February, 2015

February 20th, 2015

The new Atlantic Ultra Lite 3 is a perfect set for the occasional business traveler, or the family-oriented group who is looking to find accommodations for all those things they need to pack for that vacation getaway. This collection is a great deal for all the amenities you are looking for in luggage. There are points on the luggage where they have crash guard protection. They are placed on those locations where they would receive the most wear such as the corners, bottom, and wheels. It is a great collection to travel with. You can read about many more of the features below and get them at a great price right here.

wheels360 Degree Single Wheel Spinners

The wheels on this bag have the ability to roll effortlessly in any direction you want. They have the ability to easily maneuver through crowded airports and down those airplane aisles.









purple handleAluminum Extension Handle

.The collection has a pull handle that can be adjusted to different heights so it can be accommodated for users of all different heights. They have stop heights at 38″ and 42″. It also includes a ergonomic grip so you can be comfortable when pushing and pulling this bag along.








ext pocketsMultiple Exterior Pockets

The front of the luggage comes with a full length pocket so you can fit those larger items that you may need for your trip. It also includes a top zip pocket so you can easily pack away those last minute documents that you would need for your trip.








interior 2Functional Interior

You will see that the lid has a full length mesh accessory pocket so you can easily organize the things you would need for your trip. It also includes two side mesh accessory pockets so you can pack and easily find those smaller accessories you would need for the day. It includes adjustable hold down straps to keep your clothing secure and wrinkle free.







This is one great collection that you will find useful during your trips and it comes at a very affordable price. Check out more of the Atlantic Ultra Lite 3 collection at luggagebase.com.

February 13th, 2015

Some of the things we overlook while flying is what’s going on behind the scenes. Some of us passengers don’t think much of what is going on between those in-flight movies and naps. However, you will be surprised that many flight attendants and pilots know more than you think about their flights. Here are some things to think about when taking your next flight:

201002-w-seat-airplaneMain Reason Flight Attendants Rush You to Take Your Seat

Many of us have experienced the flight attendants giving orders to quickly find your seat, stow your bag away, and buckle up. There is a good reason for their sense of urgency. Usually flight attendants don’t get paid until they close the plane door and the plane gets moving toward the runway. They get paid by the flight hour, so the clock starts ticking when the flight gets underway.






Empty Flight Playtimeempty-flights

Every once in a great while, you will come across a flight where it is completely empty. According to some flight attendants, it happens quite often. When this occurs, they call it “ferrying a flight.”. This is when the plane and its crew deliver the plane to its next destination. Because of this occurrence, the flight attendants get an opportunity to let loose and play around a little. One game that some play is “aisle surfing.” This is when you grab a meal tray, stand on it, and let go when the plane lifts off from the runway. The result effect makes you slide down the carpeting to the back of the plane.




Is Chewing Ice Bad for Your Teeth? Jerks Get Their Drinks Messed With

Difficult passengers are dealt with in ways that only flight attendants would know. One harmless method that they sometimes use is filling the passengers cup up full of ice. This leaves enough space for about 2 tablespoons of their beverage!








 Airplane Bathrooms Can Be Dirtier Than You Think371

Most passengers have a general misconception of the cleanliness for an airline bathroom. Most flight attendants would describe it as a glorified port-a-potty.” The bathrooms usualy get alot of use during long flights witha full plane. Some flight attendants give caution to passengers to keep their shoes on because the wetness on the floor is not water. Not to mention, but the tray tables can be just as dirty. Some passenger will change their kids on it, get it soiled, and put it back without cleaning it afterwards.





flightattendantYes, They Are Talking About You

Some flight attendants can confirm that they do talk about their passengers. I guess they do so to help the job go easier when they have a full plane with many passengers to deal with. Most conversations are not harmful, and mostly referred to the attractiveness of some passengers on their flight. A code phrase that some flight attendants came up with is “hot coffee”!

February 5th, 2015

The Gabbiano collections from CY luggage are some of the most unique, stylish, colorful, and durable hard sides on the market. They come in various patterns, textures, and colors. By using Gabbiano luggage, it will be much easier to spot your luggage when you retrieve it after a flight. All the models come in a three piece set so you will have the right size and enough room to carry all the belongings you would need for your trip. Check out more of the features below and get yours here at Luggagebase.com.

1020-carry-handle cy1050-carryhandleDurable 100% Polycarbonate

All of Gabbiano’s collections are made with a strong and durable polycarbonate material that is lightweight and can handle many of the scuffs and scrapes of traveling. Some even have corner guards to add extra protection on those vulnerable points.


1010 handle cy1050-handle

Padded, Extendable Pull Handle

All of the luggage collections come with a padded pull handle so you can easily and comfortably transport your luggage from one destination to the next. The pull handle also locks at different heights so it can accommodate users that are short to very tall. It is also ergonomically friendly.


1020-wheel 1010 wheelDual Wheeled Spinners

All of the luggage collections come with dual wheeled spinners. That’s a total of 8 wheels! The reason for dual wheels is to add extra stability when the luggage is full, and it helps make it easier to maneuver when going over rough and uneven surfaces.


cy1050-lock 1010 lockBuilt-in TSA Lock

A great feature to the collections are the built-in TSA locks. These combination style locks are designed to secure the zipper pulls individually and keep your contents safe from potential thieves. The separate TSA key-style lock bypasses the combination lock thus allowing TSA agents to search your contents.


1060-open 1020-openFully Lined Interior

The collections come with a beautiful signature lining that adds some sophistication to them. They also include mesh pockets and smaller side pockets to help organize all those things for your trip. The compression straps are elastic and adjustable so you can get the right fit when securing your things.