Duffel Bags

disney worldIt comes to most of us eventually: the need to go to Walt Disney World.

When packing up the family to see the multiple parks in Florida, one fact remains constant — seeing
the Mouse can cost quite a bit of cheese.

Holding down the costs without dampening the enthusiasm is not hard.

1. Fairy dust luggage.

Sprinkle fairy dust over your favorite little kid by presenting a Disney Fairy Backpack before
you go.

Pack it with books and other activities for the journey. The adjustable straps allow an adult to carry it loaded with snacks and drinks in the parks.  This will help your budget. Continue Reading »

Samsonite Duffel BagMary Ray of Perry, GA says:

I am so impressed with this wonderful lightweight bag. This bag will be good for my cruise as it folds up after unpacking and is lightweight.

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Tinged with the zestiness of paprika and steeped in a history of being ruled by Romans, Magyar kings, Turks, Nazis, Communists and blessed with a will to be free, Budapest is a city that lingers long in her visitors’ memories.

If you are traveling in the middle of Central Europe, adding the city to an itinerary is a must.

Having a duffel bag makes taking the bus from Vienna or train from Prague easy.

The Eagle Creek ES3 ORV Trunk 25 Wheeled Duffel is terrific for tackling both paved and cobbled streets.

Budapest is actually two cities – Buda and Pest. Separated by the famed Danube River, the two sections each have a distinctive flavor and flair. Continue Reading »

Gear up for School or The Final Trip of the Summer

The start of the school year is fast approaching, much to the chagrin of kids everywhere, most of whom are firmly entrenched in the sleep-in-late-then-hang-out-all-day mindset and are in no condition to be stuck in a classroom for 6 hours per day. However, you can take some of the sting out of the back-to-school experience by equipping your student with a state-of-the-art backpack from Oakley, Eagle Creek, High Sierra, Jansport and many others!
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OBX means one thing to beach lovers – the Outer Banks.

Where Native Americans, English settlers and notorious pirates once trod, beachcombers’ flip-flops now walk.

Speaking of flip-flips, plenty can be packed in a duffel bag like the Sherpani Jetta Duffel Bag, along with other beach vacation necessities.

The Outer Banks’ lighthouses lining the barrier islands off the North Carolina coastline are among its most enduring images.

Come travel with us as we tour these illuminating attractions.

Built the farthest north, the Currituck Beach Light Station in Corolla was constructed in 1875.  Unlike other lighthouses down south with their black and white patterns, this still active facility was constructed of red bricks.  Open from Easter to Thanksgiving weekend, this lighthouse will reward you with an outstanding view after a hike up 214 steps. Continue Reading »

Drop your duffel bags in the hotel and head for the Baseball Hall of Fame MuseumCooperstown oozes Americana.

Nestled in the rolling hills of upstate New York, it resembles a Norman Rockwell painting with cute kids and eager adults walking along a quaint Main Street where flags often fly high.

Cooperstown is often called the “village of museums” due to its three internationally recognized facilities.

Traveling with the spacious Duffel Bag allows you not to skimp when it comes to bringing plenty of outfits and accessories (see this featured bag: Piel Leather Large Duffel Bag)

One definite accessory should be a baseball glove as Cooperstown is home to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Continue Reading »