you are now anxious to start looking for a garment bag to purchase, you will soon discover that this process can be quite overwhelming. There are numerous garment bag styles, brands, materials, weights, and sizes to consider. Moreover, most quality garment bag will not be a $30 – $50 purchase. Garment bags are a worthwhile investment, but you want to make sure you get a bag that will serve you well for many years to come.

How to Buy a Garment Bag

Deciding what garment bag to buy should be based on you. What are your travel needs? Are you primarily in the airport or traveling on the road? Do you typically pack the bare necessities or do you always prepare for the unexpected? Do you care more about appearance or utility? These are important questions you should ask yourself. The answers will help you determine which garment bag will best suit your needs.

Here are some of the easier determinations we can help you with:

Wrinkled Clothes vs. Crisp, Clean Clothes

We are giving you a freebie decision when choosing a garment bag. No matter what garment bag you decide to purchase, you will no longer have to worry about wrinkled clothes. Owning a garment bag is better than not owning a garment bag at all. Otherwise, you would be ironing out wrinkled clothes right now. So don’t sweat your purchase too much. Any garment bag purchase will ultimately benefit you in more ways than you can imagine.

Non-Rolling vs. Rolling Garment Bag

You will find that garment bags fall into one of two categories: wheels and no wheels.

From a style and appearance point of view, wheeled garment bags tend to possess more suitcase-like features. They typically are bulkier, heavier, more structurally durable, and equipped with a telescopic handle. If you are used to suitcases and prefer more durable luggage, a rolling garment bag may be a good choice for you.

On the other hand, non-rolling garment bags are more aesthetically pleasing. They look incredible and utilize fabulous materials. In general, garment bags without wheels come equipped with a single shoulder strap. If you are more into the stylish appearance, design, and feel of your luggage, you cannot go wrong with a non-rolling garment bag.

Concerning the utility of a garment bag, picking wheels or no wheels depends on your travel needs. If you are constantly moving through airports and hopping on different flights, a rolling garment bag is a smart choice. It can become tiresome or a nuisance to carry a garment bag when standing in line or running to catch a flight. However, if extensively traveling on foot is not an issue, you will not regret purchasing an over the shoulder garment bag.           

Size and Weight

The dimensions of your garment bag will mostly depend on how you pack and what constitutes comfortable traveling. By nature of their design, over the shoulder garment bags tend to be smaller and lighter. Rolling garment bags can be made larger and heavier.

If you are a free-spirited minimalist, non-wheeled garment bags were made for you. They provide all the storage you will need to exceed some of the necessities and enjoy a two to three-day trip. Conversely, if you like to pack a few extra outfits, prepare for the unexpected, and leave some extra room for items you purchase during your trip, a larger and possibly rolling garment bag is worth considering.

If you are traveling by car or train, the size and weight of your garment bag will not matter as much. In this circumstance, pick the garment bag that you like the most. You don’t need to worry about utility as much when traveling on the road or by train.

However, size and weight are important when traveling by airplane. If you want to save some extra money and enjoy keeping your luggage with you at all time, choosing a garment bag that you can carry on will be a vital factor. If you don’t mind checking your luggage and prefer some extra space and durability, a larger, heavier, and potentially rolling garment bag will be the smartest choice for your travel circumstances.

Trip Length

This one is pretty simple. If you typically take two to three-day trips, you probably do not need a garment bag that is large and heavy. Over the shoulder garment bags are perfect for these short trips.

If you tend to go on trips that are longer than three days, you will probably want to invest in a garment bag that allows you to store more than a few pairs of clothes.

After considering all these things, picking out your dream garment bag will be much easier and less time-consuming.

Three Featured Garment Bags at Luggage Base

We sell some of the best garment bags on the market. The garment bags within our selection are in style, well-made, and meet the unique needs of every traveler. For your consideration, here are three featured garment bags at Luggage Base:

Piel Leather Executive Expandable Garment Bag

This well-crafted Piel Leather garment bag expands 10” to hold up to five suits, possesses four outside gusseted zip compartments, and four inside zip-pockets. One of our best selling garment bags, this bag is made out of high-quality leather and extraordinary workmanship. It is perfect for those who want an over the shoulder garment bag that is equal parts beauty and utility.  

Samsonite Leverage LTE Wheeled Garment Bag

For the traveler who prefers suitcase-like luggage, this Samsonite garment bag is made of durable nylon material that resists dirt, moisture, and abrasions. If you are frequently moving around airport terminals, the wheels and lockable pull handle on this garment bag will assist you in transporting your luggage.

Delsey Cruise Lite Softside Spinner Trolley Garment Bag

The heaviest of these three products, this Delsey garment bag weighs 11.5 lbs and is very durable and sophisticated. Equipped with wheels and a telescopic handle, like the Samsonite garment bag, this piece of luggage is made of a ballistic nylon material that resists damage due to impacts and abrasions.If you are tired of wrinkled clothes and interested in purchasing a garment bag, call or contact Luggage Base to speak with a customer care representative.

Carry-on Restrictions, the very phrase can cause discomfort, anger, and frustration to even to most seasoned traveler, and has in recent years seemed to be getting worse and not better. Happening suddenly and without warning, this modern inconvenience almost always takes a drastic turn to the worse, aka The Expensive and will leave you upset and without that extra fun money for your vacation. Have no fear, were here to help. With the upcoming Travel Season almost upon us, we are going to go over the top 5 Domestic Flyers and their restrictions for 2014. Delta, United, American Airlines, Southwest, and US Airways will all be highlighted and we will go over what makes each of them unique, and what you can do to save money and prepare the correct sized bags.


