June, 2014

For some of you, the school year is coming up in a few weeks. For others, it will be a little longer. It all depends on what type of school you are attending. In either case, back-to-school shopping will be here pretty soon and it wouldn’t hurt to start looking around for a good backpack that you will need to carry around all those essential school supplies. So I have compiled a list of some backpacks that would be good for all those academic school days that would get you through them in functionality and style.



High Sierra

Access Backpack

True Navy, Charcoal1












The Access is a great school backpack because of its many features designed for school use. It has a separate laptop compartment so you don’t have to open up the main compartment in order to get your laptop out. Another great feature is the water resistant rain hood. It keeps your valuable contents from getting wet when walking to school or going from class to class. It then folds away when not in use. It also has sternum straps so the bag won’t slide off your shoulders, and it helps to reduce strain in the arms, neck, and shoulders. The shoulder straps have a handy cell phone pocket to keep it close by and there is a CD pocket with an ear bud port for listening to music while your on the go. Luggagebase.com retails this bag for $42.00. There are many colors and styles to this bag, so you can check them all out at Luggagebase.com



Swerve Backpack


swerve open Navy, Charcoal, Black












The Swerve is a great school backpack because of all of its school related features as well. It has a multi-compartment design to help you organize your school supplies for the different school subjects. It also has a separate padded laptop compartment so you don’t need to open up the main compartment to get the laptop out. There are two side mesh pockets to hold water bottles or any other beverages of your choice. The Swerve has a tricot lined pocket for your PDA or cell phone, and a cell phone pocket on the shoulder strap as well. It also is “music-friendly” by having a CD pocket with a molded headphone port. This backpack sells on Luggagebase.com for around $34.90, but it depends on the color and style that you want. Come check out more colors and features here at Luggagebase.com



Glitch Backpack


58413-0936 Charcoalglitch back












The Glitch is a great backpack for the student who uses lots of electronics, such as a laptop and a tablet. It is designed with multiple compartments so you can organize your books for the different school subjects. There is a CUSHION ZONE computer sleeve for most laptops up to 17″, AND a TECH SPOT sleeve for tablets. It also has a multiple pocket organizer for tech gear and key fob. The shoulder straps and back are fully padded, and are covered with Vapel™ AIRFLOW mesh. It also has a Tricot-lined pocket for your PDA or cell phone. You can find this backpack at Luggagebase.com for only $45.00. There are some color options to choose from, so come check them out here at Luggagebase.com





Works Pack 20L

20L inside2 20L White












Oakley has a line of backpacks that work very well for school and they look good. The Works 20L backpack has a padded laptop sleeve that would fit most 15 ” laptops. There is a side access front pocket to hold the most needed essential items, and the middle pocket has an organizer panel for slightly bigger items. On the shoulder strap, you can find a holder for your sunglasses. This backpack sells on Luggagebase.com for $54.95. You can find other color options at Luggagebase.com



Works Pack 25L


25L Stainless steel25L open












The Oakley 25L is just like the 20L, however it has more space for your supplies and additional features. It has a dedicated padded panel to hold and protect your laptop. This backpack also has a side access front pocket and organizer panel to hold your essential items and school gear.  It comes with an expansion side pocket to hold your water bottle or other beverage. There is also a sunglasses holder on the shoulder strap. You can get this nice looking backpack at Luggagebase.com for only $69.95. Just like the 20L, there are other color options available and you can find them at Luggagebase.com


Works Pack 30L


30L Black30l open












The Oakley works 30L backpack is like the 25L, but yet it has more features. The 30L backpack has a top loading stuff sack that closes with a drawstring and has a lid that uses clips to lock in place. It has a padded laptop sleeve that holds most 15″ laptops and you can access the laptop by using the side zipper. The bottom of the backpack expands and is vented, so maybe you can use it to hold gym shoes and dirty gym clothes.  There is a brushed sunglasses pocket and a sunglasses holder on the shoulder strap if you maybe have reading glasses and sunglasses that you need for the school day.  It also has water bottle pockets on the side along with zippered pockets for extra school essentials.This backpack sells on Luggagebase,com for $69.00. There are also other color options to choose from, so come and check them out here at Luggagebase,com





