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mount rushmore

Cruising down the interstate is fine for making time on a car or motorcycle trip.

However, seeing the sights is only possible if your itinerary allows for the occasional detour.

South Dakota offers a vast variety of interesting places along I-90.

Crossing the Mount Rushmore State from east to west provides a wide array of sights and souvenir opportunities.

With the American Tourister iLite DLX Boarding Bag, you have the perfect piece of luggage, with its large main compartment and numerous pockets, there’s easily room for gathering Black Hill’s gold to a t-shirt in Sturgis.

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Texas’ Hill County inspires poets, painters and anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature, nice people and interesting places.

Situated in the central part of the state, its activities are diverse as the uses offered by the American Tourister Fieldbrook 4 Piece Luggage Set. Lightweight with two uprights, one-wheeled duffle and a boarding bag you can fit in a pair of cowboy boots, water shoes and a hat or two.

Oh heck, just pack your whole closet — this is Texas and everything is bigger here.

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London is myriad of tradition and cutting-edge contemporary.

The latter changes constantly, which keeps the city fresh as the former draws many tourists to centuries-old sites.

Among the most popular are those connected with the British Monarchy.

Few in the world do pomp and ceremony as grand, or with such style, as the British.

Whether you are a dyed in the wool Brit royalista or just mildly curious, London offers plenty of places where kings and queens past, present and future have lived, loved and even lost some of their heads. So drop your spinner luggage at the hotel and hit the streets: there’s a lot to see! Continue Reading »