2014 Regulations Overview

delta-air-lines-carry-on-size-check-box-old-sizewise-22-14-9Adapting with the constantly fluctuating travel landscape, Delta has adopted a simple and efficient policy to help passengers always stay informed, One Bag, One Item, No charge. Easy to understand, easy to remember, let us help break it down for you. What this means is that you are now allowed 1 Carry on Bag (22″ x 14″ x 9″ or 45 Linear Inches”), and 1 personal bag such as a briefcase, camera bag, diaper bag, purse, or similar smaller sized item without sustaining any additional fees. So now you may be asking, what size qualifies a personal item? A personal items is generally less than 17″ x 10″ x 9″ but really, it means that it must be able to fit securely under the seat without jamming it. Be careful with packing a larger personal bag to try to save money versus checking it, if the bag is deemed too large by ANY flight professional including Attendant or pilot, you may be the subject of additional fees and charges. Simple and easy this policy allows you a ton of different options for bringing the exact carry-on you need and does not discriminate from the popular brands, styles, and sizes in the industry. So sit back, relax, and check out this list of the 10 Best Carry On Options for Delta Flyers in 2014 so you never again worry about surprise bag fees, running back to check a bag, or any other Travel Nightmares you can think of.

Best Carry-Ons for Delta

1) For the Traveler who is looking for a high quality and one of the lightest carry-on options, Try The Travelpro Maxlite 3 21″ Expandable Spinner

Key Features – Weighs only 6.5 Lbs!21 Expandable Spinner Black

                         – The Telescoping handle stops at 38″ and 42.5″ for users of all sizes

                         – Full length interior lid pocket for larger items

                         – Has a hidden ID holder for maximum security

                         – Contour Grip handle for efficient mobility


2) For the Traveler who is looking to maximize their travel experience by having all their items readily available, Try The Travelpro Crew 9 20″ Expandable Business Plus Rollaboard.

Key Features – The Padded laptop sleeve fits most but not all 17″ Laptops20 uprt 6

                         – The 2 front exterior pockets are perfect for last minute accessories

                         – Contains an internal business organizer

                         – PowerScope handle system for efficient mobility

                         – Expands up to 2.5″ for additional packing when needed


3) For the Traveler who needs extra room for clothes and garments, Try The SwissGear Geneva Ballistic Pilot 21″ Rolling Carry-On

Key Features – Detachable Wetpack Pocket for Toiletries or other wet itemsGeneva-21-uprt-4

                         – The internal mesh zippered pocket is larger and spacious

                         – Large and small front pockets for last minute accessories

                         – Removable interior garment sleeve

                         – Internal compression straps for securing items during transit


4) For  The Traveler who needs 100% confidence in their luggage that it will conform to the highest durability standards, try The Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Carry-On Spinner.

Key Features – Simple As That® Lifetime Warranty from Briggs & Riley Domestic Carry Sp 1

                         – V-Groove handle system that is stronger than traditional handles

                         – Self Repairing YKK zippers ensure a smooth pull every time

                         – The Outsider handle system maximizes the interior packing space

                         – Integrated Bottom fabric handle for easy lifting


5) For the Traveler who Travels both Domestic AND Abroad and needs a reliable hardsided option, Try The Hartmann PC4 International Carry On Spinner

Key Features – The scratch resistant exterior is 4 layers of tough PolycarbonateSpinner HS International Carry On black raspberry

                         – Leather trim and details

                         – Internal divider with 2 zip compartments

                         – Corner guards to protect the bags most vulnerable spots

                         – Side mounted TSA lock for superior mobility


6) For the Traveler who values style and wants a bag that is fun and not so serious, try The Kipling New York Lite Carry-On Spinner

Key Features – Made from colorful water-resistant crinkle nylonnew york lite carry on

                         – External back pocket for additional storage

                         – Quick Access front pockets for last minute additions

                         – Top and side handles for storing the bag overhead

                         – Side handle ensures you can store the bag overhead


7) For the Traveler who wants to do a little work on their flight, Try The Samsonite Hyperspace XLT Spinner Boarding Bag

Key Features – Padded computer compartment fits most but not all 15″ Laptops hyperspace xlt spin bb open ivy

                         – Contains a removable organizer

                         – Multiple interior accessory pockets

                         – Easily accessible front pocket for storing items you need during transit

                         – Very spacious main packing compartment


8) For the Traveler who wants a 2 wheeled option that is still a high quality carry on, Try The Delsey Helium Hyperlite Carry-On Expandable 2 Wheeled Trolley

Key Features – Patent Pending Over Weight Indicator when the bag is over 50 lbs. Carry On Exp 2 Wheel Trolley Mocha 2

                         – Kick plate along the bottom of the bag keep it looking great

                         – The spinner wheels are smooth rolling and virtually silent

                         – The exterior is Dura Tec Nylon with Vapor Rub for maximum durability

                         – 2″ of additional packing space when you need it


9) For the Traveler looking for a reliable boarding bag for business, leisure, and all other travel, Try The Samsonite Silhouette Sphere Spinner Boarding Bag

Key Features – Gel infused, push-button handle for maximum comfortSpinner Boarding Bag 1

                         – Padded laptop pocket fits most but not all 15.6″ Laptops

                         – Removable interior organizer

                         – Patent Pending wheel design offers near effortless mobility

                         -Hidden ID tag for identity security


10) For the Traveler who wants a reliable carry on but doesn’t want to break the bank, Try The Delsey Helium Superlite Spinners Carry On Expandable Spinner Trolley

Key Features – The aircraft grade aluminum handle has one button ease of use4whhel Carry On Blue

                         – Front U-Zipper pocket and zippered accessory pocket for accessories

                         – Reinforced corners protect the bags most vulnerable spots

                         – 2″ of additional packing space when needed

                         – Skid bar along the bottom of the bag helps extend the bags life


Carry-on Restrictions, the very phrase can cause discomfort, anger, and frustration to even to most seasoned traveler, and has in recent years seemed to be getting worse and not better. Happening suddenly and without warning, this modern inconvenience almost always takes a drastic turn to the worse, aka The Expensive and will leave you upset and without that extra fun money for your vacation. Have no fear, were here to help. With the upcoming Travel Season almost upon us, we are going to go over the top 5 Domestic Flyers and their restrictions for 2014. Delta, United, American Airlines, Southwest, and US Airways will all be highlighted and we will go over what makes each of them unique, and what you can do to save money and prepare the correct sized bags.


