January, 2014

Hello, good afternoon, and better yet, Happy Friday! We hope everyone has had a nice and relaxing week, and is looking forward to Superbowl Sunday for the commercials, finger foods, friends, halftime show, oh, and I guess they are also going to be playing the game too. For this weeks blog we have another Brand New Line for 2014, The PC4 Collection from Hartmann Luggage. Born 1877, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Hartmann Luggage has always tried to establish themselves as a premier provider for American style bags, trunks, and luggage. Beautifully designed while never compromising the practical packing space that travelers have come to expect, Hartmann Luggage has always been the go-to luggage for even the most critical travelers looking for durable options that will not bust their Travel Budget. Check out this full review on the PC4 Hardsided collection and see why the 4 layers of tough polycarbonate are not the only thing that make this luggage line stand out from the rest.

New Logo Black(EST 1877)

1. Appearance

 PC4 GroupThe biggest knock on hardsided luggage is that, it may look great in the store, but after one rough trip in the real world, that glossy polycarbonate finish is going to be roughed up and scratched. Think that PC4 is just a fancy name, think that this is just like like all the others, Think Again! Standing for 4 Layers of Polycarbonate, PC4 Luggage has an exterior that is made from a revolutionary new process that layers the polycarbonate on top of each other and has resulted in an exterior that is virtually scratch proof! More than just a tough shell, Hartmann believes that your luggage should do more than just carry your clothes. Viewing luggage instead as a virtual style accessory, Hatmann has outfitted their PC4 Line with Faux Leather Trim to give the bags a more elegant appearance, while also reinforcing the corners to ensure maximum durability at the bags most vulnerable spots. Peace of mind when traveling is a must, and this bag doesn’t disappoint, enjoy the complete confidence that comes with luggage you trust to always looks amazing and performs even better. Click the link here and see for yourself how this stunning and dependable hardsided option stands up to tough rigors of  an Urban Jungle like New York City. Elegant style that is virtually scratch proof, Final Grade: A-

2. Features

Expandable Garment Bag Spinner Midnight Alternative Photo 3Wanting to provide more than simply a tough PolyCarbonate Exterior, Hartmann has fully equipped their PC4 Line with all benefits Spinner HS International Carry On black raspberry openthat you have come to expect from Hartmann, while still ensuring they stay Lighter than their competitors. Enjoy superior mobility in almost any travel situation, the 4 spinner wheels are multidirectional for full 360 degrees of mobility and work with the telescoping handle to take the strain off your back, arms, and shoulders when moving with the luggage. Plenty of interior packing pockets for keeping your items organized, utilize the zippered pockets, adjustable tie down straps, or the mesh interior pockets to ensure you pack the bag exactly how you need and always stay efficiently organized. Do you value bags that give you options as opposed to sizes, today’s travelers are looking for personal bags that fit their unique needs, and Hartmann has answered the call. By offering Traditional suitcases in addition to options such as the Garment Bag Spinner (Seen On the Left) or the International Carry On Spinner (Seen on the Right), Hartmann has allowed Travelers of all disconcerting styles to take advantage of the PC4 Polycarbonates. Plenty of packing options, an full 360 degrees of effortless mobility with the wheel and handle system, and plenty of interior pockets for any trip or wardrobe you may be planning to take. Final Grade: B+

3. Durability

One of the most dependable, longest lasting, and efficiently designed bags I have ever seen, this bag was designed with allusions to the past, to a time when luggage was built like PC4 625 Close Black Raspberrytanks, and Ads tried to show us that Gorillas were the real reason behind our damaged luggage. New for 2014, Hartmann is proud to introduce the new PC4 line that made from 100% virgin polycarbonate that is more dense than other poly-carbonates but just as light. Efficient and Ruggedly Dependable, this is one of the toughest hardsided exteriors ever crafted and has quality you can feel despite its lightweight feel. Made from a brand new process that layers tough Poly-carbonates atop each other, the PC4 Line has 4 layers of polycarbonate that make the exterior Virtually Scratch proof and also helps to keep the glossy finish looking great trip after trip. Not convinced, Hartmann sure is. They back their PC4 Line with an Industry Leading 10 Year Warranty, that goes to show that they indeed stand by their products. Revolutionary new exterior, with a warranty that you can feel confident in. Final Grade: A-

