July, 2011

Drop your duffel bags in the hotel and head for the Baseball Hall of Fame MuseumCooperstown oozes Americana.

Nestled in the rolling hills of upstate New York, it resembles a Norman Rockwell painting with cute kids and eager adults walking along a quaint Main Street where flags often fly high.

Cooperstown is often called the “village of museums” due to its three internationally recognized facilities.

Traveling with the spacious Duffel Bag allows you not to skimp when it comes to bringing plenty of outfits and accessories (see this featured bag: Piel Leather Large Duffel Bag)

One definite accessory should be a baseball glove as Cooperstown is home to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Continue Reading »

Hawaii - A Great Destination for the American Tourister and his or her LuggageThe first time I stepped out of an airplane onto the tarmac in Honolulu, Hawaii, I felt like it was raining soft petals. The air was heavy with the perfume of tropical flowers. It was March 1980 and I had 5 weeks of vacation ahead of me. I left freezing weather at Tahoe where my yard was buried under snow, and nearby ski areas were still in operation. Just the anticipation of spending time in a tropical paradise was pure euphoria.

Four of us traveled together. Our entourage included my fiance, George, and his two best friends, Sam and Skip. George and Skip were accomplished outdoor enthusiasts who camped out in all seasons. Sam and I were along for the ride. Continue Reading »

London is myriad of tradition and cutting-edge contemporary.

The latter changes constantly, which keeps the city fresh as the former draws many tourists to centuries-old sites.

Among the most popular are those connected with the British Monarchy.

Few in the world do pomp and ceremony as grand, or with such style, as the British.

Whether you are a dyed in the wool Brit royalista or just mildly curious, London offers plenty of places where kings and queens past, present and future have lived, loved and even lost some of their heads. So drop your spinner luggage at the hotel and hit the streets: there’s a lot to see! Continue Reading »

At the turn of this century, my Australian friend, Judy, owned an upscale women’s shop at Lake Tahoe called ‘Square, Spotted Blue.’ The name referred to a local butterfly indigenous to the High Sierra. Her store offered the highest fine quality, fashion-forward, boutique styles for her discerning clientele who desired unique clothing unavailable at national department stores. Theme sweaters with three-dimensional embellishments, artistically designed coats, jackets elaborately detailed with appliques, and labor-intensive crystal jewelry from European designers were coveted by the well-heeled residents and visiting tourists, who were only offered ski clothing and souvenir tee-shirts at other shops. Continue Reading »

The sea defines Iceland.  Since Vikings first arrived in 874 AD, the waters surrounding this North Atlantic island have provided food, work, and now, fun activities for summertime tourists.

Join them by heading to North Iceland where whales, seals and herring flourish.

Many travelers opt to take a short excursion from the capital city of Reykjavik. A 45-minute flight, aboard Air Iceland, from the domestic airport on the outskirts of the city will bring you to the country’s second largest city of Akureyri.

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How do you enjoy New York City on a budget?

First, pack smart.

Since a budget traveler never uses limos or taxi cabs, the lightweight Samsonite LIFT spinner upright is perfect for maneuvering crowded airports, subways and city buses.

Next, comfortable walking shoes are a must.

By all means, place your fashionable shoes in a purse or sling backpack – but in order to enjoy Manhattan’s concrete jungle your tootsies have to be happy. Continue Reading »

Ever wonder why it took so long for luggage companies to add wheels? Younger readers don’t remember that suitcases and trunks weren’t always wheeled. Man went to the moon before wheels were added to luggage. The first patent for wheeled luggage was granted in 1972. It was 1989 when a pilot for Northwest airlines first used a wheeled suitcase. However, it wasn’t until 1994 when a man named Don Ku received the patent for the telescopic handle.

Vintage suitcases are now sought-after home decor items. They look great stacked in multiples and used for storage rather than toted on trips. Continue Reading »