2014 Regulations Overview

Long been one of the most Carry-On Friendly and accommodating Airlines of the past, in 2014 United has made it UnitedLuggagetop priority to enforce their Carry-On Restrictions Stricter than ever. This does not mean that you will not be getting the same friendly, happy, and helpful service from the good folks at United, it simply means that when your bag is 1.5 Inches over the size limit, they will most certainly make you go check the overstuffed bag for a $25.00 fee. Still wanting to give their flyers a chance to maximize their packing space, save money, while also adapting with the modern travel landscape of today, United gives you the option of having 1 Carry-On AND 1 Small Personal Item on most flights offered. The maximum size allowed on the carry-on is 22″ x 14″ x 9″ and the Small Personal Item needs to be able to fit underneath the seat in front of you, (generally maxing out at 17″ x 10″ x 9″ as seen on the right). Let us show off some of the best Carry-On’s and Personal Bags that fit these strict standards for all different kinds of modern travelers depending on what your particular passion may be. Enjoy this entry and soak it all in, so the next time you plan a trip, you don’t need to plan on bringing a little extra spending money for those pesky surprise fees.

Best Carry-Ons For United

1) For the Traveler who is looking for a high quality option that is lighter than most, Try the Samsonite Lift2 21″ Expandable Upright

Key Features -Weighs only 6.5 Lbs (Lightest in it’s class)

                        – The large front panel pocket is great for items you need at a moments notice or last minute additions

                        – The large main compartment has interior compressions straps for securing contents during transit

                        – Top, Bottom, and Side Carry handles so you can store the bag overhead without fumbling

21 spinner blue

2) For the Traveler who needs a reliable and safe Carry-On for their Tech Gear, Try the Travelpro Executive Lite Rolling Notebook

Key Features – Padded pockets fit most but not all 15.6″ Laptops as well as 7″ Tablets, Ipads, or Kindles

                        – Interior Deluxe organizer for keeping paper materials efficiently organized

                        – Strap along the back of the Notebook allows it to be secured against the handles of wheeled luggage

                        – Legal File compartment helps keep your work and play separate


3) For the Traveler who enjoys hassle free, smooth rolling, easy to use Travel Bags, Try the Delsey Helium Superlite Spinner Carry On Expandable Spinner Trolley

Key Features – Dura-Tec Exterior with Vapor Barrier ensures longer lasting life of the bag versus competitors

                         – The Recessed handle is made of aircraft grade aluminum and is 1 button operational

                         – Reinforced corners, Bottom Skid bars and the Privacy ID Tag help keep the bag safe & secure

                         – Has a zippered expansion for an additional 2″ of packing space when needed

4whhel Carry On 1

4) For the Traveler who might stray off the beaten path and into the new and unpredictable, Try the Eagle Creek EC Adventure Upright 22″ Carry-On

Key Features – The back of the bag has a polycarbonate shell for ultra-light durability and to protect the handle

                         – #10 Self repairing zippers are high quality and dependable

                         – The wheels are protected with a sturdy housing for extended life

                         – Large Interior Door Panel pocket

Hybrid 22 2

5) For the Traveler who is packing for work, play, AND leisure, Try the Travelpro Walkabout Lite 4 20″ Expandable Business Plus Rollaboard

Key Features – The PP Honeycomb Frame has EVAFoam construction and provides a lighter and tougher frame

                         – The telescoping handle stops at 38″ and 42.5″ for users of various heights

                         – The full length bottom foot keeps the bag from rolling away when unattended

                         – Contains a padded laptop sleeve that fits most but not all 17″ Laptops


Best Smaller Personal Items for United

1) For the Traveler who wants to be sure they have enough room for a tablet and laptop so they can work while they travel, try The Verb Crossbody Tablet Case from Briggs & Riley.

Key Features – Has an innovative 2 section design with an Organizer and Tablet compartment

                         – Front organizer efficiently stores your tablet accessories, charges, and other smaller items

                         – The Tuff-Lite™ outer fabric is exceptionally strong and resistant to abrasion

                         – Hidden security pocket on the back for smartphones, wallets, passports,or other important items

Rev 1

2) For the Traveler who, needs a smaller Personal Bag just for the essentials, try The Travelon Anti-Theft Travel Bag.

Key Features – RFID Blocker Card and Passport Slot

                         – Locking Compartments for maximum security

                         – Cut-Proof Straps

                         – Slash-Proof Body Panels

Travelon Black Anti theft Travel Bag

3) For the Traveler who wants to get a little work done while they travel, the Samsonite Classic Tablet/iPad® Shuttle

Key Features – Fits up to 10.1″ Tablet or smaller Laptops/Tablets

                         – The Quick Stash front pocket is easily accessible for last minute additions

                         – Adjustable/Removable Shoulder Strap for alternate carrying options

                         – Wrapped Bale handles for comfortable carrying

Tablet Shuttle 1

4) For the Traveler who values Style as well as function, Try the Piel Leather Computer Portfolio.