4. Final Grade

More durable, and somehow still lighter than the competition. The PC4 line is one of the most unique and strongest hardsided options I have ever come across. With an exterior this tough, it is hard to imagine how they ever got the bags so light. Not the only shining feature about this line, the bags come with plenty of packing space and options for any traveler no matter where you plan on visiting. Gorgeously designed, ruggedly dependable, with a revolutionary new exterior made from 4 layers of Tough Poly Carbonate, The PC4 Collection from Hartmann Luggage is some of the most well designed hardsided luggage we have ever carried. Final Grade: A-

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Spinner HS Carry On 21 locksExpandable Garment Bag Spinner Midnight open

Hello, and we know by now it sounds cliché, but we still hope you are staying warm. After an unseasonally warm winter in 2013, this year, the cold seems to be dragging on as storm after storm continues to dump snow on us coast to coast.  If you’re lucky enough to have a few inches of nice fluffy powder, we hope you are out there enjoying it. BUT, if you are like myself and despise the cold, I hope you are nice and warm as your routine has now transitioned to Hot Chocolate, Warm Coffee, and catching up on some Netflix. For the blog this week we would like to show you a brand new product from Oakley, The Works Computer Bag. World renown as a lifestyle and action sports brand, Oakley has now branched out into the Tech Bag Market and has hit the ground running with their new products for 2014. Durable and full featured for the needs of the modern tech professional of today, check out our full review for the inside scoop on the Works Collection Computer Bag from Oakley right here with Luggage Base.


1. Appearance

Sleek and subtle, this bag is what we call a “Sleeper” due to the fact that it  masks all the great benefits and features this bag has with works-computer-bag-2basic, yet efficiently purposeful exterior styling. The front accessory pocket is close to the bag not to add extra depth, yet still large enough to support the internal organizer and has enough space to keep plenty of accessories you may need while on the go. Flip the bag around to see the over the handle sleeve that allows the bag to secure against the handle of any wheeled luggage and is perfect for keeping the bag in place when navigating a busy terminal. The carry handle is padded and reinforced to ensure it is both comfortable and will not break causing your precious contents to drop and incur damage. Not done by mistake, the designers at Oakley have created a bag that was purposefully crafted to cradle your laptop and tablet for maximum protection while not being overly flashy or cumbersome. Not a fan of traditional carrying, utilize the adjustable shoulder strap to take the strain off your wrists and hands for more convenient carrying. Wrapped in easy to clean and highly durable Polyester, this bag is not only easy to maintain, it will last for many years with standard care only and no extra rubs, oils, or ointments. Final Grade: B

2. Features

works-computer-bag-5Fully Featured and ready for whatever you may need it for. The Oakley Works Computer Bag was works-computer-bag-7designed to be your main workhorse bag in any and all situations. Built to safely and securely transport even your most precious electronics, this bag comes with two separate padded tech sleeves that fit most but not all 15″ Laptops and 10″ Tablets. Get through TSA Checkpoints swiftly and easily, the large storage compartment splits open for easy access to your electronics when you need to get by a security checkpoint. Not wanting to be outshined, the larger front main compartment is also very spacious, and contains 2 Velcro Accessory pockets as well as a removable accessory pocket (Seen on The Right) for cables, cords, and chargers. The back main compartment is very easy to access due to the fully openable back compartment, (viewed on the left) this bag is ideal for bloggers, business professionals, or anyone else who requires quick and easy access to their electronics when in Transit. Final Grade: A-

3. Durability

With Oakley, you know quality comes with the O, and the Works computer bag is no different. By sticking to Oakley’s High works-computer-bag-4Standards for performance and dependability, this all-in-one mobile office has separated itself from cheap impersonators by offering a product that is tested and users can count on. Oakley’s Statement of Integrity states that their products are made with uncompromising standards of quality and they pride themselves in offering superior levels of customer service in each and every product they produce. By combining Oakley’s already stellar standards in addition to the added steps they took such as the padded exterior, padded laptop sleeve, padded shoulder strap and reinforced handle, this bag is one of the most dependable you will find anywhere. Perfect for a day on campus, a day in the city, or as a everyday computer bag, you will be glad you went with the added protection the Works Computer Bag offers the first time your bag accidentally makes contact and still shines like new. With Oakley’s tried and true quality you count on in addition to the standard 90 day warranty Oakley offers, this bag is ready for whatever you may need it for. Final Grade: B

