October, 2013

In honor of the Halloween, Luggage Base would like to share the Scariest places in America. This list of Must-See (or Must-Avoid) places has plenty of terrifying and intriguing options worth adding to the bucket list. So sit back and enjoy and remember, there is no such thing as ghosts…… right?


#1 Denver International Airport 

13656DD07Starting off with an airport seems appropriate. Denver International Airport has been a hot bed of spooky stories and conspiracy theories since it first opened in 1995. Easily recognized due to the pointed white tents on top, this airport is rumored to have been built on an Indian Burial Ground. Airport travelers claim they hear spooky music in certain sections of the airport and some even claim to have seen ghosts. Seen as such a threat to it’s commercial appeal,  in 1995 the city claimed to have held a ceremony to settle the agitated spirits. Keep it moving with Spinner Luggage unless you wish to check out the ominous wall murals and make your own interpretation to their meaning. Weather you believe in Indian spirits, ghosts, goblins, or conspiracy theories, this is one airport worth checking out.


#2 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

pa-gettysburg-1456The largest battle in North America, Gettysburg located in Pennsylvania is said to be one of the, if not THE most haunted place in the United States. The 3 day long battle was said to be one of the most brutal of the Civil War and resulted in over 50,000 casualties. Witness testimony, eerie photographs and unexplained videos are seen regularly by tourists and the staff alike. Feeling brave, stay the night at Cashtown Inn to test your nerves of steel. Just remember to pack a Duffel Bag, just in case you might need to make a spur of the moment check out.



#3 Salem, Massachusetts

salemStaying in North Eastern United States, we have one of the most famous and well known locations in our history, Salem Massachusetts. In 1692 to 1693 Salem held the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Over 150 people were imprisoned for “Witchcraft” and convicted. Of those people accused, 19 faced the gallows, one man died via pressed stones, and about 13 others died awaiting trial. Being one of the most heavily visited tourist destinations does not deter the various witness statements of ghostly sights, terrifying sounds and feelings of dead as tourists walk the city. Worth checking out for the history buff or the Halloween aficionado, don’t forget to pack your electronics cases. You never know when a sudden bump in the night may have you dropping that tablet by mistake!


#4 St. Louis Cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana 



Home to the illustrious “Voodoo Queen” Miss Marie Laveau, this haunted cemetery is seeped in New Orleans tradition. Being the birthplace of Voodoo Black Magic in the United State, New Orleans houses many above ground tombs due to it’s low elevation and frequent flooding. A popular spot due to its history and the inhabitants, this cemetery is said to be one of the most eerie locations on the Southeast coast. Don’t forget to bring chalk, 3 X’s on Marie Laveau tomb plus a small token and a prayer is said to bring good luck and aid to a problem you may be having. Keep a watchful eye, it is rumored the Black Cat with the deep red eyes walking around the location is the spirit of Miss Laveau. With all the winding footpaths and old cobblestone streets having a backpack for your possessions ensures you can keep hands free to catch that elusive ghostly video on your smartphone.



#5 Moundsville Penitentiary

up-P6HM42VG5I0Q8KLSFor over 100 years Moundsville Penitentiary in West Virginia was one of the most violent and crowded prisons in existence. Finally closing it’s doors in 1995, this old Gothic style building is said to have been the final stop for a few less then 1,000 men. Paranormal experts, adrenaline junkies, and people looking for a good scare all flock to the location each Halloween for scheduled tours and to visit the site. Don’t forget to bring your Flashlight and Camera to snap some good photos, “The Shadow Man” is a notorious figure who roams the prison and has even been captured on film once. Another victim of the prison’s violent past, the “Maintenance Man” is seen roaming the basement where he where he met his grisly end at the hands of the inmates. Visit at your own risk.



 #6 The Bell Witch Cave

bell_witch_cave_8The inspiration for the film “The Blair Witch Project”, The Bell Witch Cave is one of the most notorious locations in the country due to its haunted past. The legend says that Kate Batts, a neighbor  of the Bell Farm had a disagreement with the family that soon escalated. Kate Batts was soon rumored to being a witch and having placed a curse on the family and was claimed to have haunted the Bell House for 4 years before John Bell finally died. Following his death the disturbances all stopped and the ghost was rumored to appear in a cave not far from the home. One of the truly eerie and unexplained locations, cameras, smartphones and other electronics do not take photos and malfunction upon entrance into the cave. Residents of the area claim that any item taken out of the cave carries with it a dark curse which can only be stopped by returning the item. So make sure to pack extra chargers and adapters but be sure to remember, the cave rocks look cool but it might be smarter to buy a souvenir from the gift shop instead.



