November, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! We hope everyone is either settled in, almost done, or on their last leg of travel. We know that for some unfortunate  people, the timing of the storm in the North East could not have come at a worse time. CNN has already reported mid afternoon delays for LaGuardia, John F. Kennedy and Newark-Liberty airports (1), with more delays as the day continues. If you are stuck in a terminal waiting out a delay, already done, or checking updates for loved ones who are expected today we are here to help. Read below for how to stay informed on up to the minute travel conditions, how to get gift ideas without raising suspicion, Thanksgiving activities, and much more.




Updates for Today’s Delays 11/27/13

Some things are inevitable, the rising and setting of the sun, death, taxes, and airport issues on major holidays. Not wanting to be outdone by her past, mother nature has decided that this week would be the perfect time for a North Eastern Storm. Today, with technology being readily available in our pockets and purses, we can now track a storms progress to see how it will affect our plans at the push of a button. I would suggest for up to the minute flight information, this way you can be sure to see when the scheduled dealys are so you can prepare appropriately. Looking for more up to the date information, I would suggest Twitter, and more specifically #ThanksgivingTravel for up to the second updates from people just like you. Also be sure to follow the airports official twitter account for up to the minute updates from the airport officials themselves. A Computer Briefcase or Laptop Sleeve will be your new best friend on a long delay, be sure to bring magazines, books, an Mp3 Player, a tablet, or a personal computer, because you never know how long you may be waiting for.


What to do while waiting for dinner

Finally, you arrived at your destination and unfortunately you are dead on your feet from a day full of traveling. Now is the time to unwind and get a little extra R & R done, because tomorrow, well lets be honest, tomorrow is going to be a real busy one. Beginning as soon as you wake up in the morning, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to many families marks the unofficial start to Thanksgiving each year. An American Tradition to many, this parade is a special event that attracts tons of people from all around the world who look forward to the colorful balloons and great music every year. Be sure to get your morning coffee and a nice spot by the TV, to check out all the cool and unique float designs for 2013. For the more active individual, unofficial Turkeys Bowls can be found at most parks, school yards, and makeshift football fields. An annual 2 hand touch football game is the perfect way to bring family and friends together, while simultaneously promoting team building. Build up that Thanksgiving appetite and be sure you don’t feel bad when reaching for that 3rd helping of mashed potatoes.

*Insiders Tip- Scheduling Annual sporting events around major holidays is a great way to stay in touch with old friends. Everyone traditionally comes home for the holidays to see family, so planning an annual reunion game is something that everyone will look forward to.


Digging For Clues

Show off your foresight by using this time to get some great clues and hints for the upcoming December Holidays. Giving the gift of cash is reserved for uncles on birthdays, giving a gift card can be the best way to say that you had no idea what to get them, Christmas-shopper-frustrated-200x300and testing your luck and shopping blind will be sure to get you the awkward, “You shouldn’t have” because you probably REALLY shouldn’t have. Try and dig up some info on that hard to shop for person on your list with a few basic questions to get you headed into the right direction. I would recommend shifting the small talk to future plans. For instance if they are getting ready to become a new college student, a reliable Laptop backpack is a must, an individual who loves to travel always needs Reliable Eagle Creek Adventure Luggage, and an elder family member might be in need of an update to their travel security. Always be sure to keep your ears open, nothing is worse than calling a loved one on Christmas Eve and asking them for help.



Bringing Back Food and Drinks

If this year you are having Pumpkin Pie so good you need to take it with you, we can help. TSA has set forth these guidelines for bringing back food and drinks on the plane, however we are here to help with a few other ways to get your favorite foods back home safe and sound. Got a favorite Sauce or seasoning, TSA 3-1-1 Tubes are your best bet, these little tube sets are TSA accepted and will pass screening with no issues, if you needs more I recommend setting yourself up with 1 set on your checked bag (always in a plastic container in case of spillage) and an additional set on your carry-on. Beer and Wine drinkers need extra precautions due to the highly stainable colors used. I personally transported 1 Bottle of Saku Porter and 1 Bottle of Spanish Rioja Red Wine successfully with zero damage to the bottles with the following precautions:

1 Wrapped the bottles in bubble wrap and then placed in a thick sock.bublewrapbottle-300x231

2 Placed the wrapped sock in heavy duty Zip lock bag and then placed that in another for 2 layers of protection

3 Finally placed each bottle in one heavy boot and stuffed the boot full of socks to hold in place and placed in the middle of the checked bag surrounded by soft clothing for shock protection


We hope that this was helpful and everyone is getting their last bit of traveling taken care of. We would love to hear back from our readers, If anyone has any comments, questions or concerns please post them below. Have a happy holiday season and Travel Safe from everyone here at Luggage Base!