4. Final Grade

One of the most capable bags we have ever had the chance to review, the Oakley Works Computer Bag is ready for virtually anything. Designed for the tech professional of today, this bag is prepared for whatever computer you prefer using be it a Tablet, Kindle, Laptop, or even a smartphone. Great for getting to your items when you are on the go, the easily reachable pockets ideally work in the field for when you need your laptop or Tablet at a moments notice. With all the features that outfit the bag, the superior padded protection, as well as the real world functionality we are sure this bag is going to be utilized by many business professionals who require a trendy computer bag that will never hold them back. We give the Oakley Works Computer Bag a Final Grade: B

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samsonite-LIFT2014Some of the lightest most durable luggage ever created, Samsonite LIFT Luggage is now up to 70% off!


Lightweight Innovations For Travel, aka LIFT luggage is not only easy on the scales, it is built to last. The Tricore Polyester is resistant to abrasion and is easy to clean and maintain with simple polyester cleaner. The 4 Spinner Wheels located along the bottom of the bag are free spinning and offer full 360 degree mobility when utilized with the Telescoping handle. Built to last the LIFT collection comes with a 10 year warranty from Samsonite so you can rest assured your bag is going to be a travel buddy of yours for years to come. Check out these great sizes and colors before they are all gone, Light Meets Might with the LIFT Collection from Samsonite.

Hello and we hope hope you are staying warm this week and using January to thaw out. For this weeks blog, we would like to take the time to address one of the most important things to consider when traveling, safety. Safety and Security should be the most important thing you consider when preparing to travel and should always be taken into consideration before you book your next flight. We would like to go over Security essentials for 2014, things like the difference between Safety Domestic Vs. Safety Abroad, RFID What is it and why should I be protected, Travel Locks, Nets, Tags, and much more. So lets get started and lets get you prepared for safe travels in 2014!


Safety Domestic VS. Safety Abroad

IMG_4123Sadly, the statement on the bricks above is very true. No matter what Country, City, or Hemisphere, you are planning to see in 2014, you can be sure that they have their own version of street crime. Seen more often each and every year, The new trend in traveling is having your Credit Card and Passport information stolen while still still in your pocket! (See RFID Section for more Info) Always prepare for possible theft when traveling, preparation and planning can be the difference between a worry free vacation and dealing with Identity Theft for the next year and a half. Simple solutions can be used in most major cities to avoid the rookie mistake. Turn that Backpack into a “FrontPack” (Seen on the Right), when going into highly congested areas such as New York City, Rome, Paris, Madrid, or Barcelona (Voted #1 Worst City for pickpockets in 2014) and be sure no one can get into your bag without your knowledge. Ladies, I suggest purses stay zipped shut and under the arm. Purse snatching is still a threat yes, but I suggest this precaution due to the increased skill that pickpockets show today. The simple “Bump n Lift” Technique you see on movies and TV is completely neutralized by a regular, everyday zipper closing. Always keep wallets, cell phones, and and room keys in a hidden pocket or in your front pocket if you have no other alternative. People brush against your backside everyday in a busy tourist location, so guys I know it feels comfy, but get that wallet out of your back pocket and into your front one, You will thank me later.

RFID What is it and how to protect yourself


Do yourself a favor, Watch this video above. RFID is the latest way people are getting their credit information and identity stolen, all while never rfid-walleteven having to take their cards out of their pockets. Standing for Radio Frequency IDentification, this new technology puts your Credit cards, Debit cards, as well as any US Passports made after 2006 all at risk for potential theft. Avoid this potential catastrophic headache with RFID Blockers from Eagle Creek and Travelon to ensure you are always protected. These comfortable security accessories have RFID blocking internal components that break up the signal when it is being duplicated to ensure complete peace of mind even in the busiest cities. Finally be able to Travel to technological meccas such as Japan, Estonia, Sweden, and Germany with complete confidence that your credit information is safe and sound in your Travel Wallet. Plenty of options such as neck wallets, fanny packs, and traditional wallets, be sure to pick one up so when you move your items from your regular to your travel wallet, you know you are always free to bring all your credit cards free of worry.