Key Features – The top flat has a magnetic opening and closing for easy accessibility

                         – The padded back compartment protects smaller laptops

                         – The front pocket has an internal organizer and large zip-pocket for maximum packing organization

                         – Large zip pocket located along the rear of the bag


5) For the Traveler who knows two speeds Stop, and Go! Try the Verb Slide Tech Bag from Briggs & Riley

Key Features – SpeedThru pocket for quick storage and getting by security checkpoints quickly

                         – Padded vertical zipper pocket is padded and ideal for a smartphone

                         – The Tuff-Lite outer fabric is stronger than competitors and resistant to abrasion

                         – Padded section for smaller iPads, Tablets or Kindles

Slide Tech Bag Blk

If you have any questions, comments, or want any further information. Please post those inquiries and statements below, we love to get feedback from our readers!

I was trying to find the best way to shorten this weeks Tuesday Travel Tip into a short phrase or funny paragraph, but sadly the best way to help travelers this week is to tell the story of a friend of mine who had a very unfortunate thing happen to him when he was traveling:

My friend will remain anonymous for the story and I simply refer to him as My Friend, Him, or The Friend upon his request.

My friend is a modern day frequent flyer to say the least, we went to the same college and he came from half way across the country for a major that is specific to our university. A very smart guy, he was used to traveling both Domestic and Internationally and never left his items unattended or unaccounted for. His preparation at the end of the semester was some of the most thorough I had seen. Checklists, packing cubes, plastic bags for wet items, my friend was hovering on obsessive, but it worked, he never lost a single item in transit and everything always arrived unbroken and accounted for. After one fall semester he was preparing his carry-on with his expensive possessions (like he was taught to do) and was flying with a little more money in the bag then usual. He had a good year at his campus job and was taking home money so he could do his holiday shopping at his local shops with his friends. Traveling with around $500 as well as his school laptop, other wrist watch, and other items of personal importance he was sure to always keep his carry-on within his sight line. His trip began smooth as usual, but when he was connecting from the bigger hub he encountered a problem. Chosen at random by TSA for extensive screening, this minor inconvenience spent a large amount of time and caused him to be one of the last people to board his flight leaving his overhead bin overstuffed to capacity. A flight attendant informed my friend the bag was too large to fit under the seat and she would need to take the bag and put it in the cabin closet, and unfortunately that was the last time he said he ever saw his bag. Claiming that someone else claimed “A Black Samsonite Carry On”, the bag was never recovered and my friend was left to fill out the appropriate lost luggage forms and left awaiting a word on his claim and if they will even honor it. This Weeks Tuesday Travel Tip is to always have your Important Must-Have/Can’t Live Without items in a clear 1 lb Ziploc bag inside your Carry-On. You never know what life may throw your way, this one experience was very unfortunate for my friend but he never made the same mistake again. If you have passports, ID’s, Tickets, Money, Credit Cards, Personal Heirlooms, or anything else you would be devastated you lost inside your Carry-On, Then make sure you have it in a clear 1 LB ZipLoc so that you can keep it on your lap, in your purse, and always stays within your eye-line if you need to surrender your luggage.



Hello and we hope hope you are staying warm this week and using January to thaw out. For this weeks blog, we would like to take the time to address one of the most important things to consider when traveling, safety. Safety and Security should be the most important thing you consider when preparing to travel and should always be taken into consideration before you book your next flight. We would like to go over Security essentials for 2014, things like the difference between Safety Domestic Vs. Safety Abroad, RFID What is it and why should I be protected, Travel Locks, Nets, Tags, and much more. So lets get started and lets get you prepared for safe travels in 2014!


Safety Domestic VS. Safety Abroad

IMG_4123Sadly, the statement on the bricks above is very true. No matter what Country, City, or Hemisphere, you are planning to see in 2014, you can be sure that they have their own version of street crime. Seen more often each and every year, The new trend in traveling is having your Credit Card and Passport information stolen while still still in your pocket! (See RFID Section for more Info) Always prepare for possible theft when traveling, preparation and planning can be the difference between a worry free vacation and dealing with Identity Theft for the next year and a half. Simple solutions can be used in most major cities to avoid the rookie mistake. Turn that Backpack into a “FrontPack” (Seen on the Right), when going into highly congested areas such as New York City, Rome, Paris, Madrid, or Barcelona (Voted #1 Worst City for pickpockets in 2014) and be sure no one can get into your bag without your knowledge. Ladies, I suggest purses stay zipped shut and under the arm. Purse snatching is still a threat yes, but I suggest this precaution due to the increased skill that pickpockets show today. The simple “Bump n Lift” Technique you see on movies and TV is completely neutralized by a regular, everyday zipper closing. Always keep wallets, cell phones, and and room keys in a hidden pocket or in your front pocket if you have no other alternative. People brush against your backside everyday in a busy tourist location, so guys I know it feels comfy, but get that wallet out of your back pocket and into your front one, You will thank me later.

RFID What is it and how to protect yourself

Do yourself a favor, Watch this video above. RFID is the latest way people are getting their credit information and identity stolen, all while never rfid-walleteven having to take their cards out of their pockets. Standing for Radio Frequency IDentification, this new technology puts your Credit cards, Debit cards, as well as any US Passports made after 2006 all at risk for potential theft. Avoid this potential catastrophic headache with RFID Blockers from Eagle Creek and Travelon to ensure you are always protected. These comfortable security accessories have RFID blocking internal components that break up the signal when it is being duplicated to ensure complete peace of mind even in the busiest cities. Finally be able to Travel to technological meccas such as Japan, Estonia, Sweden, and Germany with complete confidence that your credit information is safe and sound in your Travel Wallet. Plenty of options such as neck wallets, fanny packs, and traditional wallets, be sure to pick one up so when you move your items from your regular to your travel wallet, you know you are always free to bring all your credit cards free of worry.

