February, 2014

As February winds down and the winter season continues to bring cold weather and plenty of precipitation, we know it is never too early to begin planning a fun filled trip in March to celebrate the end of the cold season. A trip full of fun in the sun, good friends or family, and away from the office, Of course we are talking Spring Break. For this month’s entry we want to take a lighter approach, allow us to show off some great photos and destinations to get your mind off the cold of today and thinking to the warm adventures of tomorrow. Great destinations for spring break families, What to pack on your trip, and of course how to balance Work vs. Play. So strap on the flip flops, put on your favorite Beach album, and sit back as we dive into this weeks entry.



1. Family Friendly Destinations

We know the stereotypical thoughts that occur when you think of Spring Break. We know a lot of people picture MTV, Drunk and disorderly college students, and that terrible Selena Gomez Movie. Well I am here to tell you that luckily, there is a lot more to Spring Break than the list above. Spring Break offers the perfect opportunity to get away from the crazy fast paced life that you have at work or school by taking the time to focus instead on rest and relaxation. For the family looking to avoid the large crowds and loud noises that are seen on tourist friendly beaches, this might be the best chance you have to try your first annual family cruise. With great rates for the entire family, Cruise lines are becoming more affordable and more family friendly than ever. Looking for a life experience your family will remember forever, get to the Grand Canyon in early Spring to beat the Summer time rush and get to see the Majestic Canyon before the summer months bring the high temperatures and flocks of tourists. Permits are required for overnight stay but the life experience make the cost worth every penny. Come see one of the nations most prized natural treasures first hand, or if you are feeling really adventurous, rent a donkey and go for a cliff side ride that you will stay in your mind forever. Just be sure you have high quality travel bags that are made for the rough and tumble travel that accompanies life outdoors, I recommend Eco-Friendly Kontiki Luggage due to its high degree of durability, Dependable Safari Styling, and National Geographic’s commitment to Adventure and Travel.


2. What to Pack

When packing for your trip there are a few rules that you must follow to ensure you stay organized and do not forget any necessities. First and foremost, MAKE A PACKING LIST. This is the simplest and most efficient way to be sure you remember everything, not only when you leave your home, but also when you pack to come back. Having a helpful visual aid to ensure you don’t leave your lucky T-Shirt under a pillow is easy, efficient, and will save you tons of money and clothes in the long run. After you make the list, the must haves are up to you, But let us help get you started with a few no-brainers:

-A Swimsuit

b9905de0e10616e299e035717806ff2a-A Travel Bag you Trust


-INEXPENSIVE Sunglasses (the first time you drop them in the sand you will thank us)

-Another Swimsuit

-Comfy T-Shirt (2)

-Toiletries (Tooth Brush, Soap, Contact Solution, Lotion, Dental Floss, etc.)

-A Separate Water Resistant Toiletry/Accessory Bag

-Flip Flops/Sandals

-Beach Towel

-Dress/Nightlife Clothes (3-5 Full outfits, no more unless you plan on going to fashion week)

-Sun Screen

-Phone Charger

-Another Beach Towel

-Workout Outfit (1)

-Pair of comfortable sneakers for walking or recreational sports (1)

-A Hoodie/Sweatshirt you are prepared to get dirty, sandy, or wet

-A Smile

3. Combining Work & Play


Combining work and play during your spring break may seem like a hassle but take it from us, with all the modern conveniences we have today it is much easier than you think to stay connected and run a virtual office from just about anywhere. Seeing the opportunity to market to an emerging group of younger professionals who have positions that require frequent travel and constant connectivity, many of today’s leading brands offer safe and dependable bags for any job you may have. Need a Guarantee that your bag will last, The Briggs & Riley @work Medium Slim Brief offers the industry leading Simple As That Lifetime Warranty that you love from Briggs & Riley with all the modern features you need in today’s electronic driven world. Looking for something a little more trendy, The Oakley Works Computer Bag may be just that. With plenty of interior benefits such as the padded laptop sleeve, interior organizer, and tablet pocket, it is easy to see why this option is much more than simply a cool looking laptop case. Sleek and stylish, show off your professional outlook while staying true to your self with this extremely Dependable bag from Oakley that is casual enough for any vacation destination but has all the features you need to stay connected whether your at the beach, on the slopes, or anywhere your Wanderlust may take you.