Travel Security Broken Down

tsaThe Term Travel Security has taken a much more broad definition in recent years. Before, the term Travel Security conjured up images of locked luggage, personalized Luggage Tags, and RipStop Luggage Nets. Today, Travel Security brings up images of TSA, long lines, and outrageous security measures that require even the most harmless travelers to be treated with suspicion. We would like to take you back to the former, before travel security was viewed as it is today, back when staying safe was quick and easy. Always be prepared for whatever life may throw your way with simple and easy ways to secure your luggage like Travel Security essentials from Luggage Base. Simple accessories like 3 Dial Travel locks and Bright Colored Luggage Tags are cheap and efficient ways to help you keep your items safe, and easily recognizable in a busy luggage claim crowd. Most premium luggage today comes with built in TSA approved Travel Locks that are easy to operate and discourage potential theft, simply look for the red TSA approved logo seen on the left and be sure your lock is of the highest quality and will not be cut by TSA professionals. Be sure you can always spot your luggage on the baggage belt with Bright colored Luggage Tags like these. With majority of luggage going under the black or blue color scheme, make sure that you spot yours as soon as it comes down the chute with Big bright Tags of your favorite color.

*Insider Travelers Tip: Got a Crafty member of your party, wrap ribbons of your two favorite colors on the handles and be 100% sure that the suitcase with the Pink and White ribbons is yours


Thank you for Joining us this week. If you have any questions, comments, or anything else you wish to share please feel free to post below, we love to hear back from our readers. Have a Great Weekend & Travel Safe!

In today’s modern traveling landscape, efficiency is the name of the game. In 2012 Surprise Bag fees on domestic flights accounted for over $3.5 Billion spent by weary travelers, with 2013 expected to rocket even higher! Trying to give travelers a little assistance and save them some money in the process, Samsonite is proud to introduce their lightest Softsided Luggage on the market, The LIFTwo Collection. Lighter than ever, the LIFTwo Collection is on average 8 ounces lighter versus the original LIFT, (The Previous record holder as Samsonite’s lightest Softsided Luggage) and is very dependable no matter what trip you may be planning for 2014. Definitely worth checking out, these bags are the perfect travel bags for any adventurer no matter if you travel once a week or once a season. Check out this in-depth Luggage Review of the LIFTwo Line from Samsonite and see why Smart Travelers save money by choosing Samsonite.


1. Appearance

model with liftwoPractically styled with sleek features that flow with the bags design, the LIFTwo Collection from Samsonite is one of the most simple and practical options available. By combining simple style, lightweight benefits, and Samsonite’s tried and true craftsmanship, substance 25 spinner openSamsonite has developed one of the more durable options on the market today. For example, the top and side carry handles are woven into the side instead of fastened via a metal rivet for a flowing appearance that looks great and will not break down until the bag does. This simple and efficient feature is a great way to increase the bags life and simultaneously keep the sleek style understated and simple. The Smooth rolling airflow wheels on the Spinner Uprights are multi-directional and offer near effortless mobility in almost any terminal. The Wheeled Garment bag and Boarding Bag come with two wheels and rubber feet located on the front of the bag to ensure they never tip over or roll away. Wrapped in durable Denier Nylon that will hide dirt and keep your items safe and sound, the Black, Blue, or Red Color Options are sure to look great no matter what great adventure your luggage is just coming from. Practical, Sleek, and Colorful. Final Grade: B 

2. Features

More than just a lightweight option for your next trip, Samsonite has instead taken everything that travelers loved about their LIFT line handleand used it as the foundation to build upon for their new LIFTwo Collection. Don’t get us wrong, this is one of the LIGHTEST lines we have ever seen, the Carry-on Upright comes in weighing under 7 lbs! With plenty of practical and smart benefits such as the hanger hook Bracket, external pocket, and Wetpak pockets in the wheeled garment bag, you can see each bag offers their own unique features and style. Not wanting to be outshined, the Wheeled Boarding Bag comes equipped with a padded laptop compartment that fits most 15.6″ laptops as well as internal compression straps to keep your contents organized and efficient. Each bag is designed to be carried by the reinforced carry handles and not the top Telescoping handle, the bags come with top, side, and bottom carry handles to ensure no awkward carrying angles and maximize the life of the telescoping handle. Final Grade: B