Travel Security Broken Down

tsaThe Term Travel Security has taken a much more broad definition in recent years. Before, the term Travel Security conjured up images of locked luggage, personalized Luggage Tags, and RipStop Luggage Nets. Today, Travel Security brings up images of TSA, long lines, and outrageous security measures that require even the most harmless travelers to be treated with suspicion. We would like to take you back to the former, before travel security was viewed as it is today, back when staying safe was quick and easy. Always be prepared for whatever life may throw your way with simple and easy ways to secure your luggage like Travel Security essentials from Luggage Base. Simple accessories like 3 Dial Travel locks and Bright Colored Luggage Tags are cheap and efficient ways to help you keep your items safe, and easily recognizable in a busy luggage claim crowd. Most premium luggage today comes with built in TSA approved Travel Locks that are easy to operate and discourage potential theft, simply look for the red TSA approved logo seen on the left and be sure your lock is of the highest quality and will not be cut by TSA professionals. Be sure you can always spot your luggage on the baggage belt with Bright colored Luggage Tags like these. With majority of luggage going under the black or blue color scheme, make sure that you spot yours as soon as it comes down the chute with Big bright Tags of your favorite color.

*Insider Travelers Tip: Got a Crafty member of your party, wrap ribbons of your two favorite colors on the handles and be 100% sure that the suitcase with the Pink and White ribbons is yours


Thank you for Joining us this week. If you have any questions, comments, or anything else you wish to share please feel free to post below, we love to hear back from our readers. Have a Great Weekend & Travel Safe!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! We hope everyone is either settled in, almost done, or on their last leg of travel. We know that for some unfortunate  people, the timing of the storm in the North East could not have come at a worse time. CNN has already reported mid afternoon delays for LaGuardia, John F. Kennedy and Newark-Liberty airports (1), with more delays as the day continues. If you are stuck in a terminal waiting out a delay, already done, or checking updates for loved ones who are expected today we are here to help. Read below for how to stay informed on up to the minute travel conditions, how to get gift ideas without raising suspicion, Thanksgiving activities, and much more.




Updates for Today’s Delays 11/27/13

Some things are inevitable, the rising and setting of the sun, death, taxes, and airport issues on major holidays. Not wanting to be outdone by her past, mother nature has decided that this week would be the perfect time for a North Eastern Storm. Today, with technology being readily available in our pockets and purses, we can now track a storms progress to see how it will affect our plans at the push of a button. I would suggest for up to the minute flight information, this way you can be sure to see when the scheduled dealys are so you can prepare appropriately. Looking for more up to the date information, I would suggest Twitter, and more specifically #ThanksgivingTravel for up to the second updates from people just like you. Also be sure to follow the airports official twitter account for up to the minute updates from the airport officials themselves. A Computer Briefcase or Laptop Sleeve will be your new best friend on a long delay, be sure to bring magazines, books, an Mp3 Player, a tablet, or a personal computer, because you never know how long you may be waiting for.


What to do while waiting for dinner

Finally, you arrived at your destination and unfortunately you are dead on your feet from a day full of traveling. Now is the time to unwind and get a little extra R & R done, because tomorrow, well lets be honest, tomorrow is going to be a real busy one. Beginning as soon as you wake up in the morning, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to many families marks the unofficial start to Thanksgiving each year. An American Tradition to many, this parade is a special event that attracts tons of people from all around the world who look forward to the colorful balloons and great music every year. Be sure to get your morning coffee and a nice spot by the TV, to check out all the cool and unique float designs for 2013. For the more active individual, unofficial Turkeys Bowls can be found at most parks, school yards, and makeshift football fields. An annual 2 hand touch football game is the perfect way to bring family and friends together, while simultaneously promoting team building. Build up that Thanksgiving appetite and be sure you don’t feel bad when reaching for that 3rd helping of mashed potatoes.

*Insiders Tip- Scheduling Annual sporting events around major holidays is a great way to stay in touch with old friends. Everyone traditionally comes home for the holidays to see family, so planning an annual reunion game is something that everyone will look forward to.


Digging For Clues

Show off your foresight by using this time to get some great clues and hints for the upcoming December Holidays. Giving the gift of cash is reserved for uncles on birthdays, giving a gift card can be the best way to say that you had no idea what to get them, Christmas-shopper-frustrated-200x300and testing your luck and shopping blind will be sure to get you the awkward, “You shouldn’t have” because you probably REALLY shouldn’t have. Try and dig up some info on that hard to shop for person on your list with a few basic questions to get you headed into the right direction. I would recommend shifting the small talk to future plans. For instance if they are getting ready to become a new college student, a reliable Laptop backpack is a must, an individual who loves to travel always needs Reliable Eagle Creek Adventure Luggage, and an elder family member might be in need of an update to their travel security. Always be sure to keep your ears open, nothing is worse than calling a loved one on Christmas Eve and asking them for help.