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Do you have a lucky lady on your shopping list who enjoys seeing the world, someone who has always talked about traveling, someone who holiday-gift-guideloves to travel, or someone who is simply looking for that initial nudge to take the plunge and travel abroad. When you are shopping for that special girl in your life this holiday season, avoid getting her the same things you do for every other holiday. Chocolates, delicious but gone in a few days, Flowers, pretty for a few days and dead in a week, and Jewelry, have fun opening that Pandora’s Box. Trying to guess her correct ring size or picking a necklace that she will actually wear when she goes out can be a shopping nightmare. Whether you are shopping for your Grandma, Mom, Sister, Aunt, Girlfriend, Wife, or any other special woman in your life, be sure  to not drop the ball this holiday season with these great tips below. Still not sure, check out our extensive inventory of  Traveling Gifts For Her at great prices this holiday season.



For The Business Traveler

business-woman-travelingBusiness Travel is back! Despite having the convenience of new technology that allows us to hold multi location video conferences, Skype sessions from across the country, and international meetings at the click of a mouse, there will always be a need for conducting face to face business. Trying to learn from past budget mistakes, companies have altered their approach to business travel with special focus on minimizing expenses while maximizing output. Give that girl you care about a leg up versus the competition with this great 2 Piece Carry-On Set that includes a garment bag AND Rolling Notebook. This way, you can be sure that she can get her work done on the plane and will always look her best when she gets off. A great value, Remember, being prepared and professional can sometimes be the difference between getting that corner office versus the corner cubicle.



For The World Traveler

Passport-page-stamps-001Are you shopping for the female with a thirst for life, the traveler who understands that life is for the living, that there is a big wide world out there that is just waiting to be seen? Today International Travel has been streamlined so that any “Yank” can fly across the pond and see how the other side of the world lives at a relatively reasonable price. Not relying as much on air travel once you arrive, International Travel instead is done primarily by train, ship, or automobile. Showcase your Adventurous spirit when visiting another location with a great colorful option from Kipling. Named after the famed author of the Jungle Book, each bag has a collectible monkey key-chain and is designed to be both durable and stylish. These large bags are great for international travel due to their bright recognizable colors, spacious main compartments, extensive packing features, and rugged durability. Be sure that next time she stamps her passport, she has a bag that she can trust.


For The Student Abroad

istock_maica-7-female-student-standing-in-front-of-eiffel-tower-cIf you are preparing for an upcoming semester abroad, or have a loved one who might be, the idea of having a person special to you so far away can be nerve racking for both parties. Send them away with a special gift from home and show them that you are not only thinking about your own feelings, but you are thinking about her feelings also. Some items that we take for granted here in the states, we are unable to get ANYWHERE overseas. (I personally spent the better part of 3 Months searching Tallinn Estonia for Buffalo Style Hot Sauce with little to zero luck) Avoid this dilemma and keep her prepared for unique cuisine abroad by packing the sauces and flavors you know she cannot live without. I suggest the TSA approved 3-1-1 Tubes, I know it may not seem like a lot but having 3 ounces of Sriracha beats Zero ounces of Sriracha.



For The Backpacker

11.09.12-mjs_ft_female-travel_17018325_582_388Backpackers in today’s world need features that will maximize their travel experience while never adding extra strain on their back, neck or shoulders. In the past you only needed a nylon or denim sack, some back straps, an adventurous spirit, and you were good to go. Today’s modern explorers can still accomplish this, however, most of the time we do not pack so lightly for upcoming expeditions. Instead, we pack heavy for a variety of reasons ranging from our dependence on technology, to the basic fear of not packing enough clothes, blankets, supplies, etc. When choosing a bag to purchase a loved one, you need to do some research and find out what are the electronics that she can’t live without. Whether she needs a computer for work during downtime, a camera for taking photos, a smartphone for safety, or an Mp3 Player for her personal soundtrack, we need to take all of this into consideration when picking a backpack this holiday season. Tons of great options for any type of female backpacker, be sure to get her a Travel Backpack that she can count on.

*Insiders Tip: Combine Fashion and Function by picking a bag in her favorite color, Any girl that loves Pink is sure to love the Sharon from Samsonite


 For The Cowgirl

3000-sadFor the girl with her radio pre-sets on country and a cowboy hat hung in her room, nothing says Cowgirl like all leather luggage. Utilized because of its durability and the large population of cattle in the South Central United States, Leather is synonymous with Texas and more specifically with the Country Music Lifestyle. Check out our extensive collection of Duffels, Backpacks, Totes and Cases all in 100% authentic naked leather, and be happy you choose a bag that is designed to age beautifully over time. Wanting to provide only the best products available, we partner with Piel Leather to provide bags that are Genuine Leather with small imperfections that you only see from high quality authentic cowhides. Show off her country style with some great Leather Luggage this holiday season.



Now is the time to start planning and looking around, don’t be another holiday stereotype and purchase gifts the night before. Break away from the routine and really wow her this holiday season. Sill not sure, check out these great specials on amazing Traveling Gifts for Her and get her something that she can use time and time again. We hope we were able to give you guys some help this year, Travel Safe.






