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Introducing a brand new collection from Delsey is the Helium Titanium collection. As the name simply describes it, this luggage is light like helium and strong like titanium. Just in time for the travel season, this luggage will give you the strength and security you are looking for when traveling across town or across the the country. This luggage collection is very sleek and stylish, which will get you and your belongings to your destination in style. Whats great about this collection is that they offer two carry-on sizes which give you the option to travel without checking your luggage. This helps when you are trying to travel without worrying about checked bag fees, lost luggage, and skipping the checked bag line. This collection also offers three different color options: Graphite, Silver, and Black Cherry. Check out all the other great options that this collection has to offer below:




International Carry-On Size


International_open-Front international-19-carry-on-Silver TopSide-Handel














This exceptional carry-on has all the features your looking for when traveling on a plane or train. The first main feature you will notice is the external zippered pocket. This space has the room to hold your computer, tablet, and other essential items that would be needed for a plane flight. The mesh pockets are designed to hold your smaller items such as chargers and ties or socks.










Expandable Zippers








All of the luggage in this collection comes with an expandable zipper. This gives you two additional inches so you have the ability to add more space if you need to pack some extra clothing. It also gives you the option to use the extra space if you have some souvenirs and other items that you may have picked up during your travels.







 Built-in TSA Lock







The built-in TSA lock gives you the added security to know that your contents will stay safe after being checked in by the airline. It still allows only TSA agents to check the contents of the bag if they need to. The combo style lock is designed to be able to use your lock with out the possibility to losing a key, which is another plus when travel to those far destinations.







 Perfect Roll Double Spinner Wheels





These dual wheel spinners give you optimum maneuverability and zero strain on your arms and shoulders. So when you are rushing through that airport terminal, you don’t have to worry about carrying all that weight with you when making it to your plane. This design also gives you the ability to use your arms to carry other bags that are needed for your trip, and piggyback those bags on top of your luggage. This all makes traveling much easier and stress-free.








So come and check out all the other features about the Delsey Helium Titanium that has to offer. You will not only get great quality luggage, but you also get a great price that can’t be beat! Hope to hear from you you soon!

If you are looking for luggage with clean curves and soft leather trims, then look no further. The new collection from Delsey gives you just that and more. The Chatelet collection is constructed from a BAYER 100%  Virgin Makrolon Polycarbonate material that is designed to provide you a high standard of impact resistance and extreme temperatures. This collection is also equipped with quiet, smooth rolling Japanese Hinomoto wheels that offer smooth maneuverability and adds comfort. The luggage is equipped with Delsey’s Zip SecuriTech which is 41 times more stronger than conventional zippers. This provides maximum security from thieves who try and break open the zippers to access your contents. Here are some more great features below:

Unique Brake System






The brake system works with a single knob. It is designed to lock the two front wheels while keeping the back wheels free so you can still pull it along behind you. This keeps your bag from drifting away from you on slopes and uneven surfaces.





Integrated TSA Lock






This recessed TSA lock makes sure your contents stay secure during your travels. It only allows access from TSA agents with a special key that they carry. This design prevents damage to the lock when trying to open it.






Convenient and Secured Packing





This full featured interior has all the amenities you would want when traveling to make things much easier and convenient. It is fully lined, and has two compartments to help with organization. One side has a fully zippered compartment to keep your clothing secure, and the other compartment has tie-down straps to keep your items secure and wrinkle free when traveling to and from your destination.






 Comfortable Leather Carry Handles






This luggage collection has two comfortable leather wrapped carrying handles that are located on the top and side. They are reinforced with a durable stitching and rivets to make sure your handles are strong and last you many adventures.







The Chatelet collection by Delsey is backed by a worldwide 10-year warranty. This ensures that you get the most satisfaction out of your luggage for years to come. Come check out more features and pictures of the luggage collection at You can also shop for our Blowout specials which can provide you savings of up to 85% off! Stay tuned for more Luggagebase blogs on beautiful, new products that come out on the market.

The new Delsey Honore+ luggage collection has many great features to make traveling much easier while looking good doing so. This hardside luggage uses the best quality polycarbonate material to make their shells. The Bayer 100% virgin Makrolon Polycarbonate is designed to withstand some extreme impacts and temperatures. The luggage uses a one click operation which makes it very easy to open and close. There are additional features that make this luggage very unique and easy to use. I would like to show you some more features below.