 #7 The Winchester Mystery House 

winchester_mystery_house_san_jose_caAnother Famous American legend, The Winchester Mystery House is not only true, it has roots etched in American History. This house was owned by the Winchester family and constructed by Sarah Winchester, you may remember the name from the famous Winchester Repeating Rifle. The family was rumored to becoming cursed by the dead from their world famous rifle, and Sarah soon lost her husband and daughter to illness. Accounts state that after their deaths she was still frequented by the dead spirits and called in a psychic to help her. Upon speaking with the psychic, she explained to Sarah that the dead request she build a home for their lost souls and to never stop building. She began building the house and it soon became one of a kind due to it’s history and the strange construction request. Built with the idea that she needed to confuse the ghosts so they would stop following her, Sarah began building a home that was unlike any other ever seen before. Staircases to nowhere, hidden rooms, trap doors, secret passages and false walls are just a few of the extreme measures taken to construct this house. Sarah passed away while still building and adding onto the house, however visitors can now visit the home for themselves and tour the mansion and all of it’s hidden secrets.


Happy Halloween From Lugagge Base






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Here at Luggage Base we understand that everyone is not a frequent flyer. Some people prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground and only let their heads float in the clouds. With rising gas prices, extended rush hour times, and busy work schedules travelers cannot afford to travel by car like they have done in the past. Avoiding the highways, travelers are instead turning to airlines for their travel needs this holiday season. Allow us to tackle the basics for those travelers who might be first time flyers, this way you can avoid the awkward questions like, “Do we really get airline peanuts?” and “Do you have a cell phone charger?” so sit back, enjoy, and Travel Safe.


1. Picking your seat

Now this is very important to the first time traveler or the seasoned veteran, picking your seat can make or break your flight. You need to think about what type of person you are when choosing a window, aisle or center seat. Are you afraid of heights or a frequent user of the RW-AA767-Best-Seats-5002bathroom, then steer clear of the window seats. Do you enjoy your personal space or are you a larger traveler, then the center would not be the best option for you. Nothing is more annoying then fighting over arm rests and trying to ignore the sleeping passengers you are wedged between. Finally if you decide on an aisle seat, be prepared and stay awake. Actively acting as the “hands” for the row, the aisle seat will find itself handing off drinks, food and anything else the stewardess hands to the travelers. Think hard, and avoid a potential seating problem.


2. Take off and settling in

Now that you have found your seat and have your bags put away, it’s time to strap on the seat belt and get flying. Get your smartphone and Ipad turned off prior to departure, no one likes the individual who thinks that their facebook updates are more important than the safety of the flight. Most new airlines are in the process of developing in the air Wi-Fi in their cabins, so don’t worry and be patient, you can turn on your various electronics when the flight is safely in the air. Be sure to pack everything you need in your carry on, most Laptop Backpacks and Laptop Briefcases now come equipped with padded laptop sleeves to ensure your electronics stay safe and also have various pockets for chargers and accessories.


3. Mind your P’s and Q’s

Manners go a long way, and this can be very evident in your flight experience. Remember to always say Please, Thank you, Excuse me and especially try to refrain from using the flight crew as your own personal assistants. These men and women are here to help, but they also have tons of other passengers to worry about. Be a flight crews favorite passenger and receive extra perks like peanuts, blankets, pillows and waters. Also be sure to check if you are scheduled to receive an in-flight meal or snack and if it is vegetarian, kosher, fish, etc. Never board a long flight on an empty stomach. Flight-attendant-Delta-modern

*Insider Tip: “Always saying Please, Thank You, Yes Sir, and Yes Ma’am is the best way to be remembered by the flight crews, and never grab a member of the flight crew, simply say Excuse Me” -United Flight Crew Member




4. Traveling with children

Got Kids? Traveling with children is simple, and it can only be a big problem if you allow it to be. Plan for any kind of possible spill, break, or damaged clothing item by packing extra, also be sure to bring travel napkins because it is better to be safe then sorry. Be mindful of what they are doing when the doors close, passengers and crew are sure to be upset if you allow your children to do wind airplanephoto2sprints up and down the aisles while you catch up on some sleep.