If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, or simply wants to add anything, feel free to do so below. We hope everyone is having a Great Month, Travel Safe!



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With winters as frigid as this year’s, it can be hard trying to imagine a time when the sun was shinning and the wind was not howling in our ears. Hello and Good afternoon, we hope everyone is having a great week and all our friends on the East Coast are bundling up and enjoying the chance to build another snowman, go for another round of sledding, and taking final advantage of some fun winter activities. With Valentine’s Day being tomorrow, we know that people’s views on that day are very different depending on your personal feeling towards it. Mostly being viewed as either a great day, a miserable one, a hallmark holiday, or possibly even a day to be avoided at all costs, The best thing about this holiday is that it gives you the chance to do with it what you want. Let us help chase away those February Blues from the exceptionally cold weather with this months edition of Today’s Traveling Trends from Luggage Base.


 The Couples that Travel Together Stay Together

It is called the “Travel Effect” and it is a study that has been conducted by various schools and independent research labs since it was first conceptualized. The Travel Effect is simple, Couples that Travel together and share the same experiences tend to have healthier, longer longer lasting couple-travelingrelationships, and a more intimate personal connection. This year, with the the holiday falling on a Friday, you can turn traditional Valentines Day into Valentines Weekend and give your relationship a nice shot in the arm of spontaneity. For the full time family couple, why not get a family member you trust to watch the kids for the weekend and get away to a nice Bed & Breakfast for some peace, relaxation, and time with that special someone. Are you more of a On-The-Go couple, try out a couples massage at your local Spa for a fun and relaxing alternative to Flowers, cards and candy. Take a break from the stresses and strains you and your loved one put on your body with a weekend of complete rest and relaxation. Never been to a spa before, do yourself a favor and give it a try this year, your back and shoulders will thank us. Is the person you are shopping for a frequent flyer, we got you covered. Hartmann Luggage was recently marked down 60% off, so you can give the gift of beautiful, scratch resistant, hardsided luggage while not busting your budget. Not really into materialistic gifts, It may sound Corney but nothing says “I care about you” like spending your time with the person you care about. Cook a favorite meal, finally go see that Action or Chick Flick you have been protesting, or simply take them to do something truly thoughtful, because showing the one you love how you really feel is what the day is all about.

*Insiders Travel Tip- For the Chocolate Lover, Check out Hershey’s Chocolate Spa, http://www.chocolatespa.com/

 Single and Loving it


For all the single people like myself on Valentines Day do not worry, I know it may make you a little jealous to see people getting gifts at the office but fear not, I have some great ideas for things to do this weekend to save yourself from the green eyed monster. If you are staying in town this weekend, it can be the perfect chance to either be traditional, devote the day to yourself, or indulge into your passion. Valentine’s Day for singles is tricky, most of the time we see people go the usual route and get together with their single friends and plan on Guys or Girls Night out. Not your style, Not mine either, maybe your like me and just want to kick back and relax. If your plan involves an all day Marathon of The Office, a large Pizza, and some ice cream, by all means you should do whatever makes you happy. Maybe you DO want to get out and explore, maybe you want to make sure next year you have someone to spend the day with. No problem, with technology being so easily accessible, it is easier than ever to see what other people who share your interests are doing. For instance, maybe you are into backpacking, you just go to any search engine and type in the following, “Your City Backpacking Meetups” and you can see what your city has to offer. Have you been neglecting your passions, use today to let your creative side take over. With most of the couples occupied with dinner reservations and the remaining singles all lining up to get into mixers and bars, use this rare peace and quiet as a chance to read a book, play an instrument, get that DIY project done, or anything else you have been putting off. Plus with all the money you are saving on chocolates, flowers, and dinner, you can finally afford to buy yourself that great Laptop/Tablet Bag you have had your eyes on.

