June, 2015

June 12th, 2015

Delsey has been known to produce some of the lightest and strongest luggage on the market. The Delsey Belfort Plus collection is no exception. It is made from a very durable polypropylene material that can withstand some of the harshest handling. The collection uses a latch system to open and close the luggage. This makes it very easy to access the contents when you need it at a moments notice. The four wheels on the bottom make this luggage collection very easy to maneuver. You will definitely be satisfied with this luggage collection to get you to your next destination. Check out the complete collection right here.

TSA Lock Durable TSA Lock

The Belfort Plus collection by Delsey comes with a TSA lock to keep your items safe, yet still allows TSA agents to inspect your bag if needed. It uses a special key used by TSA agents to bypass the lock to access your contents. The lock uses a combination style so you don’t have to worry about having a key in order to open it up.







26 backExternal Pull Handle

 The Delsey Belfort Plus collection is designed with the pull handle on the exterior of the bag. This allows the user to take advantage of the maximum space needed for their travels. The pull handle also has multiple stops to accommodate users of different heights. When not used, the handle stores easily away in its housing which sits flush with the bag itself.







Deluxe Interior Space21 open

The interior of this luggage comes with many features to make your travels much easier. It has a zippered divider so you can easily organize your clothing. The elastic pocket is designed to hold your smaller items and keep them readily available when you need them. The compression straps work great to keep the clothing nice and secure. It helps to keep those wrinkles out of your clothing.






The Delsey Belfort Plus collection is made to last you many travels. The hard side construction is made to withstand all the bumps and tosses that whey will go through during your trip. The clasp design makes it that much easier to access and secure your contents when you need it. Luggagebase.com can get you this collection at a great price.

June 10th, 2015

The Eagle Creek Flyte collection was built to take on the many miles you want to put on them. Many of the bags have four wheels that are very light and the fabric is made from Bi-Tech and ballistic fabrics to give you durability and water repellency. The wheeled collection also comes with a newly designed polycarbonate chassis which extends between the wheels so you can have more packing space. The Eagle Creek Flyte AWD, All Wheel Drive, comes with Dynamic Spin Wheels to help you get over many obstacles as easy as possible. These will help you get through all your travels for many years to come. Check out all of the collection right here.

EC020541010-BK_ChassisSolid and Sturdy Bottom Chassis

The Flyte collection from Eagle Creek Luggage has a Solid Bottom Chassis to protect the bag from its most vulnerable parts. It is made from a very durable polycarbonate plastic, which is designed to handle the hardest handling that they may go through. It is also textured to help to deter the scuffs and scratches that they may go through during airline travel.




Coat Keeper FeatureEC020541162-TOL_CoatKeeper

The Eagle Creek Flyte collection offers a Coat keeper feature to make sure your coat stays securely with your bag so you can have it handy whenever you need it. Because of the elastic design, you can also fit other items into it to make sure you get that secure hold when going from one terminal to the next. In the pocket, you will also find a key fob and piggyback clip to attach extra baggage when traveling.





EC020542162-TOL_ExpansionExpansion Zipper Feature

When you need to get that extra space when your leaving or coming from home, this expandable feature allows you to pack up those last minute items needed for your trip. They give you plenty of room needed for your new trip to make sure you get all of your belongings there in one piece. It can give you that extra space needed for souvenirs on your way home.







 Organized Mesh InteriorEC020540162-TOL_Open

This Eagle Creek Flyte collection gives you the ultimate in packing flexibility. It comes with numerous mesh pockets to hold those garments big and small. The interior also comes with compression straps to keep your items safe, secure, and in place. This also keeps the wrinkles out of your clothing to make sure you look great for your night out. You can also make sure your soiled laundry stays away from the clean ones.








Check out all the features that the Eagle Creek Flyte collection has to offer. With the No Matter What Warranty, these bags can and will last you a lifetime. They are built to withstand all the abuse that they may get from traveling from one place to the next.