3. Durability

Wheeled Boarding Bag WheelsRemember that just because something is lightweight, does not mean it is flimsy! The LIFTwo line from Samsonite is not only light, it is intelligently constructed. Extremely resilient to damage despite the lightweight feel, these bags are designed to maintain their high durability while simultaneously cutting extra ounces to ensure you stay under the 50 lbs limit. Tough as nails, the body is constructed of Air Expanded Polyethylene that is lighter than previous versions and much stronger. Don’t worry about the outside getting dirty and damaged, the Denier nylon exterior is lightweight, easy to maintain, and hides scratches/scuffs so your bag looks great time and time again. The Carry handles are sewn-in, instead of riveted, helping to extended handle life on each bag. The in line wheels on the 2 wheeled bags are set-in and safe from potential external impact damage, these bags are designed to travel just as often as you do and never hold you back. Dedicated to dependability no matter what the bag may weigh, Samsonite has been standing by their products since their humble beginnings in 1910. Still honoring this tradition, the new LIFTwo line comes with a 10 year limited warranty from Samsonite, Final Grade: B+

4. Final Grade

One of the tougher lines we have ever had to grade, this line is going to be a dream come true to some travelers who are looking for theCarry-On Wheeled Garment Bag open Carry-On Wheeled Garment Bag redlightest possible luggage that will hold up to the rigors and stress of everyday travel. Taking everything into consideration, The LIFTwo line from Samsonite is one of the more durable lightweight options available in 2014 or in any year for that matter. With it’s 10 year warranty, Tough Denier Nylon Exterior and Stronger Air Expanded Polyethylene frame, this is sure to be one of the strongest, lightest bags you have ever seen. Not just lightweight, the practical features have no extra bells and whistles to weigh you down on your travels. Unique to the Individual Travel needs of many differing travelers,  each bag has their own unique individual style and benefits such as the padded laptop sleeve in the Boarding Bag, Hanger Bracket with the Wheeled Garment Bag (Pictured on the Right and Left), or the Airflow spinner wheel system used on the Spinner Upright suitcases, so your new bag is exactly the style you need. Easy on the eyes with three distinct color options for any type of traveler, we give the LIFTwo Line from Samsonite a Final Grade: B

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Hello, Good morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, or even possibly goodnight. No matter what time zone you are in or where you are reading this, it is about that time for our Weekly Travel Blog. With the release of the 4th annual 2014 LonelyPlanet.com Top Travel Destinations, it got us thinking, what if your ready to travel, but not quite ready to go out of the country? Maybe you’re new to traveling and excited about the prospect of a first time experience, maybe your New Years Resolution was to see more of the USA, or maybe you just simply want to get a break from your regular routine. Whatever the reason we applaud your adventurous spirit, we would like to reward your travel tenacity by sharing  our list of the Top 7 Domestic Destinations to check out in 2014, So sit back, relax, enjoy and remember “A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” -Lao Tzu 

*Insider Traveler Tip: Buy Tickets in Advance to save hundreds on ticket cost

1. Boston, MA


Starting off in the North East, Boston Mass, has been one of the most influential and exciting cities in the USA since the 1700’s. A big tourist destination for a large number travelers, Boston is particularly special to fans of American history, American baseball, the story of our Independence, and of course, for people who want to see the biggest St. Patricks day Party in the States. 2014 however, marks the year of Boston Strong. This mantra was adopted by the city after the tragic events that occurred during the 2013 Boston Marathon. In honor of the tragedy and the deaths of 3 innocent victims, Boston is planning on holding the 2014 Race to showcase the city’s fighting spirit, toughness, and most of all to show the world that they will never let anyone take away their freedom in the city they love and call home.

2. Central Coast, CA


Coming in second, is the beautifully diverse and unspoiled Central Coast of California. Long been seen as a fly over location due to being almost directly between LA (200 Miles away) and San Francisco (220 Miles away), the Central Coast has been growing each year due to its beauty, culture, weather, and of course, the friendly people.  Beautifully laid out, the central coast has something for everyone no matter what kind of scenery you enjoy. Described by the locals as half beach bums, half cowboys, with a nice mix of winery fans, the central coast is a great melting pot of many differing cultures. For the beach lovers, Pismo and Avila Beach are great options for some fun in the sun for the entire family. Looking for a more rural setting,  Paso Robles, Lopez Lake, and Huasna Valley are all great places to see scenery and enjoy the great ranches California has to offer. See Edna Valley for the best Wineries in California next to Nappa.  Many travelers have even gone so far as to say that they prefer Edna Valley due to the friendly culture, lack of pressure on tourism, and especially the lack of traditional wine snobs. Avoid the big city bustle, and instead come check out the Laid Back atmosphere California is known for.