Bringing Back Food and Drinks

If this year you are having Pumpkin Pie so good you need to take it with you, we can help. TSA has set forth these guidelines for bringing back food and drinks on the plane, however we are here to help with a few other ways to get your favorite foods back home safe and sound. Got a favorite Sauce or seasoning, TSA 3-1-1 Tubes are your best bet, these little tube sets are TSA accepted and will pass screening with no issues, if you needs more I recommend setting yourself up with 1 set on your checked bag (always in a plastic container in case of spillage) and an additional set on your carry-on. Beer and Wine drinkers need extra precautions due to the highly stainable colors used. I personally transported 1 Bottle of Saku Porter and 1 Bottle of Spanish Rioja Red Wine successfully with zero damage to the bottles with the following precautions:

1 Wrapped the bottles in bubble wrap and then placed in a thick sock.bublewrapbottle-300x231

2 Placed the wrapped sock in heavy duty Zip lock bag and then placed that in another for 2 layers of protection

3 Finally placed each bottle in one heavy boot and stuffed the boot full of socks to hold in place and placed in the middle of the checked bag surrounded by soft clothing for shock protection


We hope that this was helpful and everyone is getting their last bit of traveling taken care of. We would love to hear back from our readers, If anyone has any comments, questions or concerns please post them below. Have a happy holiday season and Travel Safe from everyone here at Luggage Base!








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Here at Luggage Base we understand that everyone is not a frequent flyer. Some people prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground and only let their heads float in the clouds. With rising gas prices, extended rush hour times, and busy work schedules travelers cannot afford to travel by car like they have done in the past. Avoiding the highways, travelers are instead turning to airlines for their travel needs this holiday season. Allow us to tackle the basics for those travelers who might be first time flyers, this way you can avoid the awkward questions like, “Do we really get airline peanuts?” and “Do you have a cell phone charger?” so sit back, enjoy, and Travel Safe.


1. Picking your seat

Now this is very important to the first time traveler or the seasoned veteran, picking your seat can make or break your flight. You need to think about what type of person you are when choosing a window, aisle or center seat. Are you afraid of heights or a frequent user of the RW-AA767-Best-Seats-5002bathroom, then steer clear of the window seats. Do you enjoy your personal space or are you a larger traveler, then the center would not be the best option for you. Nothing is more annoying then fighting over arm rests and trying to ignore the sleeping passengers you are wedged between. Finally if you decide on an aisle seat, be prepared and stay awake. Actively acting as the “hands” for the row, the aisle seat will find itself handing off drinks, food and anything else the stewardess hands to the travelers. Think hard, and avoid a potential seating problem.


2. Take off and settling in

Now that you have found your seat and have your bags put away, it’s time to strap on the seat belt and get flying. Get your smartphone and Ipad turned off prior to departure, no one likes the individual who thinks that their facebook updates are more important than the safety of the flight. Most new airlines are in the process of developing in the air Wi-Fi in their cabins, so don’t worry and be patient, you can turn on your various electronics when the flight is safely in the air. Be sure to pack everything you need in your carry on, most Laptop Backpacks and Laptop Briefcases now come equipped with padded laptop sleeves to ensure your electronics stay safe and also have various pockets for chargers and accessories.


3. Mind your P’s and Q’s

Manners go a long way, and this can be very evident in your flight experience. Remember to always say Please, Thank you, Excuse me and especially try to refrain from using the flight crew as your own personal assistants. These men and women are here to help, but they also have tons of other passengers to worry about. Be a flight crews favorite passenger and receive extra perks like peanuts, blankets, pillows and waters. Also be sure to check if you are scheduled to receive an in-flight meal or snack and if it is vegetarian, kosher, fish, etc. Never board a long flight on an empty stomach. Flight-attendant-Delta-modern

*Insider Tip: “Always saying Please, Thank You, Yes Sir, and Yes Ma’am is the best way to be remembered by the flight crews, and never grab a member of the flight crew, simply say Excuse Me” -United Flight Crew Member




4. Traveling with children

Got Kids? Traveling with children is simple, and it can only be a big problem if you allow it to be. Plan for any kind of possible spill, break, or damaged clothing item by packing extra, also be sure to bring travel napkins because it is better to be safe then sorry. Be mindful of what they are doing when the doors close, passengers and crew are sure to be upset if you allow your children to do wind airplanephoto2sprints up and down the aisles while you catch up on some sleep.


*Insider Tip: Be mindful to the content in the in flight entertainment system. Most new systems offer the ability to pick movies and television shows to watch, so be sure to double check that they are not watching Dexter or Paranormal Activity and avoid vacation nightmares. (Both are real life example of entertainment I have caught younger children watching during a cross country flight in April)




5. FAQs

1. Do we really get airline peanuts? Most domestic flights still carry peanuts upon request, due to an increase in peanut allergies most also offer a separate option such as pretzels or chips.

2. My Phone is dead, can they charge it for me? Sorry, but unfortunately most flight crews do not carry additional charges for each passenger. Always pack a charger in your carry on so you can charge your electronics before your flight or while waiting on a connection.

3. I don’t like this seat, can I switch it? This depends on the flight, a full flight means no spare seats anywhere. However if you see a lot of open seating after the doors shut, the flight crew may be able to accommodate you within your section. Let me repeat, Within Your Section, this doesn’t mean a free pass to first class just because they have a few open spots.



Travel Safe!

Have a Question we didn’t address, Post it below!





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Here at Luggage Base we pride ourselves on being at the forefront for all things involving luggage and most things involving travel. We would like to pass along our traveling expertise in a new monthly segment called “Today’s Traveling Trends”. These will be monthly updates from us at Luggage Base into everything current in Travel and Lifestyle. New colors, the best destinations, trending ideas and topics, we not only want to keep you informed, we also want to hear from all you savvy jet setters about what you are seeing in today’s terminals.  Thanks for Choosing Luggage Base, and if you have any feedback, questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to post them below.