Matte Finished Shell


23.5_Spinner-Trolley(Black1) 23.5_Spinner-Trolley(Grey2)













The shells on the luggage have a soft-touch, beautiful, matte finish that stands out from the rest of the luggage out there. The leather trims on the luggage add some style and long lasting durability.






 Fully Lined Interior






The interior of the bag is beautifully lined in a solid red color with two separate compartments to pack your belongings in. On one side, the compartment is zippered and has a pocket for packing your smaller items. On the other side, you will find a set of compression straps, a zippered side pocket, and a few pouches to pack your smaller accessories. It has some great organizational features.










TSA Lock and Leather Handle






The luggage has a built-in TSA approved lock to give you added security and peace of mind when traveling. It is a combination style lock so that you don’t have to worry about a key that has the potential to get lost. Next to the lock is the one click handle to easily open up your case. Next to the lock and latch mechanism is the soft leather wrapped carry handle with the Delsey logo imprinted on it.









Protective Cover






This Delsey luggage comes with a durable cover to protect your case from scratches and wear during transport. Many other luggage companies don’t do that, but Delsey wants to make sure your luggage stays looking good for many trips and adventures. There are openings for the carry handles so that you can move this bag from place to place with the cover still providing protecton.










ID Plate






Each piece of luggage comes with a unique ID number. That ID number gets associated with the owner when it gets registered. So if the luggage ever gets lost, then it can be returned to the rightful owner.






This is a great collection to have for your future travel adventures. Check out all the features and options that Delsey has to offer at We can get you the lowest price and FREE shipping on your order! Stay tuned for more blogs about the new Delsey Chatelet collection. This collection is just as strong and durable as the Honore+ collection.

The new DK3 collection has many great features to make your travels much easier. Samsonite has constructed this luggage from a rugged and lightweight fabric that is great for resisting tears, punctures, scrapes and moisture. This means your luggage will protect your contents for many trips and adventures ahead. The luggage rolls on four smooth spinner wheels with a dual wheel design. This helps to create a solid balance and give you easy maneuvering over hard and soft surfaces. Inside of the luggage, there is a very spacious interior and many features to help keep your items organized. Here are some of the great features about this collection.


Spinner Uprights



Mulit-Directional Dual Wheeled Spinners







The DK3 luggage comes with four dual wheel spinners. That’s a total of 8 wheels! This is a great feature because it gives you a more solid base when your bag is full, and can maneuver much easier than single wheeled designs.








Self-Repairing Coil Zippers







The DK3 collection has large, self-mending zippers which will give you a smooth closure every time. The zippers are also lockable, so you can make sure that your items stay secure and you can be worry-free when you travel.








Durable Pull Handle







The luggage collection has a lockable pull handle so you can pull your luggage along with you effortlessly. It extends to different heights to suit the user so they will be comfortable when using the luggage.







Full Featured Interior







The interior of the luggage has many great options. It has a zippered wet pocket and mesh pocket located on the lid. These can be used to help with organization, and to keep your things separate when needed. There are compression straps to secure your clothing so it won’t get wrinkled during your travels. They also feature a zippered suiter that can be removed for ease of access.






Expandable Zipper







Another great feature about the DK3 luggage is the expandable feature. It has a zipper that expands the bag to give you more space for packing. You can also use it as a compression zipper if you should need to.








Underseater Rolling Tote


WheeledBB wheeledBB_open












This a great carry-on for the business traveler. It has a padded compartment for a laptop up to 15.6″ in size, and it’s designed to fit under most airline seats to give you easy access to your belongings during your flight. The main compartment is easily accessible, and has enough space for a overnight trip. The front compartment has multiple pockets to hold items such as pens, cell phone, MP3 players, and other media. This tote bag has everything you need for making your trip much more convenient.





Rolling Garment Bag


garment open garment













The DK3 wheeled garment bag has all the features your looking for in a garment bag. It has multiple zippered pockets for organizing your clothing and a wet pocket for your toiletries or wet items. There is space for your shoes, and a locking rack to hold your hangers secure. This bag will keep your items neat and wrinkle-free. The luggage opens like a book to give you easy access to your contents. The exterior pockets give you additional space to pack those last minute items.