*Insider Tip: Be mindful to the content in the in flight entertainment system. Most new systems offer the ability to pick movies and television shows to watch, so be sure to double check that they are not watching Dexter or Paranormal Activity and avoid vacation nightmares. (Both are real life example of entertainment I have caught younger children watching during a cross country flight in April)




5. FAQs

1. Do we really get airline peanuts? Most domestic flights still carry peanuts upon request, due to an increase in peanut allergies most also offer a separate option such as pretzels or chips.

2. My Phone is dead, can they charge it for me? Sorry, but unfortunately most flight crews do not carry additional charges for each passenger. Always pack a charger in your carry on so you can charge your electronics before your flight or while waiting on a connection.

3. I don’t like this seat, can I switch it? This depends on the flight, a full flight means no spare seats anywhere. However if you see a lot of open seating after the doors shut, the flight crew may be able to accommodate you within your section. Let me repeat, Within Your Section, this doesn’t mean a free pass to first class just because they have a few open spots.



Travel Safe!

Have a Question we didn’t address, Post it below!





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Here at Luggage Base we pride ourselves on being at the forefront for all things involving luggage and most things involving travel. We would like to pass along our traveling expertise in a new monthly segment called “Today’s Traveling Trends”. These will be monthly updates from us at Luggage Base into everything current in Travel and Lifestyle. New colors, the best destinations, trending ideas and topics, we not only want to keep you informed, we also want to hear from all you savvy jet setters about what you are seeing in today’s terminals.  Thanks for Choosing Luggage Base, and if you have any feedback, questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to post them below.



New Fall Colors A new season always brings change, change in temperature, changes in scenery, and changes in color. As summer 2013colorsfades into fall, the leaves change from bright green to auburn as new luggage lines and colors reflect the mood of the world. Say goodbye to the bright pinks, the deep blues, and the bright primary colors synonymous with summer, bring on the beautiful earthy tones of the Fall Foliage season. Already having the colors for Fall 2013 mapped out, Pantone.com has declared it to be the year of Emerald, Mykonos Blue, Acai, Samba, Koi, and Carafe. Luggage reflects fashion, keep an eye out for bags in all this season’s hottest colors. This fall, stay current, and stay classy.


If you plan on leaving today 

The secret is out, airlines are charging for bags any way they can. Gone are the good ol’ days when you were able to have one free checked bag and one free carry-on regardless of size. Today, most airlines adhere to strict restrictions for a bags weight, dimensions, and especially the contents. This increase in regulation has created new surprise bag fees and has caused modern travelers to see red while spending green. Adding to this headache, each airline has their own independent limits void of a overhead-bin-cartoonuniversal system, so when connecting with two or more airlines, your trip can quickly turn into a travel nightmare. Attempting to beat the system, travelers have found a loop hole in today’s system. By bringing a carry-on in addition to a “computer bag” cabin travelers are able to bring an additional bag and taking up any unused space. Causing a very visual issue in the cabins themselves, both International and Domestic planes are not equipped with the proper storage for the abundance of bags. Be sure to get a overhead space as soon as you find your seating arraignment and avoid fighting for space.

Destinations October 2013

Looking for a scary Halloween destination, Spookey Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend in Orlando Florida is a horror fan’s dream/nightmare come true. Taking place 1 week before Halloween, this 3 day long event feels more like a party. Rub shoulders with horror icons such as John Carpenter, Elvira, Robert Englund and many more.

Resting between peak and low seasons, October is a great time to travel on a budget. Cape Code Massachusetts, the Florida Keys, and the Outer Banks in North Carolina are all popular destinations among Autumn travelers. Great for the individual who wants to vacation while avoiding large crowds, beat the tourists while also saving money. Take advantage and save big, some of these packages offer savings of up to 50% off during the Autumn off season.

