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After years in the hospitality business, the stories of impolite hotel guests never cease to amaze me. Of course we all know the garden-variety offenses like smoking in a no-smoking room, stealing the complimentary robes, or sneaking in a pet are so ubiquitous that hotels have posted fees for such repetitive transgressions. Rarely does anyone get away without being charged if they dabble in these forbidden behaviors. Housekeeping, the first to notice odor, pet fur or missing items, can earn a small reward for reporting it to the front desk, where the credit card number on file is easily charged.

However, there are a plethora of much more egregious conduct that keep hotel staff members shaking their heads in disbelief but looking the other way.

A Secret Service security team was being given a hotel property tour, prior to a high-profile politician’s arrival. The manager was chagrined, when, during the tour, a guest opened the door of her room, and the hallway immediately reeked like a reggae concert. The uniformed officers all exchanged glances, which did not go unnoticed by the guest, who soon called the front desk to say that she had an emergency at home and would be checking out early. Continue Reading »