Come check out the new Samsonite DK3 collection at We have the lowest price on this and many other beautiful collections. Stsy tuned for some more blogs about the new, stunning looking, Delsey hard-side luggage collections.






Samsonite has introduced a new luggage collection to the market that has the features that most travelers are looking for. The MIGHTlight spinners have a specially designed injection pan frame that makes it very light and sturdy. The luggage has a sleek design, and is made from a 400D Nylon and 360D Nylon Dobby weave. This weave is very strong and has a SamGuard coating for resisting water. You don’t have to worry about your things if you ever get caught in the rain. The luggage rolls on 4 spinner wheels to make it very easy for you to maneuver this bag from place to place, which also makes it weight-free on your arms and shoulders. Check out some of the other features I highlighted for you below:

Four Multi-Directional Spinner Wheels





The 4 wheels on the spinner luggage have 360 degree movement, which gives you the ability to move the luggage in any direction that you desire. The wheels on the luggage are wide, so you will have a stable base when fully packed and get ease of mobility.












Comfortable Handles














The MIGHTlight collection comes with padded, integrated carry handles to give you comfort when you are picking up that fully packed suitcase. The pull handle also comes padded so you will have a comfortable grip when pulling your bag along with you.








Self-Repairing Coil Zippers





Samsonite has decided to use large, self-mending coil zippers because they have a flawless closure and they will last you many trips. The color-matching zippers are also lockable, to give you added security for your belongings.











Expandable Zipper






The spinners come with an expandable zipper to give you more packing space when you need it. If you happen to pick up some souvenirs during your travels, then this feature will come in handy to fit those in your luggage for the return trip home.












 Multi-Functional Interior





The fully lined interior has many features to make your traveling easier. It has a zippered mesh pocket and a wet pocket to help you with the organizing of your travel items. The elastic mesh pocket can be used to hold your smaller items such as sock and ties. Compression straps can be used to hold your clothing securely so it doesn’t shift around durjng transit. This will reduce wrinkles as well.







Stay posted when Samsonite releases this wonderful luggage collection to the public. It should be available starting the second week in October 2014. At Luggagebase, you will find the lowest price for the MIGHTlight collection and many others. Also Samsonite has another line that will impress the frequent traveler, the DK3 collection. Keep checking back and I will be bloging about the w about the DK3 collection as well.







With a completely new design, Samsonite has managed to combine the demands for lightweight luggage with the durability required when using airline travel. The LIFT2 Hardside collection does just that and looks great as well. It will protect your personal belongings from the elements, and you will be surprised of its strength even though its so light. These bags look very stylish, with some streamlined designs and bold colors that will make them stand out from the rest. The reason for the spinner design is that it gives the user the ability to push or pull their luggage down the terminal with no strain on the arms and shoulders. Here are some of the great features that you will find about Samsonite’s LIFTwo Hardside.

One of the lightest Carry-on luggage pieces on the Market

carry-on blue carry-on












The average carry-on luggage weighs about 8 lbs., but this one only weighs a little under 6.4 lbs.! Don’t let the light weight fool you. This 21″ spinner has a good amount of space. It has the room to carry those essential items you are going to need for your trip.




Smooth-rolling, “Airflow” Spinner Wheels






These wheels give you 360 degree mobility so you can easily maneuver the luggage down the airport terminals and hotel hallways. The 4 wheel spinner design allows you to roll the luggage upright, so you dont’ have any strain on your arms and shoulders when push or pulling it along with you.









Ultra-lightweight Pull Handle


handle 2




The handle was also designed to be very lightweight, yet durable. It is made from a beveled-alloy, which is made to be sturdy and hold the weight. It is lockable, so you can set it for different heights or securely put it away.









Fully Lined Interior with Great Packing Space






The inside of the luggage looks great and has features that make traveling easier. There is a zippered divider compartment for organizing, and tie-down straps that keep your clothing secure. The interior zipper pocket is useful for storing your smaller items such as socks and ties.








 Very Strong Polycarbonate Hardshell






The hardside shells is made from a very durable material that is designed to be lightweight and resist high impacts. This is the same material they make bullet resistant windows from. The shell has a beautiful shine to it and is scratch-resistant.








