Travel Tips

Summer is here – time for thousands of tourists to hit Washington, DC. in the muggy heat. How bad is the humidity? In the days before air conditioning, ambassadors, assigned to the nation’s capital, received hardship pay.

With the lightweight Eagle Creek Cloudstream 28″ Upright, getting into DC is no sweat. Slightly more than nine pounds, it is a breeze to wheel around National or Dulles Airports or Union Station.

As a former licensed DC tour guide, here are some must-do tips:

1. Keep hydrated.

Standing in lengthy lines is a common sight at many DC monuments, memorials, and museums as are the great number of tourists who drop in a dead faint due to dehydration.

2. The walk from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol Building is much farther than it looks on the map.

Gasping for breath while holding their sides, family members or passing members of Congress, many a tourist looked at the tour guide map and thought ‘that’s not too far’. It is close to three miles and the final mile or so is uphill. No, it is not like climbing the Alps, but in high humidity and weighted down by souvenirs, brochures and water bottles it can take a toll on some. Continue Reading »

Home to tundra flora, fauna, and polar bears Churchill, Manitoba, on the shore of Hudson Bay, is a destination outdoor enthusiasts journey to for almost every season.

Pack everything from parkas to binoculars in your Samsonite xSpace 3 piece set required for making a unique Canadian travel connection. Due to Churchill’s remote location – no roads exist – the best way to get there is with Via Rail from Winnipeg. Continue Reading »

Casablanca, for many classic movie devotees the name immediately conjures up memories of the famous 1942 love story that starred Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.

“Casa” as it is called by modern residents and visitors still weaves the magic to many who choose to come to this Moroccan city in North Africa. Although Rabat serves as the Kingdom of Morocco’s capital city, Casa remains its leading metropolis due, in part, to its location on the Atlantic Ocean and as one of the world’s largest artificial ports. Continue Reading »

Ancient Mayans on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula were among the first sun worshipers. Centuries later thousands sun and surf devotees also head to the area. They flock to the state of Quintana Roo, also known as the Riviera Maya, and in particular the city of Cancun.

Are you among them?

Then grab your suntan lotion, shades, a swimsuit or two and flip flops and toss them into Delsey Helium Colours Carry On 4 Wheel Trolley.  It comes in a variety of colors including lime like the one you will have clinging to the side of an ice cold beer (or cervaza) waiting for you upon your arrival.

Cancun is the most popular hub. Its tourism history began as a 1970s’ government project when few people lived on a then coconut plantation. During the past four decades, the industry has exploded to include grand hotels, quaint B&Bs, and other types of accommodation. Continue Reading »

Time has come to fill the Samsonite Maneuver 21″ Carry on Spinner with bathing suits, shorts, tops, and sun block and say “Aloha!”

Packed with wondrous pursuits for everyone the Hawaiian island of Oahu is today’s destination. Known as “the gathering place”  the island, 26 miles long and just 44 miles in diameter, it is a diversity of tropical oasis, big city living and a surfer’s paradise.

Honolulu serves as the state’s capital and ranks up with New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles with having the most hi-rises. Among the stunning views seen from those towering windows are the Ala Moana district with its business and shopping streets, the beaches of Waikiki and the striking Diamond Head. Continue Reading »

As the nation’s oldest capital city New Mexico’s Santa Fe also tops the lists as one of the most historic from three predominate eras – Native American, Hispanic and western expansion. In addition, the small city close to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains is also a constant source of inspiration for artists, writers, and believers in all things metaphysical.

Packing the right clothes and gear for a multi-dimensional destination requires luggage with plenty of pockets. The Travelpro T-Pro BOLD 22″ Exp. Rollaboard ,with its multiple interior pockets, keeps swim suits separated from biking shorts and dress shirts from colorful Ts. Continue Reading »

Happiness comes from travel, and for many the consumption of ice cream equally boosts one’s mood upwards.

Combine the two for a joyous journey, where the Kipling Tegan Small Wheeled Duffel (or Kipling Tegan Large for increased capacity) is the bag to bring. Its U-Zip main compartment, interior zippered mesh pocket, and top zippered stash pocket provide perfect places to store maps, guidebooks and perhaps a favorite topping or two. The roomy interior, accessible via U-Zip, allows for lots of casual clothes to hit some of America’s best ice cream factory tours.

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream in Waterbury, Vermont is one of the Granite State’s most popular attractions. Tucked into the bucolic beauty of the Green Mountains the tour starts with seeing real dairy cows out in the surrounding fields. Continue Reading »

Pronunciation is everything. Say “noo-or-LEENZ” and you are marked for a tourist. Instead when heading down south to New Orleans relax your mouth and let it drawl out “noo-AW-linz” or “noo-OR-linz” just like a native. 

When you travel to the Big Easy it’s is best to have great luggage to meet any adventures you desire. The Samsonite Hyperspace line is a great match a New Orleans’ itinerary, with a Boarding Bag, Spinner Garment Bag and 21, 26 and 31-inch expandable spinners.

Those who solely think of Bourbon Street and the French Quarter when they think of this vibrant city are missing much of her charms. So let us use the neighborhood as a hub and head out first to places best visited early in the morning due to the warm and gooey humidity found through many of the seasons.

New Orleans StreetcarHave $1.25 in exact change and hop aboard the St. Charles Avenue streetcar at the corner of Carondelet and Canal.  Having served the city, uninterrupted, for close to 130 years this streetcar is the last of the vehicles that once served as the inspiration for playwright Tennessee Williams’ “A Streetcar Named Desire”. A one-way trip takes approximately 45 minutes and winds through the Central Business District into the architecturally rich and diverse Garden District with its mansions surrounded by mounds of lush greenery. And treat yourself to a Garden District walking tour to better appreciate the 19th century Victorian houses festooned with graceful gingerbread features. Continue Reading »

reno balloonsReno’s multicolored, much photographed sign says it all – “The Biggest Little City in the World”.

This town is not large in size and yet it offers so much for vacationers.

Taking the High Sierra A.T.GO 30″ Wheeled Duffel is a proper luggage choice for many reasons.

Crossing the Sierra Nevada is a necessity when coming to Reno from California.

The bag provides room for several outfits from casino nightlife, artists’ receptions or kayaking along the Truckee River. Continue Reading »

kyrgyzstanAdmittedly, Kyrgyzstan is not the first destination choice for most travelers.

Most have heard of it, but knowing its location in Central Asia is not as common.

Should you require a five star hotel or food similar to what you can find at your local fast food joint, Kyrgyzstan is not the vacation spot for you.  It extends its invitation to the adventurous.

Intrepid travelers know packing light guarantees ease of transport and the chance to explore this country with its fascinating culture fully. Continue Reading »