Seoul Backpack


seoulkipling open













The Seoul backpack has many great features designed for school use. It has padded shoulder straps with a soft fabric on the interior of the straps to give you a comfortable carry. The straps adjust up to 32″ so users of all sizes can use it comfortably. The front pocket is large to fit whatever essential items that are needed for the day such as calculators, cell phones, pocket planners, etc. There is also a zip around exterior pocket with a key holder and interior pockets to hold other school related items in a more secure and organized way. The main compartment has a padded laptop pocket with a Velcro strap to secure your computer and a divider pocket to help compartmentalize your school work for the day. There is also an expansion zipper if you need to make more room your your stuff, or you can use it as a pocket for smaller items such as pens and pencils. And of course, all Kipling bags come with a color matching monkey to add a little fun to their bags. This backpack sells on Luggagebase.com for $78.90. There are many color options to choose from for this backpack so come and check them all out at Luggagebase.com



Hiker Backpack


hikerhiker open













The Hiker backpack has a great design for school use. It has features which make it the ideal backpack for those with lots of books and study materials. The adjustable shoulder straps are padded and there is a top carry handle to make carrying the bag more comfortable. For extra comfort, the back of the backpack is padded and the bottom is padded to add extra protection to the contents of the bag, like books and a laptop. The main compartment of the bag is already roomy, but with the expandable zipper, it adds approximately 3 inches more of depth to the bag for added capacity. There are also two large zippered pockets on the front of the backpack, and the very front one has a key ring clip and organizational pockets to hold school items such as a cell phone, iPod, pens, calculator, etc.This backpack also comes with a color matching monkey. The Hiker backpack is for sale at Luggagebase.com for $78.99. There are also many color variations to this backpack and they can be found here at Luggagebase.com


If you feel the need to look at some more backpacks besides these, please visit our section of the website that shows you all the backpacks that we carry. There are so many to choose from! The link to our backpacks section can be found right here at Luggagebase.com. I hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us. Take care!

I’m pretty sure many of you travelers out there have had to deal with the rising costs of overweight baggage  And some of you are unfamiliar with the way airlines charge according to how heavy your luggage is. Most airlines have a weight limit of 50 lbs., and if you exceed that weight, you WILL incur additional fees. Depending on the weight of the bag, most airlines charge an extra $100 to $200 per bag. So what I have decided to do is give you all a breakdown on the various luggage scales that we offer that CAN and WILL help you plan ahead when packing your luggage for that next trip.


Lewis & Clark Digital Luggage Scale


lewis_n_clark_digital_luggage_scalelewis_n_clark_digital_luggage_scale use












This new product by Lewis N Clark is a great scale because of its simplicity. All you have to do is lift your luggage, wait for the beep, set it down and read the weight. With the contoured grip handle and durable strap, it can weigh up to 100 pounds. It also has a large digital display for an easy readout. Unlike most electronic devices, this scale comes with two CR2032 button cell batteries so the scale can be used as soon as you open the package. You can find it at Luggagebase.com for $22.00.


Samsonite Electronic Luggage Scale


electronic Scaleelectric Scale 2












Samsonite has a digital scale out on the market that is very similar to the Lewis N Clark model. However there are some variations to it that make it different. It works in the same manner by connecting it to your luggage and lifting it up. The readout then will tell you the weight. It has a comfort grip handle and the strap is adjustable so users of different heights can use it comfortably. It is compact and portable with a capacity of 80 pounds. This scale also comes with two CR2032 button cell batteries so it is ready to use right out of the package. This scale can be found at Luggagebase.com for $16.97.


Balanzza Mini Digital Luggage Scale


mini luggage scalemini luggage scale use












The Balanzza Mini scale is considered the smallest and lightest luggage scale available on the market. It has the same functionality as the other two scales in which you connect it to your luggage, lift, wait for the beep, and read the weight. The strap is strong because this scale has a capacity of 111 pounds (44 Kg). Yes, that’s right, it can read the weight in pounds and kilograms! This scale has a hold function as well so you can read the weight of your luggage before placing back on the floor. It also comes with two CR2032 button cell batteries. This lightweight, compact scale can be purchased at Luggagebase.com for $23.90.