Check out all the the details and more at We offer FREE shipping on orders of $50 and more, and we are always having 1-Day specials where you can save up to 85% off retail! Stay tuned for some more new releases on Samsonite luggage.


Briggs & Riley has been known for making great quality luggage, but they do it a little differently. They listen to feedback from customers, retail partners, and repair experts for constant input on how they can improve their products. So they have redesigned their already existing BRX line to bring you new features to make your traveling experiences easier. The BRX line is known for giving you a supreme level of durability while staying lightweight for the user. They understand that when your constantly on the move, its essential to keep your important items close at hand. The BRX collection has a large selection to accomodate you from that weekend trip to the week long excursion. Check it out at

They have combined 420D nylon and 600D polyester material to give you durability and style for years to come. These fabrics are also designed to resist wear, moisture, scuffs, and dirt to keep your luggage looking clean. It also keeps the contents safe and dry. The bags use YKK RC self repairing zipper hardware to give you a smooth operation along with ergonomic zipper pulls. Briggs & Riley have the patented Outsider handle to maximize your interior packing space. They have put a SpeedThru pocket and a vertical front pocket on the bags for quick storage of items at security checkpoints. This will definitely help make it easier and faster. The HideAway ID tag helps to conceal information when you want it to be hidden. The BRX collection comes in two color options: Black and Green. Here are some of the new products found in the BRX line.


Briggs and Riley have put enough straps on this backpack to make sure it is secure and stays there comfortably. The adjustable sternum straps reduce neck and shoulder strain from carrying it around all day. The back of this backpack is very comfortable. It is thickly padded, and the aerated mesh back padding allows air to circulate which will help keep the back cool. There are zippered side pockets for water bottles or other items needed for the day. The front panel organizer has places to hold pens, calculator, cell phone, and other necessary media. The slip-through back strap allows it to be carried on the handle of your wheeled luggage. There is even a spot for a laptop up to 15.6″ in size.

Excursion Backpack

exc back black exc back open













Wheeled Uprights and Spinners

These beautifully designed luggage pieces have the patented Outsider handle to push and pull your luggage down the terminal. The handle is made from strong aircraft-grade aluminum and has V-grooves to guarantee less jamming. The Outsider handle has an ergonomic grip, and they have durable top and side webbed carry handles to give you many different carrying options. If you have more than one bag for your trip, then the Add-A-Bag strap can carry those bags for you. Also the SpeedDock EZ-Hook system can carry soft duffels if you have those for your trip. The wheels are wide, and low-profile for quiet and smooth rolling that will last many trips.  Except for the spinner, the luggage comes with wedged feet to deflect impacts. Some of these models have a padded laptop slip pocket and a deep zippered pocket for your accessories.

On the inside, the adjustable EZ-Hook compression panel helps to minimize wrinkling and keeps clothing secure during your travels. There is a wet and dry pocket in the lid to keep things separate and organized. The zippered pocket on the lid works great for storing your smaller accessories. If you need extra space, the uprights come with an expandable zipper feature to give you up to 1.5″ of packing space.

Explore Commuter Expandable Upright


com exp up opencom exp up green











Explore International Wide-body Spinner


exp intl wide spinner black exp intl wide spinner open











Explore International Expandable Wide-body Upright


exp intl wide upright green exp intl wide upright open











Explore Domestic Expandable Upright


exp dom upright black exp dom upright open












Explore Medium Expandable Upright


exp med upright green exp med upright open














These duffels are very durable and lightweight. They have a strong webbed top carry handle so you can carry it comfortably on your trip.. Except for the expedition duffel, the duffels convert into a backpack so you can also transport your things on your back. The back panel easily zips away while giving you comfort and lumbar support. When using it as a backpack, the aerated mesh back panel allows air to circulate which keeps your back cool. The shoulder and sternum straps are adjustable, which helps to reduce strain on the shoulders, neck, and arms. Using the SpeedDock EZ-Hook system, these duffels easily connect to a BRX upright.

Inside, there is a large main compartment to hold your clothing and other odd or bulky sized items. To help with the smaller items, you can use the wide zippered pocket on the side to store them. Should you need the extra room, the Exchange duffels have an expandable zipper which gives you up to 2″ of additional packing space.