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Girl-Giving-Valentine-GiftWe are done with the first full week of November and the holiday season is fast approaching. We know that the smart shoppers are getting their holiday shopping out of the way early and avoiding that stereotypical holiday rush. Sadly, we also know how tough it is shopping for the guys in your life. When shopping for your Husband, Boyfriend, Father, Brother, Son, Co-Worker, or any other guy in your life we know that we are not always easy. Unless we have something special in mind we can usually be heard giving one of the following four fun phrases, “Get me whatever”, “I don’t Care”, “I’m sure I will like anything you buy” or my personal favorite, “I don’t need anything this Christmas so don’t worry about it”. Think outside the regular constraints of giving the gifts of sports, food, or video games and instead be a rockstar this holiday season with these great gift ideas below. Still not sure, check out our extensive inventory of great Traveling Gifts For Him and find exactly what you are looking for while not breaking your budget.


For the Business Traveler 

As the economy bounces back, business travel also begins to see extended use. Not exactly as we remember it, companies now are trying article_zoom_1624_4to pinch pennies any way they can by sending their reps out with economy class tickets and hotel rooms that are smaller than ever. If he is a frequent business traveler you may want to look at getting him a reliable bag that won’t break down or rip open and leave him picking up his socks off cobblestones in a foreign country. SwissGear offers great products with the Swiss’ Dedication to craftsmanship at an affordable price. Is he more of a cowboy, Piel Leather offer 100% Real Naked Leather that has durability you can feel and Leather that will absorb the oils from his hands and give the bag a classic aged look with time. Need a bag for you, take advantage of the great deal on our luggage sets and keep a bag for yourself, we promise we won’t tell if you don’t.


For The World Traveler

With airline prices becoming more affordable, the ability to see the world is within the financial grasp of many more people than ever before. Traditionally being more adventurous, these travelers tend to take the beaten path more often and are more prone to experiencing life at it’s fullest. Getting them something to document their experiences can add perspective to their travels and maybe one day will be an award winning travel journal! Is he more visual, protect his camera, tablet, or computer with a great electronics case so that his trip is not dampened by a cracked screen.

*Insider Guy Tip- If he doesn’t already use a camera he most likely won’t just because you buy him one. Get him something that you know he will use on his travels and avoid the awkward moment when you know he doesn’t like the gift you purchased.


For the Student Abroad

More specialized than most other types travelers, Students spending the semester abroad is seen more often due to their desire to 30998-All-In-One-World-Travel-Power-Adapter-For-Europe-Uk-Usa-Australia-T88-From-Chinawholesale365-1see the world before settling down to find a job after college. Most College students today realize that the job market is in high competition and they may never again get the chance to spend extended time in a foreign country. Having just graduated, I have seen many peers and friends take advantage of this experience by visiting countries such as Spain, Australia, and The UK. Unfortunately however, I have also seen one problem happen to each of them individually. Each person learned after they made this rookie mistake but almost everyone makes it once either by accident or by ignorance. Make sure he knows this simple rule: DON’T PLUG IN YOUR ELECTRONICS STRAIGHT INTO THE WALLS, I repeat, DO NOT PLUG YOUR ELECTRONICS STRAIGHT INTO THE WALLS. Send him on his trip with the proper power adapter for the country he is going to. Nothing will fry a brand new Ipad faster then a good old fashioned power surge, be sure that he is protected with this simple yet necessary travel accessory.


 For The Backpacker


Nothing says independence, spontaneity, and confidence in yourself more than planning a trip with only the items on your back. Backpacking has been a way travelers have seen the world since backpacks first appeared on the market. Today many different options backpacker-7are available for any type of traveler with an extensive variety of styles and materials. If he is looking for a massive high quality Leather Duffel with a shoulder strap, no problem. Need to keep your hands free and your bag secure, High Sierra offers a pack that makes a bold statement and will always perform. Maybe he’s more fun in the sun, keep that Wet suit separate with the Oakley Waterman pack. Plenty of options no matter what his outdoor activity of choice is.


For The Cliché Family Vacation Announcement

Never missing the chance to incorporate my love of old time Clichés, this was always what i hoped would happen every holiday season. Buying a Family Set of luggage and wrapping it under the tree can be the perfect set-up to surprise either that special person in your life or your entire family. By setting them up to be the last gifts you give your loved ones, you can smoothly mention how they missed one last gift set, set it in front of them and watch as they open the boxes and wonder why you would ever buy them Luggage. For added suspense I suggest placing the boarding passes or ticket confirmation in the front pocket and having them read it aloud to you, hearing a persons voice break as they connect the dots can be a priceless holiday memory you hold onto forever.


I hope this was helpful to all the people trying to buy gifts for the guys in their lives. And behalf on all of us, we are sorry we are so hard to shop for, I hope this helped get the ideas flowing. Still having trouble, check out our inventory for great Traveling Gifts For Him this Holiday Season and get him something that he will always use and leave him wondering how he ever survived without you. Have a Great Holiday Season and as always, Travel Safe.




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