Trending Vacation Ideas

It is called “Agritourism” and it is the latest vacation phenomenon. Flooded with technology, people are looking to get away from the stresses of everyday life and the stresses of technology. Effectively “going off the grid” Agirtourism offers the chance to spend your vacation not on some tropical island, but instead enjoying the simple yet fulfilling life that living on a farm offers. Choose from a wide variety of hands on farming activities, you can go grape picking on a California vineyard, work an olive farm in Tuscany, or eat the same cheese you made yourself on a dairy farm in Vermont. Be sure to remember durable, stain resistant hardsided luggage, farm fields are quick destroyers of softer, stain-able luggage. With potential threats you can only find on a farm, be sure to protect your luggage and keep your items looking great no matter what questionable puddles you may roll into.


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It’s the second week in October, and Fall is in full swing. As the leaves begin to change color, the air temperature slowly begins to descend as winter looms in the future. Holiday season is upon us, and its just a matter of time before the Halloween decorations in the store shelves are quickly replaced with Turkeys, Pilgrims, Snowmen and Santa Clause (Sadly these are already being seen and it is only October 11th). Being in the Travel business we know this means one thing, here comes the busy season. Infamously known as the worst traveling days of the year, booking a flight on Christmas Eve or the day before Thanksgiving is viewed by many as a fate far worse then eating year old fruit cake.

 lunchtimemama via flickr

lunchtimemama via flickr


Don’t panic, Luggage Base is here to help! We know that hectic careers, coordinating busy schedules, and jam packed flights are all on the horizon so let us pass along a few tips and tricks to help you out. We wish you Good Luck, and as always Travel Safe!



1) Plan in Advance

If you are reading this and do not have your flight booked yet, stop what you are doing, pull open another tab, go to your preferred airline’s website and book your ticket immediately! Not only will this save you hassle and stress, it will save you tons of money. Flights are like stocks, as demand rises so does the price. By booking early you save money, and you get a better pick of possible flight times. So the early birds can be sure to get their 6 AM departure time, and the night owls can have first crack at great deals on Red-eye flights. Be sure to check your airline’s carry-on policy, having a spacious wheeled carry-on that fits airline standards can save you money on a potential surprise bag fee. Save time, save money, plan ahead.


2) Over estimate time

Now I must ask you to be honest with yourself, do you power walk to your gate, never stopping to shop or chit chat? Or do you go at your own speed, checking out all the cool and exciting things a major airport offers? Whether you are the first, second, or a nice mix of the two, plan about 45 min to an hour of commute time for each stop on your trip. Driving to the airport, Getting through security, catching a connecting flight, each portion of the trip offers a potential chance for a major delay and ultimately a chance to miss your flight entirely. Be sure to always error on the side of caution, even the most efficient, savvy, and well seasoned traveler, is not impervious to a sudden security stop or broken terminal system. Isn’t it better to relax and read the newspaper while you wait versus sprinting through a busy terminal, we think so.

Photo Credit Via bodrum.nl

Photo Credit Via bodrum.nl


3) Muphy’s Law, Sudden Delays

If it can go wrong, it will go wrong. Delay’s are the sudden, frustrating, and impassible roadblocks on what could have been an otherwise very pleasant and memorable trip. Nothing is worse then being at the final connection stop, minutes from boarding, when you suddenly, you hear that due to sudden snow storms your flight is being delayed 4 hours! Being prepared for these sudden changes with a smartphone or computer charger and turn a travel nightmare, into the perfect chance to catch up on some emails. MP3 Players, Smartphones, handheld video game systems, each is designed to fit in most Laptop Backpacks and Briefcases, and each is a great option to pass time.  Not a big technology aficionado, always have a book or magazine handy and take advantage of the extra reading time that you rarely have in your busy schedule. Always be prepared with something to accompany potential time, any type of mental stimulation can be the difference between a good travel experience and a miserable one.


Photo via PCMA.org

Photo via PCMA.org


4) Your flight has landed, what now?