Travelon Digital Micro Scale


micro scalemicro scale use












The Travelon Micro scale is the same type of scale as the ones above, but it also has some unique features. This scale is one of the lightest ones in its class, but it is known for giving the fastest readings. It will tell you the weight of a bag within 2-3 seconds! The scale uses a strong metal hook instead of a strap to weigh out your luggage with a capacity of 110 lbs or 50 kg. When it locks into your weight reading, a red light comes on to notify you that it is done weighing out the luggage. If you forget to turn off the scale, no worries. It has an auto shut-off feature which turns off the scale after 60 seconds of inactivity. This scale also comes with two CR2032 button cell batteries. This scale can be purchased at Luggagebase.com for $23.90.


Samsonite Manual Luggage Scale


Manual Scale Manual Scale 2












Samsonite has produced a manual luggage scale for those who do not want to deal with battery replacement. This scale is also very easy to use. You connect the strap to your luggage, lift it up, and it reads out the weight. This scale has a capacity of 80 lbs., has a comfort grip handle, and an adjustable strap for users of various heights to use it comfortably. The weight of the scale itself is about a half a pound and made out of a durable plastic. It has a metal attachment for the strap and the strap itself is made out of nylon. This scale can be purchased at Luggagebase,com for only $7.95.


Travelon Stop and Lock Luggage Scale


stop n lock scalestop n lock scale use












This manual scale by Travelon is very easy to use and requires no batteries as well. All you have to do is hang your bag onto the hook and the scale will give you your weight. One neat feature about this scale is that it has an extra needle that stops at the weight of your bag and stays there so you don’t have to hold your bag up longer than needed. It helps to eliminate arm fatigue from how other scales are designed to work. One other great feature that this scale has is a built-in tape measure that extends out to 39″. So with this scale you can weigh and measure out your luggage to make sure it is within the baggage requirements. The scale has a capacity of 75 lbs. and the weight of the scale itself comes in at a little under a pound. You can purchase this light and compact scale at Luggagebase.com for only $9.95.



Eagle Creek is proud to announce their new product line called the Activate Series. These bright, bold colored, wheeled, duffel bags and backpacks work great for the sports or recreational enthusiast. All of their bags have a durable wheel and handle system to make going from Point A to Point B a cinch . A great feature about the backpack is that you can throw it on your back when you’ve got to run to catch your flight, when trekking down a dirt path, or use it as a wheeled bag. Its totally up to you! The backpack can also be used as an international carry-on. To top it off, they all have a lifetime warranty. So depending on how much stuff you want to carry or travel with, the Activate series can accommodate you.

Activate 32″ and 30″ Duffel Bags


These duffel bags have lots of lash points for attaching gear, a large open packing space, and tons of grab handles.




The duffel bags have over sized wheels for easy mobility and a smooth ride. They also have corner bumper protectors and back runners for enhanced durability.











They are fitted with external compression straps, multiple padded grab handles, and tie-down loops which gives it a lot of lash points for attaching gear. It also contains a rain flap to protect the #10 lockable, self-repairing zippers with reflective zipper pulls.











The Activate series duffel bags are fitted with a sturdy, telescopic pull handle which can be pushed down into the bag and zipped up to keep it “hidden” away.












Activate 26″ and 21″ Wheeled Backpacks

26 backpack tango_red



The Activate series backpacks convert from a rolling bag to a backpack, complete with a fully padded suspension system for comfortable carry. so it’s up to you. You can throw it on your back when you’ve got to run to catch your flight or use the wheels for easy rolling.



21 backpack wheels

The backpacks also have over sized wheels for easy mobility and a smooth ride. They have corner bumper protectors and back runners for enhanced durability.











26 backpack zippers



The Activate backpacks have an over sized, lockable exterior zippered front pocket with #10 self repairing zippers and reflective zipper pulls on main compartment. They also contain multiple grab handles, internal, and external compression straps to secure your load.







21 backpack handle

The Activate series backpacks are fitted with a sturdy, telescopic pull handle which can be pushed down into the bag and zipped up to keep it “hidden” away.










26 backpack back

The backpacks contain a zip-away suspension feature which has moisture-wicking Air Mesh, contoured backpack straps, load stabilizer straps, and a padded hip belt.







If you would like to see more color options and read more information about Eagle Creek’s Activate series, you can find it on sale at LuggageBase.com!



