Château de Vault de Lugny

Most people have a secret desire to be treated like a royal if even for just a day or two.

In Europe, thanks to centuries of feuding and fighting, dozens of castles remain and have been transformed into luxurious hotels. They dot the landscapes from the windswept heather covered hills of Scotland to Spanish paradors with drawbridge entrances.

When traveling in regal fashion the Piel Leather 22″ Wheeled Traveler, in either black or saddle, is the piece of luggage whose elegance and practicality matches the grandeur of the hotels.

In Scotland’s Aberdeenshire region both the sea and mountains, such as the Bennachie hills, dominate. The Castle Trail winds through the region and offers several 15th and 16th authentic castles open for lodging.

The Fyvie Castle was built during the 1600s and now offers all the modern conveniences in addition to salmon fishing river on the nearby River Deveron or horseback riding across the glens. Travel to the town of Huntly to visit a falconry center. Continue Reading »