On my last two air traveled trips my luggage was “mishandled,” technically not lost as it was returned, but  luggage containing the outfit for my 40th class reunion was MIA until one-half hour before the event. I’m fortunate that  I wasn’t arrested as a terrorist as I ignored all airport security warnings when I  pulled up to door nearest baggage return and claimed the suitcase that numerous telephone calls refused to produce. Hell hath no fury like a woman who shopped for six-months and spent two weeks’ salary on a dress and shoes to wear to impress her 50-something high school classmates and had been told “the suitcase can’t be located!”

The following trip, my carry-on, a relatively small, wheeled pack was taken from me when I changed planes. The attendant told me the overhead compartments were full and she added “that they would not be charging me for checked luggage. But, I will need to go to baggage claim at my destination.” For me that was St. Louis but it was some place east of there for my bag. Continue Reading »