Exchange Medium Duffle

Exch Med Duffle black Exch Med Duffle open












Exchange Large Duffle


Exch Lrg Duffle green Exch Lrg Duffle open










Expedition Large Duffle

The Expedition duffle is designed just like an upright, however it has those features that make it a duffel bag. It has large side zippered pockets for storing those last minute travel items such as a magazine, brush, or other travel accessories. The huge main interior space can hold a weeks worth of clothes and shoes, along with those odd shaped items. The buckled elastic straps are there to secure your stuff as you packed it and keep it from moving around during travels. There are buttoned side panels to maintain the structure of the bag, and they can be removed so the bag can be flattened and stored compactly. the side panels also have zip pockets so you can organize the smaller accessories.

Exped Lrg Duffle black Exped Lrg Duffle open












Make sure to check out all the details on the Briggs & Riley BRX line at Remember we offer FREE shipping on orders of $50 bucks or more, and we have 1-Day Specials where you can take advantage of getting the lowest price on some of our products. Stay in touch for the next blog about Briggs & Riley’s Verb line where the design is a combination of urban looks with the needs to today’s business person.

We are now carrying a new fashionable brand of leather goods made by BOCONI. Boconi has been established by husband and wife team known as Bob and Connie, hence the name. Having been established since 2010, they have constantly been creating leather bags and goods that are the most stylish and thought-out bags that you would ever carry. They have been making bags for many different types of excursions. Not only do they make handcrafted bags, they also make other products such as hand crafted duffels, briefs, accessories and wine carriers to fit your lifestyle. So if you are planning on taking a trip for the weekend, have a business meeting, or planning a cross country excursion, then Boconi can accommodate you to carry what you need for your adventures.

Since identity theft has become more and more of a growing problem around the world, Boconi has come out with some accessories that have RFID blocking technology.These accessories are designed to protect you from someone trying to steal your identity and other valuable information that you may carry with you. Here are some wallets and ID card cases that have RFID technology, look stylish, and have the functionality that you would need from a wallet or ID card case.


 RFID Blocking Wallets


boconi tyler 103 blk open

























The Tyler Tumbled collection of wallets are made of a very mellow milano grained leather that is known to be soft, smooth, durable and rugged. The Bryant collection of wallets are made of an Italian waxed pull-up leather that develops a rich patina over time. These wallets were designed with some thought put into it. They designed the wallets with rounded corners because wallets designed with pointed corners tend to bend and curl in over time. Since times are changing, Boconi has designed the wallets for the needs of today. They designed them to carry your important items such as your ID card, membership cards, credit and debit cards, currency, and business cards. One great feature about these wallets is the clear ID pocket. This makes it easy to show your ID, and the open spot in the middle makes it easy to slide your ID in and out. Check out more of the features and options here at!

RFID Blocking ID Card Cases



























There are two styles to Boconi’s line of ID card cases, the Bryant and Tyler Tumbled. The Bryant style has a leather that is made out of an Italian waxed pull-up leather that would eventually develop a rich patina over time. The lining is made out of Boconi’s own houndstooth pattern. The Tyler Tumbled is made out of the mellow milano grained leather that is smooth yet rugged. They have a Terra cotta colored lining as well. What makes these ID cases convenient is the clear ID window for easy viewing and a thumb-slide for easy access. They have enough room for a few needed credit cards and some cash. These wallets work great when you don’t want to carry more than what you need. Check out more details and options at!

Since the first day of school is getting closer and closer by the minute, that need for new school gear is getting higher and higher as well. One of the greatest parts of back-to-school shopping is getting a new backpack. For many students, a backpack acts as a fashion statement or a way to show your personal interests. It has many uses such as an organizer for books and homework, a carrier for all essential school supplies, and even a secret stash for your goodies and treats. So to help you all out with your school shopping trip, I have come up with a list of some good quality backpacks that will stand up to the strain put on them through daily school use. Some people don’t realize this, but your school backpack is the accessory you would use the most. So this means that it is important to find the one that will last you through the school year or years.


