american whiskey trail

Last week we journeyed the northern part of the American Whiskey Trail from New York City, western Pennsylvania and down to the Virginia estate of George Washington. Come along this week to Kentucky and Tennessee where the history of whiskey is alive and well at a handful of renowned distilleries.

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Unlike Scottish, Irish and other whiskeys, whiskey, known as bourbon, must has specific rules. It must be American made, contain at least 51 percent corn and be aged in new charred oak barrels Continue Reading »

Some think Scotland is the only country to have a whisky trail. Throw in the “e” and take off for a spirited journey along American Whiskey Trail also known as the AWT.

The Eagle Creek Crossroads Roll-Away 30″ rolls from airplane to car and along city streets to country roads where the AWT is found from in this week’s article from New York to Virginia. Next week’s article will journey along the rest of the AWT into Kentucky and Tennessee.

Whisky has always been part of the American landscape. It began in colonial times when colonists gathered corn from Native Americans. They mixed it with rye or barley and water and following fermentation drank it as they gathered at inns to hatch a revolution or while Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence by the light of a tavern’s candles. The Whiskey Rebellion was one of the first tests of federal power in the new republic. By the early 20th century, the prohibition of whiskey and other alcoholic beverages forever stamped an era of speakeasies and gangsters into the history books. Continue Reading »