You’re flight has just landed, you are jet lagged, you are tired, and you are not done yet. Always be glad you planned ahead and secured your travel arrangements prior to landing. Secure your luggage with name tags or bright colored ribbons to ensure no one takes your luggage by mistake at Baggage Claim. Be able to quickly identify your luggage so you can get in and get out without doing laps around the baggage belt. Save money by having a family member pick you up and avoid the excessive taxi fees charged by airport shuttles. OR, if you plan on renting a vehicle, have the rental process completed and taken care of prior to the travel day to avoid unwanted stress and save time. Ensure peace of mind by being prepared before you approach the rental service, have the vehicle picked out and paid for so you only need to grab the keys, sign off on the release and get going.


5) Round Trip, always the best option

With all the excitement that goes into planning a trip to see friends and family, we can understand that you may have overlook a few minor details. Always be sure to plan your return trip at the same time you plan your initial trip to avoid any unwanted issues, we recommend Round Trip Tickets to avoid confusion. If flying a different route home, get familiar with the connecting airport to avoid missing your connection. Always be sure that you have everything planned, and be sure that your trip coming back runs just as smooth as it did on the way there.


Thanks for choosing Luggage Base, we hope that this was helpful and we gave you some great ideas in scheduling your Holiday travel plans. We wish you and your loved ones a happy and safe experience this holiday season, Travel Safe!


“Sudan is not really a country at all, but many. A composite layers, like a genetic fingerprint of memories that were once fluid, but have since crystallized out from the crucible of possibility” Jamal Mahjoub a Sudanese novelist




South Sudan, it seems like a world apart to most of the western civilization. Most modern media push only the hot-button issues, completely underselling and overlooking the plight the Sudanese people face. Groups like SELF Sudan strive to bring education and a better life the the Sudanese. Luggage Base is proud to partner with SELF Sudan and their continued drive to be one of the most influential and effective groups in the region.


South Sudan is a country located in North West Africa bordering the Red Sea. Years of war, unstable governments, and corrupt allocation of resources all have resulted in South Sudan being one the most underdeveloped countries in the entire world. The Sudanese people and citizens however have persevered, by their spirit, their heart, and their dedication to building a better future for themselves and their loved ones. Like most of Sudanese people they only wish for a day when they can receive better education for their families, the Sudanese people and groups like SELF Sudan are doing everything in their power to try and achieve this goal.



Doing everything they can to help, groups like SELF Sudan are at the forefront of advocating aid to help the Sudanese help themselves. These brave men and women help South Sudan by becoming real life change agents for the greater good. Self Sudan’s belief “that meaningful transformation is inspired from within, rather than imposed from without” is what makes them unique and special. Reaching for Community stability within 6 years, SELF Sudan is realistic in their expectations and ambitious with their approach. Their objectives are straightforward and simple; providing families in South Sudan with education, building literacy among those effected by the conflict, cultivate gender equality in South Sudan, and establish sustainable, community-based, high-impact education models that can be scaled in other communities throughout South Sudan.


SELF Sudan has seen great success in the past and we are happy to announce they have opened up their first school in 2012, Malualdit Ayeit Academy. Located in the heart of Ayeit community on the Malualdit Cattle Camp, enrollment opened in August, the school currently has 70 students and 5 teachers. With only 2 classrooms currently, 8 additional classrooms, an administrative office, public bathrooms, and a storage room are all factored into the long term plan for Ayeit Academy.


Students 3Students with new Backpacks










LuggageBase understands the need for global thinking in today’s modern world. We are proud to partner with SELF Sudan and provide assistance to the Sudanese in their attempt to build a better future from inside their own country. Luggage Base donates 104 backpacks and some heavy duty Eagle Creek Duffel Bags for transport to South Sudan.  This small gesture to SELF Sudan is our way of helping students transport heavy books and supplies, but mostly to provide a dependable bag for these kids who are in need of a bag that will not break down easy. We value the work  SELF Sudan does for not only the Sudanese people but the entire world, we would like to thank them for their continued commitment to doing the right thing and helping South Sudan catch up with the rest of the developed African nations.



IMG_2872Joe Williams has personally worked with the Director and founder of SELF Sudan Nyuol Tong in packing Backpacks to send to South Sudan. Nyuol Tong, a former South Sudanese refugee uses his past experience to fuel his continued drive to bring education and prosperity to South Sudan. His desire to help his fellow man is a shining example of how anyone can make a difference and help those in need.