February Trend, Expect the Unexpected

Still very early in the year, but I think it is safe to say that February has already cemented itself as the worst travel month of 2014. Having already seen two huge snow 1720555449_1370192008storm in February I cannot remember a time when so many people had flights, delayed, canceled, postponed, or grounded. With each storm offering their own unique blend of issues and delays, The current storm we are seeing hit the east this week has already caused incredible damage to travel arrangements, schedules and rental car dates. Statistically, this is one of the worst travel weeks we have ever seen due to the amount of flights with issues, USA Today is reporting that up to 10,000 Flights were Canceled across the country this week, with 6,030 occurring specifically on Wednesday. What that means, is that unfortunately the biggest trend we are seeing, is to expect bumps in the road. Bring an extra book, movie, magazine, or whatever you can to occupy your time with you next time you plan to travel just in case. With the sudden storm surges we see today and the rapidly changing conditions across the country, It might be better to be safe versus sorry. Travel Comfort items are great for these delays and helping maximize your comfort in an uncomfortable situation. Just be sure to always stay vigilant,  taking a cat nap can quickly turn into a hour long slumber and might leave you with a missed flight, extra ticket fees, and a very angry start from your nap. Prepare for delays this month, but don’t be like the family to the left.

Thank you for joining us for this month’s edition of Today’s Traveling Trends. If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, or simply wants to add anything, feel free to do so below. We hope everyone is having a happy February, Travel Safe!



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I was trying to find the best way to shorten this weeks Tuesday Travel Tip into a short phrase or funny paragraph, but sadly the best way to help travelers this week is to tell the story of a friend of mine who had a very unfortunate thing happen to him when he was traveling:

My friend will remain anonymous for the story and I simply refer to him as My Friend, Him, or The Friend upon his request.

My friend is a modern day frequent flyer to say the least, we went to the same college and he came from half way across the country for a major that is specific to our university. A very smart guy, he was used to traveling both Domestic and Internationally and never left his items unattended or unaccounted for. His preparation at the end of the semester was some of the most thorough I had seen. Checklists, packing cubes, plastic bags for wet items, my friend was hovering on obsessive, but it worked, he never lost a single item in transit and everything always arrived unbroken and accounted for. After one fall semester he was preparing his carry-on with his expensive possessions (like he was taught to do) and was flying with a little more money in the bag then usual. He had a good year at his campus job and was taking home money so he could do his holiday shopping at his local shops with his friends. Traveling with around $500 as well as his school laptop, other wrist watch, and other items of personal importance he was sure to always keep his carry-on within his sight line. His trip began smooth as usual, but when he was connecting from the bigger hub he encountered a problem. Chosen at random by TSA for extensive screening, this minor inconvenience spent a large amount of time and caused him to be one of the last people to board his flight leaving his overhead bin overstuffed to capacity. A flight attendant informed my friend the bag was too large to fit under the seat and she would need to take the bag and put it in the cabin closet, and unfortunately that was the last time he said he ever saw his bag. Claiming that someone else claimed “A Black Samsonite Carry On”, the bag was never recovered and my friend was left to fill out the appropriate lost luggage forms and left awaiting a word on his claim and if they will even honor it. This Weeks Tuesday Travel Tip is to always have your Important Must-Have/Can’t Live Without items in a clear 1 lb Ziploc bag inside your Carry-On. You never know what life may throw your way, this one experience was very unfortunate for my friend but he never made the same mistake again. If you have passports, ID’s, Tickets, Money, Credit Cards, Personal Heirlooms, or anything else you would be devastated you lost inside your Carry-On, Then make sure you have it in a clear 1 LB ZipLoc so that you can keep it on your lap, in your purse, and always stays within your eye-line if you need to surrender your luggage.



Hello and good afternoon, I hope everyone is having a great start to February preparing to cheer on Team USA during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. For this weeks blog entry we have a new line from National Geographic, and one I am particularly excited about, Kontiki. Safari styled and lightweight, I am not just a fan because of how it looks, I am a fan due to how it is made. Environmentally friendly due to a revolutionary new process that creates the tough polycarbonate exterior from recycled plastic bottles, Kontiki Luggage is sure to be one of the most forward thinking luggage lines in 2014. Check out the Full Review on Eco-Friendly Kontiki Luggage right here with Luggage Base.



1. Appearance

kontiki-messengerTurn heads at the airport with this eye catching Safari Styled Luggage from National Geographic. Basic and elegant, this Safari Style Luggage maintains its useful appearance while not adding any extra bells or whistles to weigh you down. Designed to never hinder any travel experience while also being Eco-Friendly, the exterior of the bag is made from Recycled plastic that is is tougher than the competition, while still being lighter than canvas for maximum dependability and minimum weight on your arms, shoulders, or back. The distressed polyester looks great and keeps the bags exterior looking good-as-new no matter if you plan on taming the urban jungles of big cities, or bounding for the Bush of Africa. Brass finished hardware paired with the faux-leather accents show off the bags safari roots, this truly is one of the most inspired designs I have ever seen on ANY luggage line. Practically useful as well as stylishly designed, take advantage of the exterior pockets for smaller accessories, tickets, maps, boarding passes, or any other last minute items you know you will need. Eco-Friendly, great looking, and unique, what more can you ask for. Final Grade: A