High Sierra



True NavyOcean Party, Deep Purple












If you are looking for a school backpack at a very affordable price, then the Curve backpack is for you. At a price of only $17.99 you can’t go wrong with this deal. The Curve is made of a 300 x 250 denier hexagon ripstop for durability and a water resistant coating to make sure your books and homework doesn’t get wet. It has many pockets for organizing your school gear. There are pockets for your pencils and pens, a fob for your keys, and a lidded pocket for your media. There’s even a pocket for your MP3 player so you can listen to music using the built-in headphone port. This bag is also very comfortable to carry. It has a padded back and padded shoulder straps which are designed to disburse weight more evenly. Come check out all the details here at





Impact Daypack impact phones












The Impact backpack made by High Sierra is also a great deal at $19.90. This backpack is made of a 600 x 600 denier Duralite with a water resistant coating for protecting your books from water damage. It has a large main compartment and front pocket to make it easy to pack all your school essentials for the day. It has great organizing features. There are pockets for pencils and pens, a calculator, highlighters, and other studying materials. There is a separate pocket for your media with a headphone port so you can listen to your music on-the-go hands free. The back and shoulder straps are padded for a comfortable carry and there is a mesh pocket to hold your beverage. Check out all the details here at




Fat Boy

fat boy ska fat boy












The name is obvious why they call this backpack the Fat Boy. It can hold a lot of stuff. It has a multi-compartment design for helping you organize your different school subjects and materials. The large front pocket has a place for your pens and pencils, erasers, and other school supplies. The smaller front pocket can hold your personal essentials. There is also a pocket for your media and a port for your headphones so you can listen to music while your on-the-go. There are angled compression straps and a monster hook so you can carry more stuff on the exterior of the backpack. The back and shoulder straps are padded for comfort, and the shoulder straps have a compression system to help with the extra weight. This one weighs in at a price of only $25.90. You can get all the details here at




Swiss Gear


Music Port














Don’t let the low price of $29 bucks let you think that this bag is cheaply made. The durable Music Port backpack  has many features within its simple looking style. For one, its one of the lightest backpacks on the market by coming in at only 1.2 pounds. The inside of the bag comes with a padded laptop sleeve, mobile phone pocket, pockets for organization of school supplies, and a place for your music player. With this bag being made by SwissGear, you can expect high quality and good craftsmanship on this backpack that should last you many years to come. Check out all the details and options here at




Ultralite Laptop Backpack

SA3039-1 SA3039-5












This Ultralite laptop backpack really stands up to its name. This one only weighs 1.3 pounds! Even though this backpack is lightweight and costs only $32.95, it still has all the features and more needed for a full day of school. It has a padded laptop sleeve that fits up to most 15″ laptops and a pocket to carry your music player with you. Also inside you will find a mobile phone pocket and an organizer for all your school essentials. On the outside, you will find padded shoulder straps to maximize your carrying comfort and a couple of mesh pockets to carry your beverages with you wherever you go. On the back, there is padding that is designed to allow air to circulate so the wearer keeps a cool back. You can get all the details here at




Audioport 1.0 Backpack

1061 Open1061 Front













The Audioport 1.0 backpack is great for a school backpack. It is made of a nylon material that is durable and lightweight. This bag is very comfortable to carry because of the padded back and shoulder straps that are designed to give you a comfort fit. There is a pocket for your media device and a slot for your headphones so you can listen to your music hands free while roaming the halls. Inside the backpack, you will find a bunch of pockets designed to hold your pens, pencils, erasers, phone, or other needed school materials. On the side of the bag, you’ll find a mesh pocket that is designed to hold your water bottle or other beverage you like. A backpack with all these features is available for only $37.99. Come check out more details and pictures here at

Enter for a Chance to Win an Oakley Works 25L Backpack!




In a combination of both style and durability, Oakley has come up with this attractive looking, functional, backpack that would work out great for the Back-to-School season. What’s great about this backpack is the laptop compartment feature. The compartment is padded to keep your computer safe and easily accessible. The Oakley Works 25L backpack normally Sells at for $58.00, but we are giving one away for free! This backpack comes in 3 other color options, and the winner will get to choose which one they would like.

 25L RedBlack25L Stainless steel25L White

     So in order to enter into our Back-to-School giveaway, all you have to do is “like us” on Facebook or become a Twitter follower. We will pick the winner at the end of July, so make sure enter by then! Its that easy! For more information on the Oakley Works backpacks, you can check them out here