This time around, we have decided to do two giveaways for the month of June! One is a special giveaway for Father’s Day and the other is our monthly giveaway.  For our Father’s Day giveaway, we are giving away a Hartmann Intensity Organizer Travel Kit. Keep your dry toiletries dry, and always away from potential spills with the Intensity Organizer Travel Kit from Hartmann. Keep your contents neat, organized and secure during busy transit and always have peace of mind knowing your contents are separated by interior zippered toiletry pockets. Interior organization includes an organizer flap for toothbrushes, razors, and other small items, while the nylon loop acts as a hanger to hang the kit when in use. Able to be unzipped down the center for easy access and getting your contents exactly as you need them. Easy to use, Easy to maintain, Never worry about your Bathroom Bag again with the Intensity Organizer Travel Kit from Hartmann. To enter, just submit a picture of you on your travels, and that’s it!


52321 6520 Organizer Kittoiletry 2












The other giveaway that we have is for a J Hartmann Reserve Trifold Wallet. Keep everything safe, secure, and in one place, with the J Hartmann Reserve Trifold Wallet from Hartmann. Building upon their substantial foundation to providing high quality American Leather products that will always perform exceptionally, this Trifold Wallet is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Plenty of interior compartments for bills, ID’s, Credit Cards, and anything else you may need it for, this wallet is sure to quickly move from your Travel companion, to your everyday use wallet. Three slash pockets for additional items, made from high quality American Leather that is sure to appreciate over time. Everything safe, sound and in one place right where you need it, The J Hartmann Reserve Trifold Wallet From Hartmann.


52351 Trifold Wallet52351 Trifold Wallet 4












So remember, to be able to win these gifts, you need to submit a picture of yourself on one of your trips to those great destinations that you have traveled to! You can submit a picture through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any of the other social networks that you can find us on. Anyone can have a chance to win, so tell your friends and family! We look forward to seeing all those wonderful pictures. Also, for more information on these products, please visit our website at luggagebase.com.






Known for making some of the most durable luggage available, Travelpro is introducing its 10th version of their Crew product line. The Travelpro Crew 10 product line has been given many improvements on their already popular Crew 9 product line. The Crew product line has been in the Travelpro family for about 20 years now. The new Crew 10 line is perfect for those travelers who are looking for durability, dependability, and ease of travel when visiting airports both foreign and domestic. You can select from various types and sizes of luggage such as Non-Rolling or Rolling Totes, Rollaboard Suiters, Rolling Garment Bags, and Spinner Suiters. I believe that the new Crew 10 series is the best Crew series that has been brought to market. Here are some of the new innovations that are introduced in the Crew 10 series:


Contour Grip Design with TPR Touch Points &

PowerScope Aluminum Extension Handle


The Crew 10 line has introduced a new patented contour grip on the spinners’ handle to reduce the tension on the shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands when pushing the luggage. It also provides superior comfort and control.The extraordinarily strong handle is designed to minimize wobbling when pushed for pulled and it has stops at 38″ and 42.5″ to make sure it rolls comfortably for people of different heights. Made of airline-grade aluminum tubes, the handle is strong enough to support a tote or case.



Magna-Trac System with Dual Wheel Spinners

Also found on the Crew 10 spinners is a Magna-Trac system with a set of two wheels on each bottom corner. Because of this, the spinner has a total of eight wheels which improve the maneuverability of the luggage. The Magna-Trac system is a great feature because when the luggage is pushed, magnets align the wheels in the direction you want it to go. Luggage without this feature tend to drift and pull to one side or the other which cause strain on the shoulder, arm, wrist, and hand.





Unique Bottom Tray

A new addition The the Crew 10 Spinners is a bottom tray that helps to align and stabilize the wheels.


SUPRA™ Zippers Heads

These special zippers have been reinforced to ensure they are reliable for all those trips when traveling far and wide.

     travelpro crew 10 zippers

“Intelligent” Compression Straps

The new design for the compression straps system is that they are designed to slide along the entire length of the bag. This makes it very effective because it can now secure different amounts of packed items during travel.


comp strap 1comp strap 2












So keep checking back on our website at luggagebase.com to check out more information about the new Crew 10 product line and when it will be available to you!