2. Features

kontiki-backpackFully Featured, with luggage options for any traveler or trip, the Kontiki Luggage Line offers you tons of alternative bags for the unique individual in all of kontiki 32 drop bottom duffelus. Looking for a traditional suitcase, the 22″ and 26″ Rollaboard options all come with plenty of features that you have come to expect from high quality luggage. Tons of packing benefits such as a 2.5″ zippered expansion, built in wet-pocket, and removable drawstring laundry bag for maximum organization, it is easy to see why the Rollaboards are great suitcase options for any traveling excursion you wish to take. Looking for more options, the drop bottom 26″ and 32″ drop bottom duffels might be just what you are looking for. Opening like a regular upright bag, these drop bottom duffels offer some of the most convenient and easy packing you will ever see anywhere. Traveling with someone else, no problem. Take advantage of the separated drop bottom compartment to keep your items separate and organized. Traveling by yourself, the drop bottom is great for shoes, bulky items, or other cumbersome necessities you need to stay separate from your regular luggage. Not enough options, unzip the separator and use the entire compartment as one giant trunk for maximum space. Exceptionally mobile, try out the Set-In wheel and handle system to see just how effortless the mobility truly is. Looking for more of a day to day bag, last but not least Kontiki offers two different options for daily use bags, the Messenger Bag and Daypack. Each designed for the tech traveler of today, the Messenger bag has a padded laptop pocket that fits most but not all 17″ Laptops, while the Daypack has pockets for BOTH most but not all 15″ Laptops and most but not all 10″ Tablets. With the vast range of different bag options such as the standard Rollaboards, Drop Bottom Duffels (Seen on the Right), Regular Soft Duffel Bags, and daily use bags like the daypack (Seen on the left) it is easy to see why Kontiki is on the most fully featured lines we have come across. Final Grade B+


3. Durability

 Luggage that is designed to pass any test the world may throw at it. Kontiki Luggage from National Geographic is not only designed with yesteryear in mind, it is built like it too. Veryimages durable in real world conditions, this lightweight polyester is light enough to never hold you back and strong enough to make sure you always keep going. Made from recycled polyester, the exterior is tougher than the competition yet is still able to be lighter than canvas. Designed with active travel in mind, this dependable luggage is tested to stand up to all the bumps, dings, and possible speed bumps that loom ahead on even the most daunting trip. Beautifully molded with all practical, rugged dependability you expect from National Geographic the Kontiki line inspires travel, while never hindering your potential for expanding the horizon. Need a little more incentive, standing by their products National Geographic backs their Kontiki line with a 5-year limited warranty so you can have peace of mind on even the most intimidating terrain. Final Grade: B



4. Final Grade

Taking in all aspects, it is easy to see why this revolutionary new line from National Geographic is quickly becoming some of the most popular luggage for not only Ec0-Friendly Travelers but also for it’s real world commitment to excellence. Plenty of different options are what separates this line from other traditional options, Kontiki is sure to have exactly what you need because they designed each bag for the differing traveler in all of us. When you start to tally up the totals it is easy to see why this is one of the higher rated luggage lines we offer despite its middle of the road price. Lightweight, Eco-Friendly, Dependable, Unique, we can go on and on. Final Grade: B+

22 rollaboard 1Click on ANY of the photos for a closer look or Click Here to See Kontiki Luggage from National Geographickontiki-22-duffel-1

SWISSGEAR-geneva-21cSwiss made quality you can count on, The SwissGear Geneva 21″ Pilot Carry-On leaps ahead of the competition with it’s small size, lightweight feel and practical packing options. More than simply a run of the mill carry-on option, this is one of the most fully featured carry-ons you will find anywhere. Equipped with a removable hanging garment bag, wet/dry toiletry bag, gusseted interior compartment, and interior tie down straps, this smaller luggage is perfect for romantic weekend getaways for two, or a week long excursion of your own. On Sale Now While Supplies Last! Take advantage of this great deal with luggage that will pass the test of time with the Geneva 21″ Pilot Carry-On from SwissGear.