New Fall Colors A new season always brings change, change in temperature, changes in scenery, and changes in color. As summer 2013colorsfades into fall, the leaves change from bright green to auburn as new luggage lines and colors reflect the mood of the world. Say goodbye to the bright pinks, the deep blues, and the bright primary colors synonymous with summer, bring on the beautiful earthy tones of the Fall Foliage season. Already having the colors for Fall 2013 mapped out, has declared it to be the year of Emerald, Mykonos Blue, Acai, Samba, Koi, and Carafe. Luggage reflects fashion, keep an eye out for bags in all this season’s hottest colors. This fall, stay current, and stay classy.


If you plan on leaving today 

The secret is out, airlines are charging for bags any way they can. Gone are the good ol’ days when you were able to have one free checked bag and one free carry-on regardless of size. Today, most airlines adhere to strict restrictions for a bags weight, dimensions, and especially the contents. This increase in regulation has created new surprise bag fees and has caused modern travelers to see red while spending green. Adding to this headache, each airline has their own independent limits void of a overhead-bin-cartoonuniversal system, so when connecting with two or more airlines, your trip can quickly turn into a travel nightmare. Attempting to beat the system, travelers have found a loop hole in today’s system. By bringing a carry-on in addition to a “computer bag” cabin travelers are able to bring an additional bag and taking up any unused space. Causing a very visual issue in the cabins themselves, both International and Domestic planes are not equipped with the proper storage for the abundance of bags. Be sure to get a overhead space as soon as you find your seating arraignment and avoid fighting for space.

Destinations October 2013

Looking for a scary Halloween destination, Spookey Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend in Orlando Florida is a horror fan’s dream/nightmare come true. Taking place 1 week before Halloween, this 3 day long event feels more like a party. Rub shoulders with horror icons such as John Carpenter, Elvira, Robert Englund and many more.

Resting between peak and low seasons, October is a great time to travel on a budget. Cape Code Massachusetts, the Florida Keys, and the Outer Banks in North Carolina are all popular destinations among Autumn travelers. Great for the individual who wants to vacation while avoiding large crowds, beat the tourists while also saving money. Take advantage and save big, some of these packages offer savings of up to 50% off during the Autumn off season.

Trending Vacation Ideas

It is called “Agritourism” and it is the latest vacation phenomenon. Flooded with technology, people are looking to get away from the stresses of everyday life and the stresses of technology. Effectively “going off the grid” Agirtourism offers the chance to spend your vacation not on some tropical island, but instead enjoying the simple yet fulfilling life that living on a farm offers. Choose from a wide variety of hands on farming activities, you can go grape picking on a California vineyard, work an olive farm in Tuscany, or eat the same cheese you made yourself on a dairy farm in Vermont. Be sure to remember durable, stain resistant hardsided luggage, farm fields are quick destroyers of softer, stain-able luggage. With potential threats you can only find on a farm, be sure to protect your luggage and keep your items looking great no matter what questionable puddles you may roll into.


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It’s the second week in October, and Fall is in full swing. As the leaves begin to change color, the air temperature slowly begins to descend as winter looms in the future. Holiday season is upon us, and its just a matter of time before the Halloween decorations in the store shelves are quickly replaced with Turkeys, Pilgrims, Snowmen and Santa Clause (Sadly these are already being seen and it is only October 11th). Being in the Travel business we know this means one thing, here comes the busy season. Infamously known as the worst traveling days of the year, booking a flight on Christmas Eve or the day before Thanksgiving is viewed by many as a fate far worse then eating year old fruit cake.

 lunchtimemama via flickr

lunchtimemama via flickr


Don’t panic, Luggage Base is here to help! We know that hectic careers, coordinating busy schedules, and jam packed flights are all on the horizon so let us pass along a few tips and tricks to help you out. We wish you Good Luck, and as always Travel Safe!



1) Plan in Advance

If you are reading this and do not have your flight booked yet, stop what you are doing, pull open another tab, go to your preferred airline’s website and book your ticket immediately! Not only will this save you hassle and stress, it will save you tons of money. Flights are like stocks, as demand rises so does the price. By booking early you save money, and you get a better pick of possible flight times. So the early birds can be sure to get their 6 AM departure time, and the night owls can have first crack at great deals on Red-eye flights. Be sure to check your airline’s carry-on policy, having a spacious wheeled carry-on that fits airline standards can save you money on a potential surprise bag fee. Save time, save money, plan ahead.


2) Over estimate time

Now I must ask you to be honest with yourself, do you power walk to your gate, never stopping to shop or chit chat? Or do you go at your own speed, checking out all the cool and exciting things a major airport offers? Whether you are the first, second, or a nice mix of the two, plan about 45 min to an hour of commute time for each stop on your trip. Driving to the airport, Getting through security, catching a connecting flight, each portion of the trip offers a potential chance for a major delay and ultimately a chance to miss your flight entirely. Be sure to always error on the side of caution, even the most efficient, savvy, and well seasoned traveler, is not impervious to a sudden security stop or broken terminal system. Isn’t it better to relax and read the newspaper while you wait versus sprinting through a busy terminal, we think so.

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3) Muphy’s Law, Sudden Delays

If it can go wrong, it will go wrong. Delay’s are the sudden, frustrating, and impassible roadblocks on what could have been an otherwise very pleasant and memorable trip. Nothing is worse then being at the final connection stop, minutes from boarding, when you suddenly, you hear that due to sudden snow storms your flight is being delayed 4 hours! Being prepared for these sudden changes with a smartphone or computer charger and turn a travel nightmare, into the perfect chance to catch up on some emails. MP3 Players, Smartphones, handheld video game systems, each is designed to fit in most Laptop Backpacks and Briefcases, and each is a great option to pass time.  Not a big technology aficionado, always have a book or magazine handy and take advantage of the extra reading time that you rarely have in your busy schedule. Always be prepared with something to accompany potential time, any type of mental stimulation can be the difference between a good travel experience and a miserable one.