3. New Jersey


Looking to bounce back in a big way, New Jersey seems to be pulling out all the stops in 2014 to get travelers to the Garden State. Kickoff 2014 Literally, and metaphorically, with Super Bowl XLVIII in Metlife Stadium home of the New York Giants in East Rutherford. Not a big sports fan, no problem, for fun for all ages look no further than the legendary Jersey Shore. Trying to rebuild after two years of heartbreak courtesy of Hurricane Sandy and a blaze that almost destroyed the boardwalk, The Jersey Shore is using 2014 to show off their cities resilience and dedication to the boardwalk they love. Affordable, easily reachable by plane or car, and fun for the entire family, be sure to put New Jersey on your list of places to see in 2014.

4. Yosemite National Park, CA


2014 marks not only the year of the Horse, but it also marks the 150 year Anniversary of the Yosemite Grant Act first enacted in 1864. The Grant, which established the boundaries and protected the wild land for life, is one of the most historically significant grants ever established and is a testament to our love of the outdoors. Come see the events, programs, and fun filled activities that are planned for the celebration and be happy you broke away from your traditional routine this year. Put down the tech and let mother nature show you why the greatest images in life, never come off a computer screen.

5. Washington DC


Still feeling the sting from the recent government shutdown, Washington DC is looking ahead to 2014 as a chance to start fresh and bring some new and positive energy into the Nations Capital. No longer the cellar dwellers of the past, DC Sports today have been on the upswing in recent years, The Capitals, The Wizards, and the new upstart Washington Nationals are all sure to be competitive this season. An affordable sporting event to see live, You can catch a Capitals NHL Game and see one of the worlds best players, Alexander Ovechkin, while not breaking the bank to get good seats. Not a sports fan, check out The Smithsonian Museums and National Monuments to touch up on your American History. See the Iconic Lincoln Memorial, Climb to the Top of the Washington Monument, and even get a White House Tour by the Secret Service, you can do it all and much more in 2014 in our Nations Capital.

6. Denver, CO


One of the most forward thinking and progressive states in the country, Colorado is bracing itself for a huge year in 2014. Making headlines for their recent passing of the law for the legal sale of Marijuana, Colorado is much more than simply a place to go for new laws. Cited as one of the most important cities in the Beer Renaissance of today, Colorado is a Craft Beer lovers Mecca. Due in large part to the many craft breweries that line downtown, Denver is also the site of the annual Great American Beer Festival held each Fall. Looking for activity, Denver not only hosts some of the best sports teams in Colorado, they are hosting the 2014 International Lacrosse Championship. Come see one of America’s fastest growing sports host it’s Annual Championship and see best in the world talent, at bottom of the barrel prices.

7. Florida


Make 2014 the year to enjoy the beautiful beaches, great people, and phenomenal cuisine that makes the sunshine state of Florida one of a kind. More affordable than ever for a family vacation, the average hotel rates in 2014 are down 7% compared to 2013. Be the first to check out brand new rides at the two most popular parks in the United States. Disney World & Universal Studios, both plan to roll out brand new additions to their parks in 2014 that are sure to excite even the most experienced thrill seeker. Too old for parks, Ultra Fest in Miami Florida is known as one of the, if the THE biggest electronic music festival in the world. Too old for those, Don’t worry, Florida still has some of the best beaches in the world to see. Take a stroll down the shore and take in all the amazing sights an sounds that world famous South Beach has to offer. Just be sure to keep your eyes in front of you, with some of the most expensive Super-cars lining the streets, the beautiful people in beach wear, and the bright colors of Miami’s fashion all on full display, be careful you don’t walk into a palm tree by mistake.

*Insider Travelers Tip- If planning to visit Miami, Fly to Ft. Lauderdale Airport to save money and avoid the large crowds that are sure to be at Miami Airport. Located less than 30 miles from each other, This Author Saved $100 on a flight from LA to Miami by switching to Ft. Lauderdale Airport, Same Day, Same Time, Same Carrier, But A Much Better Price!

Have a safe and happy 2014 from all of us here at Luggage Base!

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