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Photo via


4) Your flight has landed, what now?

You’re flight has just landed, you are jet lagged, you are tired, and you are not done yet. Always be glad you planned ahead and secured your travel arrangements prior to landing. Secure your luggage with name tags or bright colored ribbons to ensure no one takes your luggage by mistake at Baggage Claim. Be able to quickly identify your luggage so you can get in and get out without doing laps around the baggage belt. Save money by having a family member pick you up and avoid the excessive taxi fees charged by airport shuttles. OR, if you plan on renting a vehicle, have the rental process completed and taken care of prior to the travel day to avoid unwanted stress and save time. Ensure peace of mind by being prepared before you approach the rental service, have the vehicle picked out and paid for so you only need to grab the keys, sign off on the release and get going.


5) Round Trip, always the best option

With all the excitement that goes into planning a trip to see friends and family, we can understand that you may have overlook a few minor details. Always be sure to plan your return trip at the same time you plan your initial trip to avoid any unwanted issues, we recommend Round Trip Tickets to avoid confusion. If flying a different route home, get familiar with the connecting airport to avoid missing your connection. Always be sure that you have everything planned, and be sure that your trip coming back runs just as smooth as it did on the way there.


Thanks for choosing Luggage Base, we hope that this was helpful and we gave you some great ideas in scheduling your Holiday travel plans. We wish you and your loved ones a happy and safe experience this holiday season, Travel Safe!

By: Andrea Letria Published in the NY Times Article "Fleeced By Fee's When You Travel?" By: Stephanie Rosenbloom on September 21, 2012.

Photo By: Andrea Letria, Published NY Times Article “Fleeced By Fee’s When You Travel?” By: Stephanie Rosenbloom on September 21, 2012

Traveling used to be a simple process. It used to be that in a few easy steps and one payment you had your ticket in hand and were ready to go. Today it seems that at each step of the process you are hit with another surprise airline fee that you have no option but to pay. The most common surprise fees are due to Overweight Luggage, Checked Bag Fees, and Lack of preparation. But have no fear, Luggage Base has some great tips on how to travel like a pro and keep your money in your wallet.


1) Avoid Overstuffed Bags- Just because you have the room doesn’t mean you need to maximize it. By over stuffing a small carry on bag you can increase the original dimensions and be slapped with a huge fee when you are forced to check on a second bag. This can also pertain to a larger bags you planned on checking in as well. Most airlines have weight limits for checked bags, by loading up on heavy clothing and maxing out the space your bag that once weighed 9.8 lbs is now weighing in at 52.3 lbs and that 2.3 lbs over the limit can cost you up to an extra $50.00!


2) Efficient packing and travel attire- Instead of taking up space in your bag with a puffy hoodie, large jacket, or favorite pair of boots you can ensure their care and save space by wearing them while in transit. Most terminals across the country are outfitted with large air conditioning set ups that keep internal temperatures colder then average to discourage travelers falling asleep while waiting for their next flight. This coupled with the decreasing temperature in the cabin as your plane’s altitude rises can make you be happy you brought that extra layer.


3) Lightweight Luggage Options- Modern technology is not only in our smartphones. Today Industry leaders are developing new poly-carbonate, Ballistic Nylon, and other materials that are lighter and stronger then ever. Companies such as Briggs & Riley are so confident in their Torq collection that they backed it with a  lifetime plus damage warranty. Looking to save some money, Helium Colours by Delsey is a great way to stand out and pack light while also being backed by a 10 year warranty.


4) Go for a week, pack for a week- Now, not one of us completely is innocent to over packing on a trip. How often are we torn between two pairs of pants or lucky T-Shirts and you break down and pack both…… and the 3 extra pair of shoes. If you are only planning on traveling for 1-2 weeks then you do not need to bring the 31″ expandable luggage option. When planning your outfits, pack only for the days your going to be gone and leave the extra 3 sundresses or Polo shirts at home. Today we have many options for the individual packing for the short trip, wheeled duffels are a great option for the student going for that 2 week trip to see the family for the holidays.


5) Know your bags- Knowing your bags could be the best way to avoid unnecessary checked bag fees. Make sure that you now the exact dimensions of your bag to your airline’s standards. The difference in assuming your bag will fit in the overhead compartment and knowing that it will fit could be a $100.00 mistake at certain airlines!

*Insider Travel Tip- When measuring luggage before flights, stand it up and include the handles and wheels because TSA will!


6) Check Airline policy to and from- Speaking from experience on this topic, you need to always check the policies of each airline you will be taking for each leg of the trip. This means that just because your musical instrument or computer bag is allowed on your main flight with Delta, Soutwhest, or United does not mean that it is allowed on the last leg with Lufthansa, American Airlines, or Turkish Air. There is no worse way to end the trip then by being told you need to pay $65.00 bucks to get the same stuff you brought with you, back home.


7) Be prepared- The final, easiest and most important way to save money when traveling is to Be Prepared! If you are not the most experienced traveler that is fine, but nothing should stop you from finding out all the information you can about the airline your flying. Today most airlines give you the ability to check the in-flight movies, the meal option, and even change your seats via smartphone, you can guarantee that they have their carry on information somewhere you can easily check. Save money by checking the number of carry ons and checked bags available on your airline and never pay surprise fees again.